Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 31 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 12 over thirty month cattle, 6,123 prime hoggs and 3,920 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th March 2014.

Prime cattle met a similar trade and short of quality. Top of 228.5p for a Limousin heifer from W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House.

Principal Prices (per kilo)


Charolais 211.5p Plumpe.

Limousin 208.5p, 207.5p Newby Farm, 203.5p Nether Onsett.

Saler 201.5p Nether Onsett, 199.5p Plumpe.


Limousin 228.5p Houghton House, 212.5p Low Hallburn, 211.5p Houghton House, 207.5p, 205.5p Newby Farm.

Charolais 214.5p, 209.5p Sceughdyke, 209.5p, 205.5p Plumpe.

British Blue 192.5p Plumpe.

Principal Prices (per head)


Limousin £1,495, £1,314 Nether Onsett.


Limousin £1,335 Newby Farm, £1,290 Houghton House, £1,275 Low Hallburn.

Charolais £1,298Plumpe, £1,287, £1,229 Sceughdyke.

All dairy bulls on offer. Top price of 163.5p from J. & P. Routledge & Son, Netherton.

Principal Prices (per kilo).

Black & White 163.5p, 152.5p Netherton.

Cast cows sold to a similar rate, more quality needed. Top of 135.5p for Black & White Jerriestown.

Principal Prices (per kilo)

Black & White 135.5p, 124.5p Jerriestown.

Limousin 133.5p, 118.5p Howard House, 109.5p Sorbietrees.

Angus 107.5p Tanlawhill.

Principal Prices (per head)

Limousin £1,001 Howard House.

Black & White £853 Jerriestown.

An excellent show of 6,123 prime hoggs (983 lightweights) were forward with a sea of white covering the auction pens as many consignors had forward tremendous runs of Cheviot hoggets to coincide with the annual show and sale. All classes were much sharper on the week apart from heavyweight hoggs 50kilos plus which eased as the day went on, as was the trend in most other centres. Many more export weight hoggs could be sold to advantage and finishers should be aware of hoggs becoming overfat.

The overall sale average was 213.6p per kilo (SQQ 219.1p per kilo). Top was £120 per head for Cheviots from Crawesknowe with a top per kilo of 275p for Texels from Screel and for Beltex from West Meiklethwaite.

Also held today was the Annual Prize Show & Sale of Cheviot prime hoggets which was ably judged by Mr Haig Murray, Dunbia.

The show of Hill Cheviots (on behalf of the Cheviot Sheep Society) was kindly sponsored by P.J. Tractor Parts and the Championship was awarded to longtime customer and store lamb purchaser at Longtown, W. & J. Glendinning, Crawesknowe whose hoggs were bred by T.G. Warwick & Son, Girnwood and scaled at 49 kilos and later realised £120 (245p per kilo) to Dunbia.

Champion Cheviot Hoggs W. & J. Glendinning, Crawesknowe

Champion Hill Cheviot Hoggs W. & J. Glendinning, Crawesknowe

Reserve Champion Cheviot Hoggs Messrs Fleming, Falnash

Reserve Champion Hill Cheviot Hoggs Messrs Fleming, Falnash

Prize winners & prices:-

Up to 38 kilos –

1st prize – Messrs Cavers, Sorbie, 38 kilos, £89 Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

2nd prize - Messrs Bell, Bloch, 37 kilos, £85 Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

3rd prize – Messrs Menzies, Chanlockfoot, 33 kilos, £79 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

38-44 kilos –

1st prize & Res. Champion – Messrs Fleming, Falnash, 44 kilos, £101 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

2nd prize – Messrs Cartner, Blackwoodridge House, 43 kilos, £98 to Dunbia.

3rd prize – Messrs Carruthers, Woodhall, 42 kilos, £95 to A. Dawson.

45 kilos and over –

1st prize & Champion – Messrs Glendinning, Crawesknowe, 49 kilos, £120 to Dunbia.

2nd prize – Messrs Cartner, Blackwoodridge House, 48 kilos, £105 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

3rd prize – Messrs Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, 46 kilos, £104 to Dunbia.

