Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle on Monday 19th March 2018 in Dumfries.

Herries Farms
Best Single Bullock – Lantonside

Prior to the sale the show was professionally judges by John Howie, West Cluden with Herries Farms taking the honours firstly Best Single being a 10 mo Limousin x bullock selling at £1110 (375kg) to Local showman Billy Boyd.

Best pen Bullocks – Lantonside

Lantonside also won best pen again for 10 mo Limousin x Bullocks which realised at £1100 (375kg) purchased by D Lockhart, Fauldingcleugh.

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Prize List

Best Single Bullock – Lantonside £1100 (375kg)

Best Single Heifer – Drumburn
Best Single Heifer – Drumburn

Best Single Heifer – Drumburn £980 (330kg)

Best pen Bullocks – Lantonside £1100 (375kg)

Best pen Heifers – Newfield
Best pen Heifers – Newfield

Best pen Heifers – Newfield £800 (300kg)

Outwith the show trade remained firm for all classes.

236 Bullocks Ave 220.8p/kg To 293.3p/kg and £1300

32 Holstein Bullocks Ave 136p/kg to 165p/kg and £795

124 Heifers Ave 225p/kg to 297p/kg and £1075

17 Bulls Ave 213p/kg to 264.24p/kg and £1100


Per Head

Charolais to £1300, £1210 Marwhirn

Limousin to £1140, £1110, £1100 (x2) , £1090, £1080(x2), £1070, £1060 (x2) Herries, £1085 Ryemuir, £1075 High Threave, £1065 Mid Locharwoods, £1065 Shenrick

Simmental to £1110 Hayfield, £1035 Woodhead

Angus to £1075 Kirkland, £1035 Woodhead, £1020 Shenrick

British Blue to £1060, £1010, £1000 Low Glasnick, £1020, £1000 Ryemuir

Montbeliarde to £985 Gimmenbie

Friesan to £795 Fardingjames


Per Head

British Blue to £1075, £950 (x2), £900 Low Glasnick, £980 Drumburn

Charolais to £990, £970, £940, £930, £925 Cormaddie, £900 Netherfield

Simmental to £970, £930, £925 Cormaddie, £960 Upper Portrack

Limousin to £925 Newfield, £925 Cormaddie


Per Head

Limousin to £1100 Rashgill Park , £1010 Stockholm

Charolais to £1060, £1030 Stockholm

Small show of Breeding Cattle


Per Kilo

Limousin to 293.3p, 282p(x2), 281p, 278p, 267p, 260p Herries, 260.90p Bush of Craigs, 252.40 High Threave.

Charolais to 267p Netherfield, Charolais to 244.4p, 241.60p Cormaddie

Simmental to 260.90 Bush of Craigs

British Blue to 252p Drumburn

Saler to 243.10 East Kirkcarsewell

Angus to 235.70 Brickhouse

Shorthorn to 219.40 Tregallon


Per Kilo

British Blue to 292.5p, 236p Drumburn, 238.9p, 227p Low Glasnick

Limousin to 266p Newfield, 241p High Threave


Per kilo

Limousin to 264p, 248p Stockholm

Charolais to 252.20p St Ninians Grove

C & D Auction Marts held a sale of Dairy Cattle in Dumfries

Trade was Competitive

A Correct 2nd Calf Holstein Friesan Cow sold to £1650, Riggheads.

Fresh Calved Heifers to £1500 Barnbarroch.