Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Annual Primestock Show & Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 9th December 2015.

112 Prime & OTM Cattle

18 Prime Cattle – Trade better for a mixed offering

Heifers Limousin to 225.5p from Mr J Bell, Brydekirk Mains, British Blue to 218.5p to Brydekirk Mains, Annan, Charolais to 216.5p from D & G McClanachan, Millhill

94 OTM Cattle – Trade no dearer

Per Head

Charolais to £1020.90, £926.30 Gairloch

Limousin to £918.45 Dalmakethar, £859.95 Crawthat

Angus to £901.60 Crawthat

Simmental to £897 Lochbank

Stabiliser to £892.40 Bennan

Holstein Friesian to £717.20 Conheath

Bulls Limousin to £1024.80 Barndennoch

Heifers Limousin to £934.80 Laneside

Per Kilo

Charolais to 123p, 118p Gairloch

Angus to 122p Dalmakethat, 112p Crawthat

Limousin to 117p Bankswood, 117p Dalmakethar, 117p Crawthat

Simmental to 115p Lochbank

Holstein to 103p Brownfield, 97p Barndennoch, 93p Conheath

Stabiliser to 101p South Mains

Ayrshire to 94p Muirside

Bulls Limousin to 112p Barndennoch

Heifer to 123p Laneside

1126 Prime & Cast Sheep

819 Prime Lambs – Quality Lambs in short supply. Trade eased.

11 Lambs (25.5-32Kg) ave 149.4ppk to 160ppk Summerhill

142 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 145.4ppk to 153ppk Newmains

Texel to £57.50 Eastside, £57 Palaceknowe

Mule to £55 Abune the Brae

Blackface to £52 Bogue

451 Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) ave 148.2ppk to 164ppk Rigghead

Texel to £66 East Polquhirter, £65.50 Rigghead

Cheviot to £65.50 Woodfoot

Chev Mule to £65.50 Woodfoot

Suffolk to £65 Palaceknowe, £64 Marwhien

Mule to £62 Abune the Brae

215 Lambs (45.6Kg+) ave 144.5ppk to 151ppk East Polquhirter

Texel to £75.50 East Polquhirter, £75.50 Foregirth, £74.50 Lanarkland, £72 Old Mosside

Suffolk to £74.50 Dempsterton, £74 Lanarkland, £72 Rigghead (Shawhead)

Mule to £67.50 Foregirth

All Ewes similar on week

307 Cast Ewes & Rams

Suffolk to £81.50 Hayfield

Texel to £79 Hayfield, £79 (x2) Druidhall, £78 Meikle Richorn

Leicester to £74.50 Druidhall, £73.50 Foregirth

Cheviot to £69.50 Sweetbit

Mule to £68.50 Newbank, £63 Maryfield, £63 East Polquhirter, £61 Druidhall

Chev Mule to £66.50 Auchenhay, £64.50 Newbank

Cheviot to £58 Millriggs

Blackface to £53 Abune the Brae, £51.50 Druidhall, £48.50 Lawesknowe, £48 Midlock

Lleyn to £47.50, £45 Auchencheyne

Rams Suffolk to £79 Maryfield

Texel to £76 Clonrae

Blackface to £47.50 Midlock

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