Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 24th May 2017.

58 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: A better show of prime cattle met plenty of competition.

A Limousin Heifer from J & L Craik, Waterside sold to 238p/Kg others to 234p/Kg from J Jardine, Yett and to 230p from S Ewart, Belridding.

OTM Cattle – Continue to meet a pleasing trade for a poorer show of cows forward.

Beef cows Averaged 131p/kg to 156p/kg and £1287

Dairy Cows Averaged 111p/kg to 140p/kg and £1040

Per Head

Devon to £1287 Greenwrae Croft

Angus to £1226.15, £1211 Wyliehole, £1001, £993.85 Druidhall/Braco

Limousin Bull to £1135.20 Penlaw

Holstein to £1040, 1006.40, £966 Slacks, £965.55 Kerricks, £957.60 Newhouse

Fleckvieh to £1001 Salcks

Beef Shorthorn to £965.20 Rowanburnfoot

Per Kilo

Devon to 156p Greenwrae

Angus to 143p (x2) Drudhall/Braco, 140p Glenkiln, 140p Wyliehole

Fleckvieh to 140p Slacks

Holstein to 136p, 130p, 128p126p, 125p, 124p Slacks, 123p Kerricks

Simmental to 135p Auchencairn

772 Prime sheep Forward

80 Prime Lambs: Much dearer to average 260p/kg with more required weekly

Texel to £120 (x2) Thorns, £120 Park, £110.50 Dressertland Cottage, £107 Denbieyett

Charollais to £106 Riggheads

Suffolk to £105.50 Denbieyett

505 Prime Hoggs:

316 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 198.1p/kg to 212p/kg Thorns

97 Hoggs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 192p/kg to 205/kg Lanarkland

Texel to £88 Lanarkland

Blackface to £88 (x2) Corsebank

92 Hoggs (45.6+kg) Ave 165p/kg to 194p/kg Foregirth

Texel to £105 Foregirth, £98, £97.50 Skipmyre, £94.50 West Skelston, £94.50 Easthill, £90.50 Steilston

Blackface to £88.50 Nunnerie.

Suffolk to £87.50 West Skelston

Cheviot to £85.50 Springfiled

Cast ewes and rams: Dearer on the week to £125.50 Dressertland Cottage

Cast ewes: 

Texel to £125.50 Dressertland Cottage, £115.50 Skipmyre, £109.50 Clydeside, £104.50 North Cowshaw

Mil Blue to £102.50 Park

Suffolk to £101.50 Clydeside

Cheviot to £87.50 Dressertland Cottage

Cross to £83.50 Park, £80.50 Kerricks


Charollais to £112.50 West Skelston

Texel to £101.50 Skipmyre, £96.50 Auchenbrack

Suffolk to £98.50 Welsh Skelston

Blackface to £85.50 Corsebank

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