Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

56 Cattle forward:

Prime Cattle – Met keen competition and more could be sold to fulfill buyers needs.

Bullock Limousin to 220p A&M Fitzimmons, Tregallon.

Heifer Charolais to 216.50 H&A Hiddleston, Park.

OTM Cattle – Numbers tighter with more buyers present actively seeking all classes with vendors returning home happy with the days trade.

Per Head

Limousin to £1003.20 Bankswood, £920.75 Abune the Brae, £862.50, Lanegate.

Simmental to £945.20 Cormaddie, £852.60 Meikle Barncleugh.

Holstein to £939.60 Rue, £887.40 Barndennoch.

British Friesan to £934.80, £933.30, Drum £896.70 Closeburn.

Hereford to £863.10 Meikle Barncleugh.

Blonde to £822.80 Maryfield.

Per kilo

Simmental to 147p, 131p Grove, 139p Cormaddie.

Holstein to 136p Kenyon, 116p Barndennoch and Rue, 113p Shenrick, 112p Kenyon.

Limousin to 132 Bankswood, 127p Abune the Brae, 125p West Lanegate.

Friesan to 128p Rue, 123p, 122p 115p Drum, 122p, 116p Closeburn

Hereford to 126p, Grove

Blonde to 125p Denbieyett, 121p, Maryfield.

544 prime sheep forward:

Prime Hoggs Very scarce as feeders waiting for an improvemet in trade, trade better with handier weighted hoggs 180p+

Hoggs (46+kg)

Texel to £80 Belridding, £79.50 Maryfield, £79 Riggheads, £77.50 The Bush.

Charollais to £75 Park

Hoggs (39.1-45.5kg)

Suffolk to £74 Kirkbride, £73.50 Round fell.

Cross to £66.50 Kirkbride.

Cast ewes and rams:

Cast ewes: Big ewes sharper, light ewes similar. Suffolk ewes sold to a top of £104.50 from Nether Keir.

Suffolk to £104.50 Nether Keir, £85.50 Airyolland.

Texel to £99.50 Moffat, £94.50 Nether Keir, £87 Copewood.

Cont to £97.50, £77.50 Park, £79.50 Nether Keir, £77.50 Hillhead

Leicster to £91.50 Cairnhall, £85.50 Barnshangan

Beltex to £87.50 Hillhead

Half-Bred to £81.50 Ross, £74.50 Hillhead.

Cross to £74.50 The Bush, £72.50 Maryfield, £71.50 Lanarkland, £69.50 Burnside of Mabie, £55 Hill.

Charollais to £73.50 Airyolland

Cheviot to £68.50, £58.50,(x2) Airyolland.

Cheviot to £68 Hill

Blackface to £58, Hill, £54.50 Barnshangan, £48.50 Hillhead.


Berrichon to £97.50 Low Kirkbride.

Charollais to £83.50 Airyolland

Texel to £79.50 Over Abington.

Leicster to £74.50 Auchencheyne.

Cheviot to £72.50 Airyolland

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