Dumfries Store & Breeding Sheep Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of 1450 store lambs and breeding sheep in Dumfries on Friday 29th September 2017.

The third sale of Scotch Mule ewe lambs met a pleasing trade with lambs heading to Wales.

Mule ewe lamb cross, £88 to Farding James, £81 to Lightshaw Farming, £79 to Hall Farm & £76 to Dornal.

Small show of store lambs met competetive bidding.

Suffolk £62 to Hill Farm,

Texel £61 to Lightshaw Farming,

Suffolk £58 to The Bungalow

Cross £56 to Lightshaw Farming

Blackface £34 to Bridgemark.

C& D Auctions held their annual sale of rams in Dumfries with 300 forward. Buyers were selective for Blue Faced Leicesters.

Ram Lambs to £320 Glenlaugh Farm, £300 Barr Farm.

Shearling Ram £580, £580 Kirkton of Crawford, £500 Burgh Head, £500 Raggetsyke, £480 to Glenlaugh, £460, £450 Kilfaddoch

A packed number 2 ring with the best rams being easily sold.

Ram lamb

Texel to £400 Townfoot,£400 Baltier, £350 Kilncroft.

Shearling Rams

Texel to £610, £510 Newmains, £580, £550, £520, £510 Boghouse Farm, £550 Riggheads, £520 Laughtmuirside,

Charollais to £400, £310 Riggheads.

Lleyn, £300 South Bowerhouses, £300 Laneside.