Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Forthnightly Sale of Store Cattle on Monday in Dumfries on Monday 27th November 2017.

264 forward: Another ringside of active buyers were in attendance. Trade maintained recent levels for a very mixed show.

107 Bullocks Ave 209.4p/kg To 280p/kg and £1100

29 Holstein Friesian Ave 137.9p/kg to 181.5p/kg and £810

3 Bulls Ave 205.3p/kg to 211.8p/kg and £970

125 Heifers Ave 188p/kg to 220.6p/kg and £1025

Per Head


Angus to £1100, £980 Shenrick, £950 Newbigging, £950 High Auchneel

Limousin to £1060, £1020, £960 Boreland, £990 High Auchneel, £940 Upper Moor

Montbeliarde to £1045 Gimmenbie

Luing to £1025 Lawesknowe

British blue to £980 Upper Moor, £960 Shenrick

Norweign Red to £895 Shenrick

Holstein to £810 Kirkmichael Mains

Per Kilo

Charolais to 280p, 272.50p East Kirkcarsewell

Saler to 272.50p East Kirkcarsewell

Simmental to 260.90 Buittle Mains

Angus to 221.60p Westhills, 220.90p Newbigging


Charolais to £1025 High Auchneel,

Limousin to £970, £855 Boreland

Simmental to £965 High Auchneel, £950 Upper Moor

Angus to £960, £900 Shenrick, £920 Upper Moor, £900 Newbigging

British Blue to £930 Upper Moor, £900 High Auchneel, £900 Shenrick

Hereford to £875 High Auchneel

Per Kilo

Limousin to 220.60p Ryes

Charolais to 211.80p East Kirkcarsewell

Next Sale Monday 11th December 2017