The show of North Country Cheviots was kindly sponsored by McCaskie Farm Supplies and also judged by Haig Murray, the Championship was awarded to regular consignor and supporter of Longtown, E. & R.E. Eastham whose hoggs scaled at 50 kilos and realised £106 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

Champion NCC Hoggs – Messrs Eastham, Naddle

Champion NCC Hoggs – Messrs Eastham, Naddle

Prize winners & prices:-

Up to 45 kilos –

1st prize – Messrs Maxwell, Halket Leathes, 41 kilos, £95.50 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

46 kilos and over –

1st prize & Champion – Messrs Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, 50 kilos, £120 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

2nd prize – Messrs Moffat, Stonehouse, 50 kilos, £107.50 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

3rd prize – Messrs Dickinson, Kirkbarrow Hall, 52 kilos, £109 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

Principal Prices (per head)

Hill Cheviot £120 Crawesknowe, £105 Blackwoodridge House, £104, £102 Longburgh Fauld, £101 Falnash, £100.50 Blackwoodridge House, £100 Becks, Crossdykes, Sorbie and Potholm, £99.50 Blackwoodridge House, £99 Micklethwaite, Woodhall.

Texel £118 Sibmister, £115, £111 Lairdlaugh, £110 Screel, Patties Hill, Lairdlaugh and West Meiklethwaite, £109 Ericstane, £108 West Meiklethwaite, Sunnycroft and Oldfield, £107 Cleughbrae, Hyde Park and Kirkbarrow Hall, £105 Byreburnside, £104 The Gill and Hyde Park.

Beltex £110 West Meiklethwaite, Ericstane and Kirkbarrow Hall, £108, £97 Ericstane.

Suffolk £109 Guards Mill, £104 Cleughbrae, £103 Sibmister, £101 Sceughdyke, £100 Golden Lane and Lesson Hall, £99 Sceughdyke, £98 West Hills, Golden Lane, Sykehead and Guards Mill, £96.50 Sykehead, £96 Guards Mill.

North Country Cheviot £109 Kirkbarrow Hall, £108 Tormore, £107.50 Stonehouse, £106 Longburgh Fauld, £105 Hill Crest and Mount Benger, £104 Hill Crest, £103 Carruthers, £102 Kirkbarrow Hall, £100 Ericstane, Carruthers and Micklethwaite, £99 Marwhirn, Stonehouse and Carruthers.

Blackface £99 Mount Benger, £96 Redwoodhouse, £94, £90 Stoneraise Place, £86.50 Redwoodhouse, £86 Westhills, £85.50 Stoneraise Place and Redwoodhouse, £85 Blakehope, £84.50 Maryholm and Stoneraise Place.

Charollais £99 Golden Lane, £97 West Meiklethwaite, £95 Golden Lane and Guards Mill, £93 Dinley, £92 Boghall.

Greyface £97 Tormore, £95 Patties Hill, £91 Westhills and Newtown, £90.50 Sykehead, £90 Killiegruer, £88 Newbiggin, £87 Sykehead, £86 Rowhead and Brampton Fell, £85 Boghall.

Zwartbles £96 High House, £72 Milltown.

Cheviot Mule £93 Falnash, £85 Quarry House, £80 Dinley.

Leicester £87 Cowcorse, £72 Borthwick Brae.

Swaledale £87 Newbiggin, £79.50 Howburn, £78.50 Hollinclose, £75 Knaresdale House and Newbiggin.

Jacob £85 Westhills, £76 Screel.

Easycare £79 Castle Farm.

Dorset £79 Screel.

Herdwick £70 Rowhead, £66 Ashley Park.

Principle Prices (per kilo)

Texel 275p Screel, 267p Oakwood and Lairdlaugh, 266p Ericstane, 261p Hyde Park, 259p Screel, 254p Keith, 251p Wiston Place and West Glengyre, 250p Cara View and Wiston Place, 248.8p Kirkbarrow Hall, 245p West Meiklethwaite, 244p Lairdlaugh and West Glengyre.

Beltex 275p West Meiklethwaite, 263p, 261.9p Ericstane, 250p Screel, 243p Ericstane, 229p Kirkbarrow Hall.

Hill Cheviot 265p George Street, 245p Crawesknowe, 243p The Firs, 242p Cara View, Micklethwaite and Bromfield Hall, 241p The Firs, 239p Chanlockfoot, 238p Kilnford Croft, 237p North House and Blackwoodridge House, 236p Kilnford Croft and Potholm, 235p Chanlockfoot and Blackwoodridge House.

North Country Cheviot 233p Halket Leaths, 231p Longburgh Fauld, 229p Damside, 227p Ericstane, 226p, 223p Marwhirn, 222p Longburgh Fauld, 221p Ericstane, 220p Marwhirn and Stonehouse, 219p Marwhirn, 218p Halket Leaths and Redwoodhouse.

