Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 17th May 2017.

102 Cattle Forward:

20 Prime Cattle: Good show of cattle.

A Limousin Heifer from Mesr J Jardine, Yett Farm sold to 237p/Kg.

84 OTM Cattle – Good show of cast cows, with trade maintaining recent rates.

Beef cows Averaged 135p/kg to 207p/kg and £1193.25

Dairy Cows Averaged 115.5p/kg to 134p/kg and £1011

Per Head

Limousin to £1193 Isle of Dalton

Stabiliser to £1192 Burnside

Angus to £1190, £1162, £959, £923, £891 Whitehall

British Blue to £1174 Belzies, £1050 Canina, £883 Belridding

Holstein to £1118 Slacks, £1011 Hardgrove, £905 Lakehead, £889 Newhouse, £873 Brownfield, £873 Rockhallhead.

Simmental to £1060 Wellhill

Fleckvieh to £1040, £949, £945 Slacks

Friesian to £943, £882, £877 Kirkland.

Per Kilo

Angus to 207p, 156p, 153p, 141p Whitehall

British Blue to 204p, Canina, 174p Belzies, 146p Belridding.

Limousin to 185p, 143p Isle of Dalton.

Limousin to 169p Canina

Simmental to 167p Welhill

Fleckvieh to 146p, 136p Slacks

Stabiliser to 142p Burnside

Holstein to 135p, 134p Slacks, 134p,127p Hardgrove 129p, 123p Longbridgemuir, 126p Newhouse, 124p Lakehead, 123p Rockhallhead, 123p Brownfield.

Friesian to 132p 127p(x2), 125p, 115p Kirkland

Ayrshire to 118p Hollands

Swedish Red to 112p Shenrick

460 Prime sheep Forward

23 Prime Lambs: Poorer show of spring lambs selling to £94 Newfield.

248 Hoggs: Fair show of prime hoggs sold 200p/kg from Thorns and Laughtmuirside.

Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 198p/kg to 200p/kg Thorns

Cheviot to £75 Barnbarroch

Cross to £72 Ballinnie

Hoggs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 184p/kg to 200/kg Laughtmuirside

Texel to £84 Laughtmuirside, £83 Ballinnie, £82 Over Abington, £82 Glenkiln

Blackface to £83 Corsecon, £82 Glenkiln, £80 Merkland

Hoggs (45.6+kg) Ave 168p/kg to 183p/kg Barnbarroch

Suffolk to £90 Craiglearen, £82 Glenkiln,

Cheviot to £84 Barnbarroch

Texel to £86 Bankswood, £86 Barnbarroch

Cross to £95 Laughtmuirside

Blackface to £85 Glenmanna

190 Cast ewes and rams: Maintained recent rates

Cast ewes:

Charollais to £114.50 Wester Parkgate

Texel to £113 Glenlaugh, £99.50 Kirkbride, £99.50 Low Kirkbride, £92.50 Nether Dargavel.

Suffolk to £91.50 Bankswood

Beltex to £88.50 Netehr Dargavel

Cross to £71.50 Kirkbride, £71.50 Slacks

Lleyn to £69.50 Auchencairn

Blackface to £63.50 Lag, £63.50 Fingland, £62.50 Merkland

Cheviot to £60 Hill £56.50 Bankswood

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