Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 10th February 2016.

102 Cattle Forward

21 Prime Cattle – Best handy weights in short supply and wanted.

Limousin Heifer to 221.5p from J Retson, Gardrum to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 211.5p from J & L Craik, Waterside to Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas, 210.5p from Waterside, Haugh or Urr to Mr C Anderson

Others to 210p, 209.5 from J & J Campbell, Dinnans

81 OTM Cattle – Trade for all classes very competative

Per Head

Limousin to £1084.20 Mid Bishopton

Simmental to £931.70, £893.75 Dinnans, £832.50 Leithenhall

Holstein Friesian to £911.50, £838.30 Hotts, £869.40 Netherwood, £852.80 Guillyhill

Angus to £929.50 Druidhall, £888.35 Courstein

Charolais to £890.50 Oxgang

Per Kilo

Limousin to 139p Mid Bishopton

Simmental to 131p, 113p Gillesbie, 125p, 121p Dinnans, 111p Leithenhall

Charolais to 122p Oxgang

Limousin to 117p Courstein, 109p, 107p Townhead

Blonde to 115p Leithenhall

Angus to 112p, 110p Druidhall, 109p, 105p Easthill Cott, 109p Courstein

Saler to 111p Gillesbie

Holstein Friesian to 108p Netherwood, 107p Gamerigg, 104p Guillyhill, 103p, 102p, 101p (x2) Hotts, 102p New Farm

Shorthorn to 101p Barend

1397 Prime & Store Sheep Forward

685 Prime Hoggs – Very mixed offering forward. Best well fleshed and heavy hoggs keenly sought and scarce regularly making 190-210ppk, leaner hoggs no dearer.

41 Hoggs (25.5-32Kg) ave 175p to 197p Carsegowan

Texel to £59 Carsegowan

Blackface to £56.50 Brandleys

184 Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) ave 170p to 206p Coylton

Suffolk to £71.50 Coylton

Texel to £70 Coylton

Beltex to £70 Sunnyhill

Mule to £67 East Polqhirter

Blackface to £64 East Polqhirter

288 Hoggs (39.1-45Kg) ave 186p to 213p Dalfibble

Suffolk to £87.50 Whinneyknowe, £80.50 West Skelston

Texel to £87, £85.50 Rigghead, £86.50 Blackpark, £85 Dalfibble

Charollais to £82 west Skelston

Mule to £75.50 Maxwelltown, £74 Brandleys

Blackface to £70 East Polquhirter

172 Hoggs (46Kg+) ave 185.4p to 196p Carsegowan

Suffolk to £99 (x2) Netherhall, £89 Swyre

Texel to £94 Rigghead, £93.50 (x3) Cowans, £93 Swyre

Beltex to £92.50, £92 Cowans

218 Store Hoggs – plenty of demand for all types

Texel to £80 Tower, £69.50 Struanlee, £60.50 Tullochallum

Leicester to £71.50 Netherhall, £71 Midlock

Suffolk to £59 Tullochallum

NCC to £59 South Glen

Mule to £53.50 Craiglearen

Chev Mule to £50 Tullochallum

Blackface to £42 Barr

494 Cast Ewes & Rams Forward

Ewes similar trade to last week with a top to £128 from Midlock

Texel to £128 Midlock, £90 Netherhall

Suffolk to £97 Sunnyhill, £86 Craiglearen

Beltex to £95 Sunnyhill

Leicester to £89.50 Midlock, £83.50, £78 Tower

NCC to £78.50 Park St

Mule to £75.50 Swyre, £73.50 Shawsmuir, £73 Bankswood, £73 Carsegowan

Cheviot to £70 Hall

Lleyn to £64 Sunnyhill

Blackface to £61 Dempsterton, £60 Netherhall, £59.50 Drumbuie, £58.50 Burnton, £58 Dressrtland


Leicester to £98.50 Netherhall, £92, £90.50 Tower

Texel to £80 Hall

Blackface to £63.50 Drumbuie

corresponding week 2015 sale report