Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

75 Prime & OTM Cattle

19 Prime Cattle – Trade improving with best sorts in short supply

Heifers Limousin to 228.5p and 218.5p both from Mr J Jardine, Yett both to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

Charolais to 216.5p from Merrick, Portpatrick to Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas

56 OTM – More cows required to meet the demand from an increasing ringside of buyers.

Per Head

Charolais to £1154.25 Oxgang

Limousin to £1090.60 Cocklicks, £911.20 Druidhall

Angus to £996.95, £996.30 Druidhall

Simmental to £956.30 Merrick, £941.85 Oxgang

British Friesain to £858.80 Drum, £819.25 Kirkland

Holstein Friesain to £804.75 Hartfield

Belted Galloway to £762.75 Low Kirkbride


Limousin to £1388.80 Belridding

Galloway to £1209 Shancastle

Simmental to £1112.20 Drumjargon

Per Kg

Limousin to 136p Druidhall, 133p Cocklicks, 130p Merrick

Charolais to 135p Oxgang

Simmental to 131p, 130p Merrick

Angus to 127p, 123p Druidhall, 124p Drumcruilton

Luing to 120p Burnfoot

British Friesain to 117p, 113p Kirkland, 113p Drum

Holstein Friesain to 114p, 111p Hartfield, 106p Brownfield

Belted Galloway to 113p Low Kirkbride


Simmental to 134p Drumjargon

Limousin to 128p Belridding

Belted Galloway to 124p Shancastle

331 Prime Lambs – Torrential weather affected lamb numbers with demand outstripping supply

64 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 184p to 201p

Texel to £73.50 Arnmannoch, £72.50 Thorns, £70 Dornells

248 Lambs (39.1-45Kg) ave 190.7p to 204p

Texel to £86, £83.50 Upper Tinwald, 384.50 Kilcroft, £84 Roshglen, £83.50 Lanarkland

Beltex to £85.50 Isle of Dalton

Suffolk to £85 Lanarkland, £85 North Cowshaw

Charollais to £84 Shangan

19 Lambs (45.6Kg +) ave 177.3p to 204p

Suffolk to £87 Hayfield, £84 Roshglen

Texel to £94 Thorns, £88 Kilncroft, £84 Shangan

863 Cast Ewes & Rams Forward – Ewes a similar trade and sold to a top of £90.50 Isle of Dalton

Texel to £90.50, £87.50 Isle of Dalton, £87.50 North Cowshaw, £84.50 Hayfield

Suffolk to £83.50 (x2) Maryfield, £82.50 Merrick

Mule to £73.50 Third, £70.50 Ewanston, £69.50, £68.50 West Montgarswood, £69.50 Hayfield, £67.50 Merrick

Continental to £70.50 Thorns, £68.50 West Montgarswood

Blackface to £63.50, £54.50 Thorns, £60.50 Fingland, £55 Sweetshawhead, £54.50 Kingside, £54.50 Macqueston

Cheviot to £61.50 Thorns

NCC to £60.50 Ewanston

Leicester to £54.50 Blindburn

Chev Mule to £53 Thorns

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