Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 26th July 2017.

87 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: Scarce selling to 232p/kg for a Limousin Heifer from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to R J Johnston Butchers, Annan.

OTM Cattle – Met plenty of competition. Plainer show of dairy cows forward.

Beef cows Averaged 140p/kg to 176p/kg and £1428.70

Dairy Cows Averaged 106.7p/kg to 162p/kg and £988.20

Per Head

Beef Shorthorn to £1263.85 Druidhall

Angus to £1184.55, £1050 Pendicle, £1132.50, £1086.30 Woodcroft, £995 Kirkmahoe

Limousin to £1143.10, £970.20 Kirkton of Crawford, £1080.45 Merrick, £1070.30 Kirkbride, £1036.80 Newmains

Simmental to £1134 Kirkton of Crawford, £1033.50 Glenstockadale

Shorthorn to £1049.40 Pendicle

Holstein £988 Auchencrieff, £964.25 Boghead, £930 Newhouse

Hereford to £970.20 Woodcroft

Fleckvieh to £957.60 Pendicle

Blonde to £912.60 Glenstockadale

Cull Bull

Limousin to £1340.75 Glenstockadale

Highland to £1041.25 Newbie Works

Per Kilo

Limousin to 176p, 154p Kirkbride, 162p Newmaisn, 161p Kirkton of Crawford, 153p Merrick 154p Kirkton of Crawford

Holstein to 162pAuchencrieff,133p Boghead, 122p Newhosue, 121p Brownfield

Beef Shorthorn to 161p Druidhall

Simmental to 159p Glenstockadale, 158p, 146p Woodcroft, 157p Pendicle

Salers to 156p, 152p Low Glasnick

Angus to 156p Glenstockadale, 153p 151p Woodcroft, 152p Kirkmahoe, 149p(x2) Pendicle, 147p Kirkbride

Blonde to 156p Glenstockadale

Fleckvieh to £152p Pendicle

Hereford to 147p Woodcroft

Luing to 138p Dalpeddar

Ayrshire to 115p Hollands

Cull Bull

Limousin to 155p Glenstockadale

Highland to 119p Newbie Works

949 Prime sheep Forward

642 Prime Lambs

Prime Lambs: Trade better than anticipated following the early week market returns.

142 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 180p/kg to 198/kg Dollard

Suffolk to £71 Auchencairn

Texel to £69.50 Cocklicks, £69.50 Third, £69 Wellhill, £69 Blackburn

414 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 181.1p/kg to 198/kg Whitehall

Texel to £89 Whitehall, £84.50 Wyliehole, £84.50 Collochan, £83.50 Belridding, £83 Capelfoot.

Suffolk to £80 Marwhirn, £80 Third

77 Lambs (45.6kg - 52kg) Ave 181.2p/kg to 200p/kg Wyliehole

Charollais to £92 Wyliehole

Texel to £91 Belridding, £89.50 Clydeside

9 Lambs (52.1kg+) Ave 163.1p/kg to 165p/kg Collochan.

Texel to £89 Collochan

307 Cast ewes and rams: Heavy ewes still a firm trade.

Cast ewes: 

Suffolk to £103, Millhill, £91 Drumcork

Texel to £140 Shieldhill, £126p Glenlaugh, £103 Maryfield

Charollais to £110 Leathorn

Blue Leicester to £97 Glenlaugh, £91 Druidhall

Cross to £88 Druidhall

Blackface to £62 Druidhall


Berrichon to £110 Maryfield,

Beltex to £110 Maryfield

Texel to £95 Druidhall

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