Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle on Monday 26th June 2017 in Dumfries.

114 Forward: Which saw one of the dearest trades of the season and many more could have been sold to a keen ringside of bidders.

The overall sale averaged £945.67

The sale topped at £1380 for a British Blue Bullock sold by WK Smith & Co, No 6 Howes.

Limousin Bullocks sold to £1320 for a pen of 4 also from No 6 Howes, Messrs Smiths load of cattle averaged £1315.

Aberdeen Angus Bullocks peaked at £1240 from Brian M Ramsay Ltd, High Auchneel.

A pen full of Montbelliarde Bullocks sold to £1145 shown by J T Byers, Gimmenbie Farm.

Per Head


British Blue to £1380, £1280 No 6 Howes, £1080 High Auchneel, £1030 Uppermoor, £900 Searigg.

Limousin to £1320, £1290 No 6 Howes, £1210, £1100 High Auchneel, £1005 Ryes

Angus to £1240, £1100 High Auchneel, £920 Ryes Farm , £910 Easthill

Montbeliarde to £1145 Gimmenbie

Saler to £1110 Auchenfad

Simmental to £1100 High Auchneel.

Holstein to £880, £840 (x2) High Auchneel

Friesian to £840, £820 Fardingjames


Holstein to £1060 Smallrigg

British Blue to £1020, £990, £950 Upper Moor

Angus to £1010 High Auchneel, £905 Upper Moor


Angus to £1080 Bankswood

British Blue to £990, £935 Bankswood

Beef Shorthorn £830 Old Church Hall

Per Kilo


British Blue to 250p, 238p (x2) Searigg, 214p High Auchneel

Limousin to 246.1p, 240.8p, 236.5p Ryes, 235p High Auchneel 218.2p No 6 Howes

Angus to 239p Ryes,223.4p High Auchneel,220.4p Fardingjames,214.1p Easthill

Saler to 236.2 Auchenfad

Simmental to 222.2p High Auchneel

Montbeliarde to 218.1p Gimmenbie

Friesian to 178.7p, 169.10p Fardingjames

Holstein to 166.3p High Auchneel


British Blue to 215.9p, 214.7p Upper Moor

Angus to 203.4p Upper Moor, 203.3 Smallrigg

Holstein to 171p Smallrigg


British Blue to 235.7p, 213p Bankswood

Angus to 211.8p Bankswood.