Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle on Monday 17th April 2017 in Dumfries which included their Spring Sale of Organic Cattle.

76 Organic Cattle were presented to several new buyers with demand out stripping supply.

Trade Was Exceptional Showing a Rise of £221.42 on the Year

Matthew Hamilton, Woolfords sold a pen of 10 Charolais (Yearling) bullocks to £1270 with another pen realising at 334.4 p/kg

Leo Petrucci, Outer Blair sold Simmental bullocks at £1480 with heifers realising at £1290

Organic Bullocks averaged 282.4 p/kg

Organic Heifers Averaged 242.3p/kg

Organic Bullocks

Simmental to £1480, £1170 Outer Blair

Charolais to £1270 (x2), £1110, £1080 (x2) Woolfords

Organic Heifers

Simmental to £1290, £1190, £1160 Outer Blair.

250 Non Organic Cattle: Full ring side of active buyers in attendance with all vendors delighted with the days trading.

Bullocks ave 226.7p to £1070 and 272.4p Lonrigg

Heifers ave 216p to £1090 and 262p Skipmyre

Bulls ave 209p to £680 and 246.2p Barend


Montbeliarde to £1070 Gimmenbie

Charolais to £1065, £1060, £995 Cormaddie

Limousin to £1065, £995 (x2) Cormaddie £1060 Abune The Brae

Simmental to £1005 Abune The Brae, £1000 Upper Moor, £995, £980 Cormaddie £980 Meikleholm.

British Blue to £980, £955 Upper Moor

BSH £900, £875 (x3) Butterdales

Per Kilo

Angus to 272.4 Longrigg

Charolais to 258.4, 257.9 Cormaddie

Simmental to 258.4, 257.9 Cormaddie

Limousin to 258.4 Cormaddie, 247.4 Abune The Brae

BSH to 243p Bogue, 230.3p Butterdales


Angus to £1090 Kirkbride, £945 Upper Moor

Limousin to £1030, £970 Kirkbride, £900 Rashgill

British Blue to £970, £965, £940 Low Glasnick, £965 Upper Moor

Hereford to £955 Upper Moor

Limousin to £910 Skipmyre

Simmental to £885 Palaceknowe

Per Kilo

Charolais to 262p, 249p Skipmyre

Simmental to 245.8 Leathorn

Angus to 231.3p Longrigg

Limousin to 231p Kirkbride

British Blue to 220.7p Low Glasnick


246.2p Barend