Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 30th May 2018.

All rings quieter due to Scotsheep and field work.

62 Cattle Forward:

Small show of prime cattle easily sold to 230p/kg Pendicle with Limousin x heifer.

57 OTM's: Met a fiery trade with buyers active and demanding greater numbers.

25 Dairy Cows Ave 127.6p/kg to 144p/kg and £1239.85.

26 Beef Cows Ave 146.1p/kg to 173p/kg and £1418.10.

6 Bulls Ave 133.1p/kg to 166p/kg and £1759.60.

Per Head


Angus £1418.10 Beckfoot, £1047.20 Hunterhouse, £1045.20 Woodhead, £1043 Beckfoot.

Limousin £1297.50 Newbigging, £1081.60 Hunterhouse.

Brown Swiss £1239.85 Slack.

Hereford £1232.50 East Lanegate.

Holstein £1215.50 Netherwood, £1196 Newhouse, £1185.700 Slacks, £1134 Newhouse, £1041.20 Trailflat.

Fleckvieh £1195.20 Rockhallhead.

Simmental £1150.89 Dollard.

British Blue £1098.50 Drumburn.

Beef Shorthorn £945.50 Bogue.


Limousin £1759.60 Ballaggan, £1306.25 Newmains.

Galloway £1487.30 & £1272.70 Shancastle.

Angus £1308 Woodhead.

Per Kilo


Limousin 173p Newbigging, 169p Hunterhouse.

British Blue 169p Drumburn.

Simmental 169p & 164p Dollard.

Angus 163p Beckfoot, 162p & 157p Newbigging, 156p Woodhead, 154p Hunterhouse, 149p Beckfoot, 143p Marwhirn & Woodhead.

Beef Shorthorn 155p Bogue.

Hereford 145p East Lanegate.

Fleckvieh 144p Rockhallhead.

Holstein 143p Netherwood, 142p Slacks, 140p Newhouse, 138p Slacks, 137p Trailflat, 130p Newhouse.

Friesian 137p Baltersan.

Brown Swiss 137p Slacks.

Shorthorn 135p Marwhirn.


Limousin 166p Ballaggan.

Galloway 143p Shancastle.

Small show of prime sheep forward:

Prime lambs sharper to average 268.9p/kg.

Texel lambs to 280p/kg Denbieyett. Suffolk lambs to 276p/kg Kirkbride.

Suffolk £115 Hartbush.

Texel £111 Denbieyett, £107.50 Kirkbride.

Dorset £110 Townpark.

Prime hoggs sold to £110 for Suffolks from Swyre

Suffolk £110 Swyre.

Texel £108 East Lanegate & Keyla, £105 Swyre, £104 Cameronian Crescent.

Cast ewes maintained recent high rates

Heavy ewes

Texel £166 Newton Bungalow, £120 Cameronian Crescent.

Cross £98.5 Keyla Park.

Light ewes

Cheviot £76.50 Dressertland.

Blackface £76.50 Foregirth, £74.50 Barr.


Texel £114.50 The Flosh.

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