Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

126 Cattle forward:

14 Prime Cattle: Short of requirements and wanted.

Limousin Heifer to 232p from Burnside, Lochmaben to W Lindsay Butcher, Creetown

Limousin Heifers from Yett, Johnstonebridge to 232p, 230p R Johnstone Butcher, Annan

Holstein Friesian Bulls to 153p Conheath, Glencaple

112 OTM Cattle: Full ringside of active buyers present with all classes sharper.

63 Dairy Cows Ave 107.5p/kg to 153p/kg

45 Beef Cows Ave 124p/kg to 168p/kg

4 Bulls Ave 127.5p/kg to 150p/kg

Per Head

Limousin Bull to £1545 Shancastle

Charolais Bull to £1508 Woodcroft

Limousin to £1193 Abune the Brae, £1066 Park, £1040 Woodcroft, £952.50, £951.40 Newmains

Angus to £1190.50 Fingland

Stabiliser to £1142.40, £733.60 South Mains

Simmental to £1051.20, £1010.80 Cormaddie

Friesian to £1025.10 Drum

Blonde to £1008 Foregirth

Holstein to £955.90 Conheath, £952 Brownfield, £905.20 Trailflat

Angus to £952 Cormaddie

Shorthorn to £864 Bogue

Per Kilo

Stabiliser to 168p, 131p, 129p, 128p South Mains

Limouisn to 164p, 140p Park, 160p Woodcroft, 155p Abune the Brae,142p, 140p Newmains

Friesian to £153p, 119p Drum, 123p, 121p, 119p Baltersan

Limousin Bull to 150p Shancastle

Charolais to 145p Woodcroft

Blonde to 144p Foregirth

Simmental to 144p, 133p Cormaddie

Charolais to 139p Park

Angus to 137p, 127p Laghead, 136p Cormaddie, 127p Bogue, 127p Foregirth

Holstein to 134p, 120p Brownrigg, 124p, 121p, Trailflat, 123p Newhouse, 121p Conheath.

Shorthorn to 128p Bogue

Galloway to 127p Dalhabboch

Prime Sheep

972 Prime Hoggs: Trade firmer

75 Hoggs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 161.6/kg to 176p/kg

Blackface to £54.50 Inglestone, £47.50 Barr

420 Hoggs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 184.2p/kg to 205p/kg

Texel to £77.50 Over Abington, £76 Skipmyre, £73.50, £72.50, £72 Bennan, £73 Riggheads, £72 Woodhouse

Kerryhill to £74 Skipmyre

Blackface to £71.50 Maxwellton, £71.50, £69.50 Glenkiln, £65.50 Inglestone

Cross to £71 Kirkbride, £70 Maxwellton

349 Hoggs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 193.7p/kg to 206p/kg

Texel to £87 Sandilands, £87, £84.50 Muircleugh, £87 Skipmyre, £85.50 Muircleugh, £85 Glenkiln, £84.50 Riggheads

Charollais to £84 Kirkbride

Suffolk to £86.50 Townhead, £86 Springfield, £82.50 Riggheads

Blackface to £79.50 Glenkiln, £77.50 Inglestone

128 Hoggs (45.6kg+) Ave 177.6p/kg to 193p/kg

Suffolk to £90.50 West Skelston, £88, £86, £85 Townhead, £87.50 Rashgill Park, £87.50 Cushag

Texel to £89.50 West Skelston, £89 Farthingwell

Half Bred to £84 Annefield

Blackface £76.50 Benthead

399 Cast ewes and rams: Dearer on the week


Texel to £143.50 Skipmyre, £129.50 Fardingjames, £95.50 Druidhall, £91.50 Torkirra
Charollais to £98.50 Loaningfoot

Suffolk to £94.50 Druidhall, £90.50 High Drum, £89.50 Shangan

Leicester to £80.50 Netherhall

Cross to £77.50 Whitehall, £75.50 Druidhall

Cheviot to £69.50 Dressertland

Blackface to £52.50 Maxwellton

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