Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 10th February 2014.

169 Forward – Mixed offering forward. Best types easily sold, Full ringside of buyers in attendance.

94 Bullocks ave 210.5p to 268.1 and £1280
31 Holstein Friesian Bullocks ave 142.8p to 157.3p and £740
36 Heifers ave 208.2p to 229p and £980
8 Bulls ave 167.2p to 213.1p and £875

Principal Prices
Charolais to £1280 Carsegowan, £955 Nisbet
Simmental to £1080, £1030 Hightownhead
Limousin to £1020 Tregallon, £1005 Hightownhead
Shorthorn to £1080 Hightownhead
Angus to £1020 Hightownhead, £960 Ballaggan
British Blue to £925 Upper Moor
Hereford to £905 Baltersan
Holstein to £740 Topmuir, £715 Upper Longbank

British Blue to £980, £920 Upper Moor
Limouisn to £910 Kirkbride, £900 Nisbet
Simmental to £910 Courance, £860 Nisbet
Charolais to £720 Nisbet

Luing to £875, £860 Raehills

Per Kilo
Charolais to 268.1p Nisbet
Simmental to 256.4p Buittle Mains
Limousin to 248.4p Nisbet
Angus to 218.7p Ballaggan

Simmental to 229p Courance
Charolais to 218.7p Nisbet
Limouisn to 215.3p Tregallon

Limousin to 213.3p Bush of Craigs