Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Christmas Show of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

160 Cattle and 2114 Sheep Forward

38 Prime Cattle

An outstanding offering of cattle being a credit to local showmasters were presented to the judge Norman Hall, Fraser Butchers, Stranraer.

Champion Heifer
Champion Heifer

Mr Hall, after careful consideration, found his Champion in a British Blue x Heifer (535kg) shown by Niall Goldie and Ben Radley, which sold at 360p/kg £1926.

Reserve Champion was awarded to Billy Boyd, Terregles with a Limousin x bullock (795kg) selling to the judge at 290p/kg £2305.50.

Champion Galloway
Champion Galloway

A strong show of Galloway Cattle with the best Galloway ticket being awarded to A Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill with their bullock (555kg) being purchased by Jimmy Craig of Castle Douglas Butchers Ballards for 280p/kg £1554

Reserve Galloway was won by Maxwelton Estates, Moniaive being purchased by Woolley Bros, Sheffield 540kg £1350

Other Galloways to

260p/kg Low Three Mark to W Lindsay Butcher, Creetown

240p/kg Maxwelton to Border Meats, Lockerbie

240p/kg Romesbeoch to P R Duff & Son, Wishaw

235p/kg Romesbeoch to Border Meats, Lockerbie

Galloway classes kindly sponsored by Macmin Ltd

The Limousin classes were won by Billy Boyd, Terregles with a black Limousin Bullock (795kg) 290p/kg to Fraser Butchers, Stranraer.

Best Limousin Heifer was awarded to Knockreoch Farms, Dalry weighing 470kg attaining 290p/kg to Fraser Butchers Stranraer.

Other Limousin Prices

270p/kg Mid Bishopton to Fraser Butchers, Stranraer

245p/kg Terregles to Fraser Butchers, Stranraer

Limousin classes sponsored by North West Limousin Cattle Breeders Association.

Any other breeds

Angus Bullocks

245p/kg Skewbridge to Border Meats, Lockerbie

235p/kg Whitehall Farms to Border Meats, Lockerbie

British Blue

235p/kg Rigghead to Woolley Bros, Sheffield

Cattle classes were sponsored by Johnston Tractors Ltd

The Unhaltered Cattle met keen trade

Limousin Heifers to 245p/kg Yett to R Johnstone & Sons, Butcher, Annan

Others to 238p, 235p(x2) Upper Tinwald, 235p Merrick.

122 OTM Cattle:

Beef Cows in short supply, Plain show of Dairy Cows. Trade remains strong.

30 Beef Cows Ave 126.1p/kg to 175p/kg and £1185.75

92 Dairy Cows Ave 93.4p/kg to 125p/kg and £1113.60

Per Head

Limousin to £1185.75 Catslackburn, £1020 Annefield, £1008 Tregallon

Holstein to £1113, £1111.50, £966 Slacks, £871.50 Kirktonfield, £841.85 Boreland, £831.60 Hardgrove

Simmental to £1109.60 Macqueston, £1087.80 Bush of Craigs, £1025.10, £990 Culnoag

Fleckvieh to £1100 Slacks

Angus to £1054.90 Foregirth

Friesian to £808.30 Baltersan

Ayrshire to £772.50 Waterside, £693 Townhead

Per Kilo

Simmental to 175p, 165p, 153p, 151p, 145p, 137p Culnoag, 152p Macqueston, 148p Bush of Craigs

Limousin to 153p Catslackburn, 137p Annefield, 131p Tregallon.

Angus to 137p Foregirth, 125p Muircleugh

Luing to 133p Catslackburn

Fleckvieh to 125p Slacks

Holstein to 125p Townhead, 117p, 116p, 115p, Slacks, 113p Boreland, 109p Barndennoch, 109p, 108p Smallholmburn, 108p Hardgrove, 107p Netherwood.

Friesan to 118p, 109p, 108p Baltersan

Montbeliarde to 108p Knockeffrick

Ayrshire to 108p, 105p(x2) Townhead, 107p Hollands, 103p Waterside

Jersey to 85p Linns

1388 Prime Lambs

A fine show of Lambs was presented to the Judge Norman Hall of Fraser Butchers, Stranraer.

