Longtown Mart

Every Thursday - Primestock

Cast Ewes at 7am followed by Prime Lambs at 12noon approx,
OTM & Prime Cattle at 1pm

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(More cattle required to meet demand)
Please advise all entries to the office

Friday 15th September

Annual Kintyre Sale of Rams & Breeding Sheep report

Tuesday 19th September

Weekly Sale of Store Lambs of all classes report

22,000 TWO DAY SHEEP SALE 22,000
Tuesday 26th September - 10.00am

Fortnightly Sale of 60 Store Cattle
10,000 STORE & BREEDING SHEEP 10,000
download catalogue pdf
6,000 Store Lambs at 10.00am
(Cheviots sold 1st, other breeds, mixed, to follow)
4,000 Breeding Sheep at 1.30pm approx.
Special Sale of 800 Mule Ewe Lambs
600 Other Ewe Lambs
1,200 Shearling Gimmers incl. 280 Lleyn x Texel ex Mallsgate
600 Lowland Ewes incl. 300 Lleyn x Texel 3/4 crop ex Harwood
50 Rams of all classes
For Mr G. McGimpsey, D'Mainholm
364 Texel Cross comp. Ewes (124, reg. ages), Gimmers (45) & Ewe Lambs (195)
184 Mule Ewes & Gimmers in regular ages
180 Texel x NCC (reg. ages) ex Byers Farm
50 Texel x Beltex (shlgs. – 3 crop) ex Dormansteads

Wednesday 27th September - 10.00am

12,000 THE BORDER EWE SALE 12,000
download catalogue pdf
Great Annual Sale of 4,500 NC & 3,500 SC Cheviot Ewes, Shearlings & Ewe lambs
Main Sale of 4,500 Blackface & Swaledale Ewes, Shearlings & Ewe lambs
Dispersal of 564 Blackface Ewes, Gimmers & Ewe Lambs in regular ages
for Mr G McGimpsey, D'Mainholm
Dispersal of 194 Hill Type NCC (reg. ages) for Messrs Watson, Ardnacross, Campbeltown
Reduction of 120 NCC 3/4 shear ex Byers Farm
Show & Sale – Sale at 1.00pm
150 N.C Cheviot Shearling & 2 Shear Rams
(Park & Hill Types)
50 Traditional Bluefaced Leicester Rams

(for crossing with the Cheviot to breed the Cheviot Mule)

Tuesday 3rd October

Store Lambs, including Special Sale for Blackface Wether Lambs

Wednesday 4th October

Annual Prize Show & Sale of Bluefaced Leicester Rams & Females
Main Show & Sale of Texel & Suffolk Rams
Sale of Continental & Other Breed Rams

Saturday 7th October

Great Annual Prize Show & Sale of mainly Continental Suckler Calves
Show for The Longtown Cup

Tuesday 10th October

Store Lambs, including Special Sale of Blackfaces
Catalogue Sale of Store Cattle of all classes & Great Autumn Sale of Beef Breeding Cattle, including Main Sale for Continental Bulling Heifers

(Incl. Dispersal of Galloway & Galloway x Lim Cows with Lim x Calves)

Wednesday 11th October

Late Special Sale of Lowland Ewes & Shearlings
Second Sale of Blackface, Swaledale & Cheviot Ewes, also all classes of Ewe Lambs

Saturday 14th October

Kirkcambeck Sale of Blue-Grey, Galloway & Shorthorn Cross Bullocks
Special Show & Sale of Blue-Grey & Native Breed Bulling Heifers

Tuesday 17th October

Store Lambs of all classes, including Prize Sale of Cheviots & Main Show & Sale of Blackface Lambs (sponsored by BF Sheep Breeders Assoc.)
Final Sale for Rams of all classes, including Annual Sale of Cheviot & Blackface Rams

Saturday 21st October

Prize Show & Sale of Hillbred Suckler Calves
Show for The Jacob Thomlinson Cup
Store & Breeding Cattle

Tuesday 24th October

Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Saturday 28th October

On Farm Sale at D'Mainholm, Newcastleton
(on behalf of G. McGimpsey & Co.)

Tuesday 31st October

Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Saturday 4th November

Rare & Minority Breed Poultry, Cage Birds & Equipment

Tuesday 7th November

Store Cattle
Monthly Sale of Breeding Cattle
Multi-Breed Sale of Pedigree Beef Bulls
Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep
Annual Sale of Pedigree Suffolk & Charollais in Lamb Females

Tuesday 14th November

Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Monday 20th November

Sale of Tractors, Implements & Machinery

Tuesday 21st November

Store Cattle
Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Tuesday 28th November

Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Tuesday 5th December

Store Cattle
Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

Thursday 7th December

Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Cattle & Prime Sheep

Tuesday 12th December

Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep


We have been reminded by DEFRA and Trading Standards that any animals showing signs of ill health (eg. emaciation, lameness, lice, scab, etc.) and likely to be unfit for onward travel should not be accepted onto mart premises and will be returned home. Costs‎ which may arise from attempts to send such animals will be passed back to the consignor. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Animal welfare is our priority.
Archie Hamilton ALAA/AIA (Scot.),
Head of Sheep Sales/Welfare Officer

Prime Cattle Deadweight Option

For those farmers who prefer to market their prime cattle direct to an abattoir, we have established working relationships with an number of outlets.
For further details, please contact Ryan Roddan on 07733 362 389

As of 1st January 2016 all Bovine animals are required to have a NEGATIVE BVD Status when sold through Auction Marts
Cattle from Not Negative Herds – We have Direct to Slaughter options, any such cattle must be booked in advanced. All enquiries to the Office – 01228 791215

Anyone that is unsure please visit www.scoteid.com/lookup which will enable you to check your status. Or call the mart and we will be happy to assist.