Dumfries Store Cattle Sale Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC held their fortnightly Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle in Dumfries on Monday 27th July 2015.

137 Forward – Full Ringside of active buyers present. Trade brisk for a mixed offering.

50 Bullocks ave 227.5ppk to 260.4ppk and £1185

15 Holstein Bulls ave 158.2ppk to 175ppk and £820

62 Heifers ave 219.6ppk to 285.4ppk and £1110

10 Bulls ave 209.1ppk to 239.5ppk and £990

Per Kilo


Simmental to £1185 High Auchneel, £920 Bush of Craigs

Angus to £1180, £1110 High Auchneel, £1125, £1030 Mosside

British Blue to £1135 High Auchneel, £925 No2 Howes

Limousin to £1090 High Auchneel, £930 Hillhead

Charolais to £960 Woodcroft


Angus to £1110 Hillhead, £1025 Mosside

Limousin to £1095, £1015, £1005 High Auchneel, £1000 Mosside, £990 Mosside

Charolais to £1070 Mosside, £1040, £905 Woodcroft, £910 Hillhead

British Blue to £990 Mosside

Hereford to £920 Mosside


Shorthorn to £990 Knocksheen

Charolais to £910 Woodcroft

Per Head


Charolais to 260.4p Dalpeddar

Limousin to 250p Bush of Craigs


British Blue to 285.3p, 274.4p Muirfield

Charolais to 253.3p Gatehouse


Limousin to 239.5p Nether Rigg

Shorthorn to 235.7p Knocksheen