Moffat Working Collie Dog Sale

C & D Auctions held their Spring Sale of Working Collies at Moffat on Saturday 10th March 2018.

Trade was as dreich as the wintry weather at Moffat on Saturday with best field dogs in short supply.

George Simpson made the long trip from Huntly with 'Gel' a 3yo Black & White Dog by Prince (D W Davies) and out of Bet (H L Pritchard). Gel handled the Cheviot Hoggs superbly selling at 4200gns (£4410) to T Renwick, Clovenfords.

George Simpson & Gel

George Simpson & Gel

Next 3600gns (£3780) was attained with 'Meg' a 21 month Tri Colour Bitch from Patrick McKeever, Martinstown. Meg was sired by B McAllisters 'Spot' from 'Nan' (P McKeever) Heading to Halterburn, Roxburgh with C Purvis.

P McKeever & Meg

P McKeever & Meg

Other Prices

Lot 15 'Jed' S Richards, Penyborough 2600gns

Lot 27 'Gael' S Cook, Killin 2050gns

Lot 9 'Rock' A Montgomery, Glenwhemy 2000gns

Field Run Dogs Averaged £1720