Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 25th January 2017.

53 Cattle forward:

Prime Cattle – To 214p/k for Charolais x Heifer from Horseholm.

OTM Cattle – Were once again in big demand with trade easily surpassing sellers expectations. Greater numbers needed every week to fill buyers orders.


Per Head

Simmental to £1244.10 Newbie Mains.

Devon to £1106.25 Greenwrae Croft.

Blonde to £1077.30 Foregirth.

Holstein to £1015.20 Brownfield, £991.20 Meikle Killantrae, £944 Barndennoch, £891.25 Hardgrove, £885.50 Ryemuir.

British Friesian to £936 Drum.

Angus to £889.60 Holm of Daltallochan.

Per kilo

Holstein to 144p,121p Brownfield, 127p 118p, 117p, 115p Barndennoch, 119p, 115p Hardgrove,118p,116p Meikle Killantrae 116p Townhead, 115p Ryemuir, .

Simmental to 143p Newbie Mains

Blonde to 133p Foregirth

Angus 128p Holm of Daltallochan

Devon to 125p

British Friesian to 117p Drum, 111p Baltersan.


Holstein to £1294.70

365 Prime Hoggs - Very plain offering forward. Best export Hoggs very scarce selling at around the 180p/k mark.

230 Hoggs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 162p/kg to 190p/kg Newhope.

79 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 161p/kg to 188p/kg Barnbarroch

56 Hoggs (46.1kg+) Ave 147.2p/kg to 177p/kg Nether Garrel.

Hoggs (46+kg)

Beltex to £85 Nether Garrel House.

Texel to £81, £80, £79.50, £77.50 Riggheads.

Blackface to £69 East Polquhirter.

Hoggs (39.1-45.5kg)

Texel to £74, £73.50, £73.50 Nether Garrell, £73 West Bow Hill

Suffolk to £72 West Lanegate

Blackface to £61 Coresbank

Hoggs (32.1-39kg)

Charollais to £69.50 Barnbarroch

Texel to £58 Sweetbit

Cross to £57.50 Sweetbit

Cheviots to £56.50 Beechgrove

189 Store Hoggs met a Sharp Demand.

Texel to £59 Lochwood

Suffolk to £58.50 Dalfibble

Cross to £58.50 Lochwood.

Blackface £48 Lochwood, £43.50 Low Garleffan, £42.50 Auchenhessnane

Cast ewes and rams:

Cast ewes: A good bit cheaper on the week and sold to a top £100.50 From A Brown Macqueston

Beltex to £84.50 Finnieness

Texel to £81.50, £78.50 Barony, £76.50 Belridding.

Suffolk to £76.50, £69.50 Barony

Cross to £74.50 Kenyon, £69.50 Newmains, £67.50 Barony, £66.50 Belridding.

Half-bred to £67.50 Belridding (x2)

Cheviot to £63.50, £57.50 Thorns.

Leicster to £62.50 Maqueston and Finnieness.

Blackface £37.50 Longbeoch , £37 Thorns, £36.50 Low Garleffan.


Blue Leicster to £100.50 Macqueston.

Charollais to £70 Sweetbit

Blackface to £55.50 Macqueston.

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