Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 26 prime cattle, 5 young beef bulls, 8 over thirty month cattle, 2,243 prime hoggs and 2.728 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th April 2014.

A shortage of cattle and more quality required with the best sorts selling well. Top price to 233.5p, 231.5p, 229.5p all for Limousin heifers shown by A & W J Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen.

Principal Prices (per kilo)


Limousin 217.5p Houghton House, 206.5p Wyseby Hill

Principal Prices (per head)


Limousin £1424 Houghton House

Principal Prices (per kilo)


Limousin 233.5p, 231.5p, 229.5p Dashwellgreen, 225.5p Sceughdyke, 224.5p Dashwellgreen, 222.5p Houghton House. 209.5p, 207.5p, 201.5p Outertown

Principal Prices (per head)


Limousin £1,312 Houghton House, £1,284 Dashwellgreen, £1,274 Sceughdyke, £1,257 Outertown, £1,250, £1,245 Dashwellgreen

Young bulls sold steady and topped at 169.5p or £1,427.70 for a Simmental from D C Houldey, Kirtleton House.

Principal Prices (per kilo)

Simmental 169.5p Kirtleton House

Limousin 157.5p Gillalees

Saler 158.5p Gillalees

Principal Prices (per head)

Simmental £1,457 Kirtleton House

Limousin £976 Gillalees

Saler £1,093

A small show sold similar on the week and sold to 142.5p for a Simmental from B J Waugh, Uppertown Farm.

Principal Prices (per kilo).

Limousin 115.5p Holme House

Black & White 108.5p Underwoodhouse

Simmental 142.5p Uppertown, 128.5p. 120.5p Old Irvine

Principal Prices (per head).

Limousin £796 Holme House.

Simmental £893, £819 Old Irvine, £726 Uppertown

A very disappointing show of 2,243 prime hoggs were forward to a full ring of buyers all keen for sheep to tide them over Easter. Many people got it wrong that they would experience a bad trade due to Easter holidays. The sale average was 219.15p/kilo (229p SQQ), many more could have been sold to advantage. The sale topped at £122 for Texels from The Land and to 289.5p for Beltex from Watchhill, Canonbie.

Principal Prices (per head)

Beltex £110 Watch Hillside, £105 Glencartholm

Texel £122 The Land, £116, £114 Station Road

Suffolk £107 Hyde Park, £105 The Land, £103 Hillhead & Finnieness

North Country Cheviot £110 The Lands, £109 Elveden & Biggin, £108 The Land

Charollais £108 Burden

Hill Cheviot £111 Sandbed, £103 Cleughbrae, £102 Whins, £101 Howgillside, £100 Plumpe

Blackface £98 Boat Croft, £95 Peela Hill, £94 Yett, £90 West Scales.

Cheviot Mule £90 Cardew Hall

Greyface £99 Harleyrigg & Corrielaw, £95 Kirkland Green, £94 Peela Hill

Swaledale £81 Knaresdale House

Lleyn £93 Guards Farm

Halfbred £111 Elveden

Principle Prices (per kilo)

Beltex 289.5p, 255.8p Watch Hillside, 228p Newton Cottage

Texel 251p, 249p Boat Croft, 248p Kirkland Green & Nether Albie, 245p East Kirk, 241p Dunjop & Glebelands

Hill Cheviot 252p Sandbed, 245p West Scales, 238p Caverslea, 237p West Scales & Whins, 236p Whinneyknowe & Caverslea, 235p Gateside , Hyde Park & Yett

North Country Cheviot 256p, 251p The Land, 248p Hyde Park, 245p, 243p Whins, 240p. 238p Rosemount

Lleyn 212p Dalmakethar, 211p Guards

Suffolk 243p Hyde Park, 234p Hillhead & East Cliff, 226p Hyde Park, 223p The Land, 216p Hyde Park, 213p Plantation Cottage.

Charollais 241p Cardew Hall, 230p Glebelands

Blackface 233p Boat Croft, 229p Glenrath, 224p Gateside, 219p Redhouse, 215p Whinneyknowe

Greyface 236p Harleyrigg, 225p South Corrielaw, 214p Romesbeoch, 211p Kirkland Green, 205p East Cliff

Cheviot Mule 186p Temon

Swaledale 188pm 172p, 166p Knaresdale House.

Dorset 222p, 216p Glenrath

Shetland 215p Craigdhu Croft

Halfbred 206p Elveden

Lightweight Lambs Per Head

Cheviot £85 Whinneyknowe, £81 Ericstand, £80 Gateside.

Texel £81 Hyde Park, £80 Glebelands

Greyface £73 Romesbeoch

Blackface £76 Gateside, £75.50 North Deanhead

North Country Cheviot £60 Biggin

Swaledale £55, £50 Knaresdale House

Beltex £80 Newington, £79 Nether Stenries

Shetland £73 Craigdhucroft

A lighter show of 2,728 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers all keen for sheep to tide them over the Easter weekend. Trade was buoyant especially for light and lean ewes which were sold at extreme rates. Heavy ewes similar on the week and rams sold to a great trade. Top price was £172 for Texel tups from Drumlane and to £130 for Texel ewes from Tundergarth Mains & Churchside.

Cast Rams: Texel £172 Drumlane, £160 Middle Farm, £152 Sibmister, £150 Plumbridge & Sibmister

Suffolk £154 Shielswood, £140 Basco Dykehead, £137 Beragh, £136 Carpet, £143 Plumbridge, £132 Treventer, £131 Matinley, £130 Woodvale; Charollais £150, £142 Upperlands, £140 Drumlane; Leicester £120 Knaresdale House; Beltex £114 Beragh, £110 Tarnside, £106 Streethead; Dorset £120 Upperlands.

Heavy ewes Texel £130 Tundergarth Mains & Church, £128 Drumlane, £124 Woodhead, £122 Plumbridge, £120 Golden Lane & Corriehills; Suffolk £126 East Cliff, £122 The Land, £119 East Cliff, £118 Church, £116 Carrigans & Newry, £114 Maidencots, £106 Corriehills. Charollais £124 Drumlane, £120 Newry, £118 Upperlands; Greyface £94 Wick & West End, £92 Higher Bughill, £90 Miller Hill, Cambeck Hill & Hillcroft; Cheviot Mule £97 Clackmae; North Country Cheviot £138 Biggin

Light Ewes Cheviot £88, £85 Hillcrest, £83 Hillcrest; Blackface £84 Ladhope, £80 Edges Green & Peela Hill, £79 High Row, £78 High Wood, £76 Gall, Ladhope & Weatherhouse, £75 Wyliehole; Swaledale £79 Shankfieldhead, £78 Spoutbank, £72 Highside, £68 Kirkland Green, £67 Cotland; Herdwick £60 Kilncroft; Jacob £64 Maidencots; Lleyn £84 Tarnside, £78 Higher Bughill; Beulah £69 Higher Bughill; Shetland £46 Tarnside; Easycare £65 Hillcrest

Medium to 206.5p (189.9p)
Heavy to 217.5p (217.5p)

Light to 172.5p (172.5p)
Medium to 233.5p (204.4p)
Heavy to 209.5p (209.5p)

Young bulls to 169.5p (146.5p)

Light to 230.0p (214.6p)
Standard to 289.5p (225.0p)
Medium to 256.0p (232.9p)
Heavy to 241.0p (206.2p)

Shearlings to 210.0p (187.1p)

Light to £88.00(£66.12)
Heavy to £130.00 (£93.12)

Cast Rams to £172.00 (£117.07)