Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their Annual Spring Show & Sale of 350 Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 6th April 2015.

207 Forward – A Large attendance of active buyers present. Trade remains firm despite downward trend in the beef trade.

97 Bullocks ave 220.7p to 272.2p and £1230

16 Holstein Friesian Bullocks ave 158.4p to 190p and £1035

83 Heifers ave 206.1p to 244.4p and £1125

11 Bulls ave 222p to 230p and £1135

Top Prices Per Head


Limousin to £1230, £1205 Bush, £1100 Lantonside, £960 Highlaw, £955, £950 Cormaddie

Charolais to £1230 Hayfield, £985 Hillhead

Angus to 1085 Upper Moor, £1000 Lochpark

British Blue to £1050 Shenrick

Holstein Friesian to £1035 Longrigg


Charolais to £1125, £1055 (x2), £1025 Newmains, 31040 Hillhead

Simmental to £1065, £980, £975 Longrigg, £975 Lantonside

Angus to £1055 Newmains, £1040 Kirkbride, £1000 Upper Moor

British Blue to £1005 Kirkbride, £950 North Corbelly

Limousin to £1000 Kirkbride, £990 Newmains (Caerlaverock)

Holstein Friesian to £1000 Highlaw


Limousin to £1135 Lantonside

Top Prices Per Kilo


Limousin to 272.2p Rashgill

Charolais to 247.9p Bogue

Simmental to 247.4p Cormaddie

Angus to 226.8p Highlaw


Charolais to 244.4p Bogue

Limousin to 222.5p Newmains

British Blue to 220.9p North Corbelly


Limousin to 229.4p St Ninians Grove