Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 16th August 2017.

78 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: In short supply.

OTM Cattle: Continue to be in big demand for all classes.

24 Beef cows Averaged 144.6p/kg to 197p/kg and £1576

47 Dairy Cows Averaged 115.9p/kg to 160p/kg and £1073.25

3 Bulls Averaged 155.1p/kg to 166p/kg and £1388.60

Per Head

Charolais to £1576 Gairloch

Limousin to £1436.40 Bombie

Charolais Bull to £1388.60 Auchencairn

Simmental to £1303 Kirkton, £1152 Blairshinnoch

Limousin Bull to £1294.80 Highlaw, £1205.60 Kirkton of Crawford

Beef Shorthorn to £1216.75, £1066.05 Bogue

Angus to £1215.50 Blairshinnoch, £1192.80 Riggheads, £1063.35 Bogue, £1021.65 Corrie Mains

Holstein to £1073.25 Brownfield, £1066 Rue, £976.80 Upper Portrack, £973 Hartfield, £926.10 Boreland of Colvend , £917.60 Highlaw

British Friesian to £1025.10 Kirkland

Per Kilo

Charolais to 197p Gairloch

Limousin to 189p Bombie, 152p Holmhead, 141p Midtown

Beef Shorthorn 179p, 157p Bogue

Blonde to 169p Maryfield

Angus to 168p Riggheads, 153p Bogue, 145p Corrie Mains

Limousin Bull to 166p Highlaw, 137p Kirkton of Crawford

Simmental to 160p Blairshinnoch

Simmental to 159p Kirkton

British Friesian to 153p Kirkland

Angus to 143p Blairshinnoch

Hosltein to 142p, 138p (x2) Kerricks 139p, 125p Hartfield, 135p, 125p (x2) Brownfield, 132p Upper Portrack, 130p Rue, 127p Chapelcroft, 126p Boreland of Colvend.

Charolais Bull to 131p Auchencairn

2171 Prime sheep forward

1603 Prime Lambs: Well fleshed lambs met a brisk demand selling at recent rates, leaner types meeting resisitance badly affecting averages.

268 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 183.4p/kg to 197/kg Loaningfoot

Texel to £75.50, £75 Dollard, £74 Belridding

Cross to £64.50 Roughside

Blackface to £61 Hannaston

1216 Lambs (39.1kg –45.5kg) Ave 187.3p/kg to 206/kg Over Abington.

Texel to £88.50 Rashgil Park, £88 Upper Tinwald, £87.50 Blackpark, £87 Lower shieldhill, £87 Belridding, £86.50 Skipmyre, £86 Druidhall

Suffolk to £83.50 Druidhall, £81 Hastinghall, £80 Abune the Brae

Cross to £70.50 Gibbonhill, £70 Hananston

119 Lambs (45.6kg - 52kg) Ave 185.5p/kg to 204p/kg Belridding

Texel to £102 Belridding, £95 Riggheads, £93 East Polquhirter, £91 Druidhall, £90 Rashgil Park, £89.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £88.50 New Mains

568 Cast ewes and rams: Similar trade with light ewes cheaper.

Cast ewes: 

Charollais to £120, £96 Loaningfoot

Suffolk to £99 Bettyknowes

Cross to £97 Eastside, £88 Drumburn, £83 Corsencon, £82 Eastside, £80 Kirkton of Crawford

Texel to £96 (x2) Skipmyre, £95 Heithat, £92 Eastside

Cheviot to £75 Craigieland Hill, £68 Airyolland

Blackface to £56 Hannaston, £55 Corsencon, £55 Clonrae, £47 Glenlaugh

Cast Rams:

Charollais to £153 Riggheads

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