Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 16th April 2018, which included the Dumfries & Galloway Young Farmers Overwintering Competition. On Sunday the Young Farmers competition was ably judged by Blair Duffton. The Young Farmers presented their cattle in a professional manner being a credit to themselves.

Megan Forsyth was awarded the Championship ticket with “Little Miss Meg” a March 2017 born Limousin heifer which sold at £2,650 to W Boyd, Dumfries, with the Reserve ticket being awarded to Megan with her Limousin bullock selling at £1,400 to Blair Duffton.

Outwith the show trade for grazing cattle looked sharper whilst short keep cattle maintained recent values.

171 Bullocks Ave 233.8p/kg to 296.2p/kg and £1,700.

129 Heifers Ave 232.1p/kg to 476.6p/kg and £2,650.

5 Bulls Ave 195.0p/kg to 267p/kg and £1,000.

Young Farmers Cattle:

Per Head


Limousin to £1,700 Hannah Sloan, £1,600 Thomas Illingworth, £1,500 Alex Radley, £1,400 Megan Forsyth, £1,350 Jenna Reid, £1,350 Callum Dodd, £1,300 Calum Lammie, £1,100 David Watson.

British Blue to £1,650 Hannah Sloan, £1,650 Carol Mair, £1,300 Callum Dodd, £1,200 Ewan Paul, £1,150, £1,100 Dylan Little.

Charolais to £1,150 Iain Hiddleston.


Limousin to £2,650 Megan Forsyth, £1,950 Ali Jackson, £1,400 Jordan Duff, £1,350 Scott Service, £1,300 Alex Radley, £1,100 Callum Dodd.

British Blue to £1,500 Hannah Sloan, £1,300, £1,200 Ben Radley, £1,200 Jack Morrison.

Charolais to £1,350 Gregor Service.

Simmental to £1,150 Abby Forsyth.

Store Cattle:

Per Head


Simmental to £1,350 Newbie Mains, £1,010, £970 High Auchneel, £955 (x4) Abune the Brae.

Limousin to £1,255, £1,190 Netherhall, £1,150 (x5) Newmains, £1,020 Byeloch.

Angus to £1,085 (x4) Byeloch, £1,055 Westhills, £1,020 (x2) Byeloch, £990 Shenrick, £970 (x3) High Auchneel.

Charolais to £1,050 (x2) Netherhall, £1,045 (x5) Foregirth, £970 (x6) Skipmyre.

Shorthorn to £935 (x6) Skipmyre.


Limousin to £1,120 Mains of Minnydow, £1,075 Herries, £965 Branteth, £935 High Auchneel.

Angus to £1,070 (x3) Byeloch, £985 (x2) Cormaddie, £980 (x4) Byeloch, £00 Gimmenbie.

Simmental to £1,070 Brownrig, £940 Newbie Mains.


Limousin to £1,000 Stockholm.

Next Sale Monday 30th April 2018.