Dumfries Store Sheep Report

C & D Auctions ltd held their opening sale of store lambs in Dumfries on Friday 23rd August 2019.

1045 Forward: A good crowd of buyers were around the ringside with trade being very buoyant. Many more could easily of been sold to vendors advantage.

Leading Prices:
Texel to £63 Meikle Whitriggs, £61 Gall, £60.50 Aar-Dar, £59.50 Murrayton, £58 Hastinghall.
Suffolk to £59.50 Gall, £56 Meikle Whitriggs.
Cross to £53.50 Gall, £51 Murrayton.
Cheviot – Mule £50 Murrayton.
Blackface to £38.50 Carserigg.