Suffolk 229.4p Olrig Mains, 224p Snowsgreen, 222p Cara View and Wiston Place, 217p Park House, 216p Low Eals and Cleughbrae, 215p Sibmister, Boreland and Sceughdyke, 214p South Lambhill.

Charollais 226p West Meiklethwaite, 224p, 223p Dinley, 220p Golden Lane, 219p Boghall, 216p Dinley and Stirches Mains.

Blackface 224p, 220p, 219p, 217p Stoneraise Place, 216p Boreland, 215p Beauly, 213p Westloch and Redwoodhouse, 211p Maryholm and Stoneraise Place, 209p Redwoodhouse and Gibblaston, 207p Wyliehole.

Dorset 213p, 208p Screel.

Greyface 213p Quarry House, 208p West Glengyre, 207p Cranberry Brow, 205p Killiegruer, 204p Wynholm, 201p Hollinclose, 200p Kirkhouse, Killegruer and Rowhead, 198p Tormore, Sykehead and Newtown.

Cheviot Mule 211p Dinley, 200p Nether Albie, 198p Quarry House.

Swaledale 209p Beauly, 201p Hollinclose, 191p, 190p Newbiggin, 189p Batey Shield and Howburn.

Jacob 205p, 193p Screel.

Herdwick 200p Ashley Park, 195p, 189p Rowhead.

Leicester 184p Archerbeck.

Zwartbles 183p Tushielaw.

Easycare 168p Castle Farm.

A lesser show of 3,920 cast ewes and rams were forward to a busier ring of 18 active buyers resulting in the trade being £5 dearer on the week, apart from plain lean ewes. Tups also very easily sold.

Heavy ewes to £146 for Texels from Sunnycroft, £144 Riverview, £142 Tynehead, £140 Oldfield; Charollais £130 Wester Parkgate, £116 Riverview, £104 Tynehead; Suffolk £119, £118 The Land, £116 Broomlands; Bleu d’Maine £116 Riverview; Beltex £112 Tynehead, £98 Lairdlaugh, £96 Lesson Hall; North Country Cheviot £109, £107 Tormore, £106 Ericstane and Buckies; Leicester £86 New Hall, £81 Keith, £79 Howburn; Greyface £85 Newtown Farm, £82 Marygate, £80 Kirtlevale; Cheviot Mule £84 Archerbeck, £79 Newton Cottage, £74 Killean Estate; Half Bred £78 Whins.

Light ewes to £78 for Cheviots from North House, £76 Rhemullen and Upper Borgue, £74 Allfornaught; Blackface £72 Clonrae, £70 Westhills, Kirkhouse, Halliburton, Clonrae and West Glengyre, £69 Clonrae; Kerry Hill £72 Hazelbank; Lleyn £71 Hunderlee Pastoral; Swaledale £70 Snowden Close, £57 Softley, £53 Snowsgreen; Easycare £64 Bairnkine and Hazelbank, £50 Hazelbank; Jacob £61 Screel; Herdwick £54, £44 Rowhead.

Rams to £158 for Texels from West Wharmley, £150 Hollinclose, £140 Boreland; North Country Cheviot £150 Durran Mains, £130 Tormore, £102 Archerbeck; Charollais £122 Riverview, £120 Upperland, £110 Tallymore; Suffolk £110 Upperland, £102 Barend, £92 Seathill; Beltex £106 Gibstown; Leicester £102 New Hall, £90 Softley, £88 Brampton Fell and Glenapp; Romney Marsh £96 Ringliggate; Blackface £90 Boreland, £82 Wynholm, £75 Kennacraig; Easycare £82 Nettling Flatt, £78 Raehills, £62 Glenapp; Kerry Hill £67 Kilncroft.

Goats to £78 Common House, £72 Raehills.

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Photos by Robert Smith Photography and Video


Medium to 211.5p (205.5p)
Heavy to 203.5p (193.1p)

Medium to 228.5p (188.0p)
Heavy to 214.5p (198.2p)

Young bulls 163.5p (157.7p)

Light to 265.0p (212.1p)
Standard to 267.0p (219.6p)
Medium to 275.0p (219.9p)
Heavy to 245.0p (200.3p)

Shearlings 196.0p (177.8p)

Light to £78.00 (£53.61)
Heavy to £146.00 (£83.02)

Cast Rams £158.00 (£83.94)