Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 13th July 2015.

64 Store Cattle – Large attendance of active buyers present, competition was good with sellers very happy with their returns, all dairy bred forward.

27 Bullocks ave 234.3ppk to 260ppk and £1315

13 Holstein Friesian ave 168.3ppk to 191.9ppk and £1045

24 Heifers ave 220.9ppk to 259.1ppk and £1125

Bullocks per Head

Charolais to £1315 Hillhead

Aberdeen Angus to £1180 Byeloch, £1170 Gamerigg, £955 Fardingjames, £955 Laghead

British Friesian to £1045, £985 No6 Howes

Holstein Friesian to £1040 Gamerigg, £985, £975 No6 Howes

Limousin to £970 Fardingjames

British Blue to £940 No2 Howes

Heifers Per Head

Charolais to £1125 Hillhead

Aberdeen Angus to £1045 Gamerigg, £870 Byeloch

British Blue to £925, £900 No2 Howes

Holstein Friesian to £880 Byeloch

Simmental to £880 Buiitle Mains

30 Breeding Cattle, Trade Bouyant

Aberdeen Angus Heifer with Bull Calf to £1800 Garmartin, £1550 Knockeffrick

Aberdeen Angus Heifer with Heifer Calf to £1600 Garmartin

Limousin Cow with Bull Calf to £1300 Falgunzeon