Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

94 Cattle Forward:

14 Prime Cattle: Plenty of demand for all classes.

Limousin heifers to 230p and 226p from J Jardine, Yett and 226p from AC & S Martin, Horseholm.

Charolais heifers to 224p from AC & S Martin, Horseholm.

80 OTM Cattle: Trade continues to exceed sellers expectations in particular steakers and boners. More could be sold every week to take advantage of the strong ringside competition.

57 Dairy Cows Ave 120.1p/kg to 165p/kg and £1290.50

21 Beef Cows Ave 144p/kg to 174p/kg and £1148.40

2 Bulls Ave 124.5p/kg to 141p/kg and £1410

Per Head


Angus to £1410 Gallaberry

Simmental to £1155.40 Cormaddie


Fleckvieh to £1290.50, £1139 Slacks

Holstein to £1202.50, £1088, £1000.80 Newhouse,£1100 Conheath, £1016.40 Big Balcraig, £969.40 Heathfield, £963.80 Kirkbog, £931.50 Low Glengyre.

Limousin to £1148.40, £992.80 Midtown, £1124.20 Bush of Craigs, £1036.60 Netherhall, £976.50 Cormaddie

Simmental to £1095.60 Bush of Craigs

Devon to £1043.70 Annefield

Angus to £940.80 Cormaddie

Stabiliser to £939.40 Bennan

Friesan to £937.20 Park

Ayrshire to £921.60 Muirside

Per Kilo


Angus to 141p Gallaberry


Limosuin to 174p, 146p Midtown, 155p Cormaddie, 154p Bush of Craigs, 146p Netherhall, 139p Annefield

Simmental to 166p Bush of Craigs

Holstein to 165p Gallaberry, 155p Conheath,139p, 136p, 130p Newhouse, 135p Low Glengyre, 132p, 131p Big Balcraig, 131p Heathfield

Ayrshire to 128p, 125p Muirside

Luing to 160p, 151p Hillside

Stabiliser to 154p (x2) Bennan

Devon to 147p Annefield

Angus to 147p, 137p Cormaddie, 139p Annefield

Fleckvieh to 145p, 143p, 134p Slacks

Friesan to 142p Park, 127p Fingland

1153 Prime and store sheep forward:

759 Prime Hoggs: Best hoggs continue to be wanted

153 Hoggs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 196.09p/kg to 211p/kg Foregirth

Cheviot to £66.50 Upper Rigg

Blackface to £65 Chanlockfoot, £65 Bridgemark

Suffolk to £64 Upper Rigg

403 Hoggs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 214.68p/kg to 239p/kg Newbigging

Blackface to £88, £86.50 Riggheads, £84 Riggheads, £79.50 Glenmanna

Texel to £87 Clydeside, £83.50 Nether Cargen

Suffolk to £86.50 Nether Cargen, £82 Lanarkland

Cheviot to £82.50 Newbigging

Cross to £78 Over Abington

153 Hoggs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 227.88p/kg to 246p/kg Woodfoot

Texel to £104.50 West Skelston, £104 Riggheads, £101 Woodfoot, £100.50 Clydeside, £98.50 Over Abington

Suffolk to £95.50 Riggheads, £95 West Skelston

Cross to £94.50 Clydeside

50 Hoggs (45.6kg+) Ave 208.39p/kg to 233p/kg Woodfoot

Texel to £120 Kilfaddoch, £115 Over abington, £114 Crochmore, £110 Clydeside

Suffolk to £114 West Skelston, £108 Swyre

Cross to £90 Over Abington

77 Store Hoggs: Met a competitive trade

Texel to £104 Kilfaddoch, £86, £77.50 Tinwald

Leicester to £84 Kilfaddoch

Cross to £73.50 Bogue

Blackface to £59.50 Bettyknowes, £56.50 Bogue

317 Cast Ewes and Rams: All classes exceptionally dear.


Texel to £153.50 Riggheads, £141.50 Kilfaddoch, £141 Loaningfoot, £140.50 Cowans, £128.50 Craighead

Suffolk to £124.50 Palaceknowe, £110.50 Backburn

Beltex to £107.50 Capelfoot

Cross to £105.50 Cowans, £103.50 Muircleugh, £98.50 Craighead

Leicester £95.50 Kilfaddoch

Blackface to £76.50 Longbeoch, £69.50 Craigdarroch, £65.50 Hayfield, £61.50 Auchenhay.


Texel to £133.50 Capelfoot

Blackface to £69.50 Marbrack.

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