Champion Lambs
Champion Lambs

With the overall champion being awarded to Gillesbie Farms, Boreland with a pair of Beltex Lambs making £130 (50kg) to the Judge, The reserve ticket was also won by Gillesbie Farms with Texels also selling to the Judge at £130 (50kg).

Any other breed award was won by McDermid Farmers, Waterside with Millenium Blues making £89 to Jason Tucker, Pontypool

Best Pen of Blackface Lambs from Glenmanna selling at £74 to Messrs Clark, Bingley.

Best Pen of Cheviot Lambs from Druidhall selling at £78 to Fairfield Meat Co

Other show lambs

Beltex to

£114 Cleughbrae to R Johnston & Sons Butcher, Annan

£122 Maryholm to Fraser Butchers, Stranraer

Texel to

£108 Cameronian to R Johnstone & Sons Butcher, Annan

Outwith the Show

Well fleshed lambs met brisk trade whilst leaner types moderately bid for.

290 Lambs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 156p/kg to 186p/kg Woodend

Blackface to £54.50 Beuchan, £54 Glenmanna, £52 Leadhills

478 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 170p/kg to 194p/kg Horsecrook

Texel to £71 West Crossleys, £71 Woodfoot, £70.50 New Mains, £70 Horsecrook

Beltex to £68.50 Dollard, £66.50 Blackpark

Cheviot to £66.50 Beechgrove

Suffolk to £65 Bankhead

Blackface to £65.50 Leadhills, £65 Linlithglow, £64 Maryholm, £63 Glenmanna

Jacob to £64.50 Horsecrook

Cross to £64 Shambellie Grange, £63 Ballinie

372 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 177p/kg to 210p/kg Cleughbrae

Texel to £90, £80 Cameronian, £82 Gillesbie, £80 Woodend, £79.50 Newhope, £79 Sandilands

Beltex to £84 Cleughbrae, £80.50 Maryholm

Suffolk to £77.50 Bankhead, £77.50 Marwhirn

Cross to £76.50 Woodfoot

Blackface to £74, £70 Glenmanna

231 Lambs (45.6- 52kg) Ave 171.9p/kg to 265p/kg Maryholm

Texel to £94, £92, £89, £88.50 Gillesbie, £90 Cleughbrae, £88.50 Dollard, £88.50 Riggheads, £88.50 Barbush, £88.50 West Skelston

Suffolk to £87.50 Glenhowan, £87.50 West Lanegate, £86 Horsecrook, £84.50 Bankhead, £80.50 Marwhirn

Cross to £82 Glenmanna, £79 Druidhall

17 Lambs ( 52+kg) Ave 164p/kg to 232p/kg Gillesbie

Suffolk to £90 Bankhead

Texel to £89.50 Sandilands, £87 Newbank, £82 Barbush

Cheviot to £87.50 Druidhall

726 Cast ewes and Rams Forward:

Texel to £151.50 Riggheads, £149.50 Woodcroft, £127.50 Torkirra, £121.50 Kilfaddoch, £106, £94.50 Barony, £104.50 Netherplace

Charollais to £110.50 Riggheads

Cross to £82.50 West Lanegate

Cheviot to £83.50 Netherplace, £80.50 Newbank

Blackface to £66 Hill

Herdwick to £47.50 Ulzieside


Texel to £122.50, £119.50 Newbank

Suffolk to £86.50 Merrick

  • Champion beast from Ben Radley-2
  • Champion beast from Ben Radley-5
  • Champion beast from Ben Radley-6
  • Champion Galloway from Peela Hill-2
  • Champion Galloway from Peela Hill-3
  • Champion Lambs and First Prize Beltex-3
  • Champion Lambs and First Prize Beltex-4
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  • First Prize any other continental-2
  • First Prize pen of 10 Mules-2
  • First Prize pen of 10 Mules
  • First prize pen of Blackface Lambs-4
  • First prize pen of Blackface Lambs-7
  • First prize pen of Blackface Lambs
  • Reserve Champion and First Prize Texels-3
  • Reserve Champion and First Prize Texels
  • Reserve Champion_-2
  • Reserve Champion_

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