Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 1st June 2015.

149 Forward – All classes continue to be sought after with a big ringside of buyers present.

71 Bullocks ave 211.2ppk to 243.5ppk and £1170

78 Heifers ave 222.9ppk to 265.4ppk and £1105

Bullocks Per Head

Simmental to £1170 High Auchneel, £1130 North Bowerhouses, £1080, £1040, £1025 Longrigg, £930 Castlefairn

Charolais to £1150, £1150 High Auchneel, £1060 Powhillon

Limousin to £1105 North Bowerhouses

British Blue to £1000 High Auchneel

Holstein to £950 North Bowerhouses

Angus to £920 Castlefairn, £915 Dairy House

Shorthorn to £885 Castlefairn

Heifers Per Head

Limousin to £1105, £1085, £1045 (x2) High Aucheneel, £1100 Innerfield, £960 East Gallaberry, £940 Innerfield

Charolais to £1035 Gillenbie, £970 High Auchneel

Limousin to £1000 Newmains

British Blue to £1000 (x2) East Gallaberry, £915 Powhillon

Angus to £945 No2 Howes

Simmental to £920 North Bowerhouses

Bullock Per Kilo

Simmental to 243.5p Gillenbie

Charolais to 242.4p Gillenbie

Angus to 234.6p Park of Tongland

Limousin to 234.2p East Gallaberry

Heifers Per Kilo

Limousin to 265.4p Artfield

Charolais to 265.4p Gillenbie

Limousin to 261.1p Innerfield

British Blue to 256.4p East Gallaberry

Angus to 235.3p Innerfield

45 Breeding Cattle at the June Sale

Plenty of demand with Limousin Heifers with Limousin Bull Calves from J Paterson & Co, Kildarroch making £2250, £2150

Shorthorn Heifers and Limousin Bull Calf to £2050 Kildarroch

Saler x Heifer and Limousin Bull Calf to £2000 Kildarroch

Limousin Cow (4th Calver) with Limousin Bull Calf to £2050 Kildarroch

Angus x Heifer and Simmental Heifer to £1850 Garmartin

Angus Bulls to £1600 Kilbarchan

Bulling Heifers British Blue to £1100 Beuchan

Angus to £930 Beuchan