Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

161 Organic Cattle forward
Trade pleasing considering current downward primestock levels. Buyers were present from a wide area.

Limousin to £1255 Outer Blair
Charolais to £1200 (12mo) Woolfords
British Blue to £1180 Outer Blair
Simmental to £1110 Outer Blair
Angus to £970 Torhousemuir
Shorthorn to £890 Millairies
Galloway to £795 Loch Arthur

Limousin to £1095 Torhousemuir
British Blue to £1080 Torhousemuir
Simmental to £1070 Outer Blair
Angus to £1060 Dolphinston
Shorthorn to £860 Dolphinston
Galloway to £680 Loch Arthur
Holstein Friesian to £650 Outer Blair

Per Kilo Bullocks averaged 227.8p
Charolais to 285.7p Woolfords
Limousin to 258.8p Millairies
Simmental to 247.8p Millairies
Angus to 269.8p Woolfords
Shorthorn to 258.8p Millairies
Galloway to 223.9p Loch Arthur
Holstein Friesian to 161.2p Torhousemuir

Per Kilo Heifers averaged 219.5p
Charolais to 224p Outer Blair
Limousin to 251.7p Torhousemuir
Simmental to 226.7p Outer Blair
Angus to 218.6p Dolphinston
Shorthorn to 245.5p Millairies
British Blue to 244.6p Torhousemuir

382 Non Organic Cattle
Plenty of both local and distant buyers actively seeking all classes of cattle
247 Bullocks ave 220.6p to 269p and £1240
32 Holstein Friesian ave 145.4p to 180.7p and £1030
103 Heifers ave 210.4p to 253.3p and £1150

Principal Prices
Limousin to £1240 Longrigg, £1230 Dempsterton, £1085 Trolane, £1070 Cormaddie, £1070, £1060 Abune the Brae, £1040 Meikleholm
Charolais to £1230 (10mo) Trolane, £1105 Auchenhill, £1065 Park, £1025 Cormaddie, £1000 Foregirth
Black Baldie to £1155 Mains of Airies
Angus to £1105 Auchenhill, £1075 Trolane
Simmental to £1140, £1135 Longrigg, £1060 Shawfield, £1045 Longrigg, £1025 Cormaddie
British Blue to £1085 Trolane
Holstein Friesian to £1030, £950 North Bowerhouses, £915 Longrigg
Shorthorn to £905 Butterdales

Charolais to £1150 Auchenhill, £1140 Trolane, £960 Park
Limousin to £1080 Kirkbride, £1010 Park, £1000 Abune the Brae
British Blue to £1080 Kirkbride, £970 Bush
Angus to £1065 Kirkbride, £1000 Shawfield, £960 Auchenhill

Per Kilo
Charolais to 269p Martingirth
Simmental to 258.8p Lochbank
Limousin to 252p Bush
British Blue to 230p Shawfield
Angus to 231p Woodside

Charolais to 253.3p Trolane
Limousin to 238.3p Bush
Angus to 228.6p Auchenhill