Machinery / Farm Sales

Saturday 19th September at 10.30am

On-Farm Displenishing Sale
Bush of Craigs, Dumfries DG1 4QR
(on behalf of G. Mair & Co.) details

Implements - Case JX4 105 Tractor 5582hrs 2011, MC130 McCormick 2011 Tractor, Hymac Track Digger, Honda Quad Bike, Kuhn 3570 Straw Shredder, Kuhn  FB 2135 Baler, Krone Easy Cut 320 CV-O Mower, Major 1300g Slurry Tanker, Major 750 Rotary Spreader , Fraser 19 ft Bale Trailer, MC Road Brush, Fleming Bale Lifter, Twose RR470/13 Rake, Twose Roller  12 ft Ifor Williams Trailer, 12 ft Watson Feed Trailer, Watson Trailer, Brown Mole Drain, 400L Sprayer, Kilworth 5 Concrete Mixer, Slurry Mixer, IAE Sheep Handling Pens, 2 x 500L Fuel Master, 10 x 12ft Troughs & Barriers, 12 x 10ft Sheep Feed Barriers, 2 x Portequip Calf Creeps, 2 x IAE Calf Creeps, 6 x Cattle Hurdles 6ft-10ft, Sheep Hurdles.  Inputs – Massey Ferguson 135 Good Condition, Ifor Williams Trailer 12' x 6', Major side mounted topper 9ft 5yo, Kverland 6ft 2 Drum Mower, 12fr Ifor Williams Flat bed trailer, 21ft Fraser Bale Trailer, 4 Self Locking Feed Barriers, Haybob, Low Loader Trailer, Mil Silage Trailer, Kverland 4 Furrow Reversible Plough, Feed Wagon etc.

Please pre-register as Strict Social Distancing Measures will be in place - contact office 01387 279495. It is requested that only one representative per business attend. No under-sixteens.

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