Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 12th July 2017.

60 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: Met plenty of competition.

Limousin Heifer from J Jardine, Yett to 225p Selling to R Johnstone & Sons Butcher, Annan and a Limousin Heifer from JWK Paterson, Low Three Mark sold to 222p going to Border Meats Ltd, Lockerbie.

OTM Cattle – Numbers were Short of Requirments.

Beef cows averaged 137p/kg to 153p/kg and £1313

Dairy Cows averaged 115.6p/kg to 141p/kg and £1022.50

Per Head

Simmental to £1312.25 Millhill (oxgang), £1073 Potterland

Angus to £1180.80 Outertown, £1132.20 Potterland, £1078.70 Druidhall/Braco

Shorthorn to £1161.80 Potterland

Fleckvieh to £1022.50 Slacks

Holstein to £1006.25 Newhouse


Blonde to £1313 Maryfield

Saler to £1242.30 Gillespie

Simmnetal to £1204 Potterland

Charolais to £1018.50 Gateslack

Per Kilo

Angus to 153p Potterland, 147p, 144p, 143p, 142p, 140p Outertown 140p Crossbankhead

Limousin to 149p Grennan

Shorthorn to 148p Potterland

Simmental to 145p Potterland, 145p Millhill (oxgang)

Montbeliarde to 142p Outertown

Fleckvieh to 141p, 133p Slacks

British Blue to 141p Sunnyhill

Holstein to 137p, 130p Smallholmburn, 125p Newhouse, 122p (x2) Meikle Killantrae, 121p Slacks.


Simmental to 140p Potterland

Blonde to 130p Maryfield

1363 Prime sheep Forward

1051Prime Lambs

Prime Lambs: Trade remains pleasing with 40kg + lambs meeting the biggest demand.

207 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 213.2p/kg to 237/kg Druidhall

Texel to £88.50 Druidhall/Braco, £85.50 Whinnyhill, £84.50 Skipmyre, £84.50 Wellhill.

Suffolk to £84 Skipmyre

Beltex to £80 Loaningfoot

758 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 216.8p/kg to 237/kg Skipmyre

Texel to £98, £95.50, £94.50 Eastside, £96.50 Kirkbride, £96, £95.50 Roshglen, £95.50 Shangan, £95 Druidhall/Braco, £94.50 Kerricks, £94.50 Rashgill Park

Suffolk to £97 West Skelston, £96.50 Lanarkland, £93.50 Skipmyre, £93.50 Kirkbride, £91.50 Shangan, £88.50 Shawhill

Cheviot to £94.50 Roshglen

83 Lambs (45.6kg - 52kg) Ave 216.2p/kg to 222p/kg Shieldhill

Texel to £106.50 Whitehall, £106 Belridding, £103.50 Shangan, £98.50 Newmains

Suffolk to £99.50 Shangan

4 Lambs (52.1kg +) Ave 198.2p/kg to 203p/kg Shieldhill

Texel to £107.50 Shieldhill, £105.50 Lanarkland.

302 Cast ewes and rams: All classes were keenly sought and more could have been sold to advantage.

Cast ewes: 

Suffolk to £114.50 Bush of Craigs

Texel to £144.50 Hillside, £122.50 Farthingwell, £114.50 Cleughbrae, £103.50(x2) Hayfield

Blue Leicester to £103.50 Hillside, £94.50 Marr

Cross to £94.50 Shangan, £89.50 Hayfield, £88.50 Muircleugh, £88.50 Lower Shieldhill, £87.50 Victoria House

Kerryhill £79.50 Whitehall

Blackface to £69.50 Hayfield, £69.50 Shangan, £69.50 Blindburn, £65.50 Castlebrae, £63.50 Marr


Texel to £141.50 Abune the Brae

Suffolk to £99.50 Abune the Brae

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