Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 4th October 2017.

109 Cattle Forward:

11 Prime Cattle: Met a keen demand.

A British Blue heifer from Pendicle sold to 234p/kg to R Johnstone & Sons Butcher, Annan. A Galloway Bullock from Low Three Mark sold to 219p/kg going W Lindsay Butcher, Creetown.

98 OTM Cattle: Were well bid. Dairy cows generally lacked flesh.

55 Beef cows Averaged 124p/kg to 158p/kg and £1297.75

37 Dairy Cows Averaged 95.6p/kg to 136p/kg and £856.80

6 Bulls Ave 118p/kg to 140p/kg and £1612.50

Per Head

Angus Bull to £1612.50 Ryemuir

Limousin Bull to £1414 Gairloch

Simmental to £1297.75 Third, £1004.15 Meikle Larbrax

Angus to £1287.80 Whitehall, £1150.80 Tregallon, £1022 Dalswinton

Limousin to £1193.20, £1058.50 Belridding, £1169.20 Lantonside.

British Blue to £1015.30 Belridding

Charolais to £990.15 Dalswinton

Holstein to £856.80 Trailflat

Ayrshire to £847 Ryemuir

Per Kilo

Limousin to 158p,148p Herries, 157p,146p,129p Belridding, 139p Meikle Larbrax, 135p Shangan

Simmental to 145p Third, 133p Meikle Larbrax

British Blue to 143p Belridding

Angus to 140p, 138p, 135p Dalswinton 137p Whitehall, 137p Tregallon, 136p Druidhall/Braco

Limousin Bull to 140p Gairloch

BSH to 133p Dalswinton

Holstein to 134p, 127p New, 115p Rue, 114p Loaning, 112p Trailflat

Angus Bull to 125p Ryemuir

Ayrshire to 110p Ryemuir

1669 Prime sheep Forward:

940 Prime Lambs: Flesh required resulting in a sharper trade. Heavy lambs wanted.

47 Lambs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 158.2p/kg to 173p/kg Eastside

195 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 172.3p/kg to 186p/kg Balmae

Texel to £71.50, £68.50 Penlaw, £70.50 Klondyke

Suffolk to £66.50 Hastingshall

Cross to £63 Upper Barr

Blackface to £59 Holm of Daltallochan

465 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 172.9p/kg to 188p/kg Bridgestone

Texel to £82 East Polquhirter, £82(x3) , £80.50 Druidhall/Braco, £80.50 Eastside, £80.50 Paulsland, £80 Auchenfad, £80 Drumcruilton.

Suffolk to £76.50 Druidhall, £75.50 Hallmeadow

Beltex to £75 Bridgestone

233 Lambs (45.6kg+) Ave 174.4p/kg to 182p/kg Eastside

Texel to £87(x2), £86.50, £86 (x2), £84 Druidhall/Braco, £86.50 Gibbonhill, £86.50 Balmae, £85.50 Eastside, £84.50 Wellhill, £84.50 Longbeoch.

Suffolk to £86.50 Druidhall/Braco, £84 Abune the Brae, £84 Longbeoch,

£83.50 Westlanegate, £82, £80 Auchenfad.

729 Cast ewes and rams: Trade similar to recent weeks

Texel to £108.50, £106.50, £95.50 Barony, £103.50 Maryholm, £97.50 Bennan

Suffolk to £99.50 Auchenfad

Texel Rams £94.50 Bennan

Cheviot to £93.50 Cushag, £52.50 Craigieland Hill

Cross to £65.50 Woodhead

Blackface to £40.50 Upper Barr

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