Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 15 prime cattle, 7 young bulls,15 over thirty month cattle, 43 spring lambs, 4,693 prime hoggs and 3,802 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 1st May 2014.

A similar show of prime cattle sold to recent rates with more quality sorts required. Heifers topped at 235.5p for Limousin from A & W J Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, whose run of heifers averaged 226p.

Principal Prices (per kilo)


Saler 180.5p Sceughdyke


Limousin 235.5p, 226.5p, 225.5p, 219.5p Dashwellgreen, 215.5p Low Hallburn, 210.0p Houghton House, 209.5p, 206.5p Low Hallburn, 199.5p Camping Holm

Charolais 200.5p Sceughdyke

Principal Prices (per head)


Saler £1155 Sceughdyke


Limousin. £1307 Dashwellgreen, £1206, £1194 Low Hallburn, £1177 Dashwellgreen, £1146 Low Hallburn, £1097 Dashwellgreen, £1092 Houghton House. £1017 Camping Holm

Charolais £1233 Sceughdyke

Prime bulls continue to sell at the national trend and topped at 188p for a Limousin from J. & P. Routledge & Son, Netherton.

Principal Prices (per kilo)

Limousin 188p, 154p Netherton

Principal Prices (per head)

Limousin £1175, £978, £907 Netherton

A larger show of OTM forward and sold to 176p for a Limousin shown by Messrs Ritson, Swaites.

Principal Prices (per kilo)

Limousin 176p, 152p, 140p Swaites, 118p Leahaugh, 110p Holme House

Friesian 122p, 118p Dormansteads

Principal Prices (per head)

Limousin £1091 Swaites, £1064 Burnside, £919 Swaites, £704 Holme House

Friesian £829, £702 Dormansteads

Spring lambs sold to a top of £108 for Charolais from Wester Parkgate and 271p per kilo for Texels from Dockray Hall. Good quality handyweight lambs much sought after, more lambs required to fill buyers requirements.

Principal Prices (per head)

Charollais £108, £95, £91 Wester Parkgate

Suffolk £89 Oswie,

Texel £100 Yett, £98 High Parsonbridge, £97 Dockray Hall, £96 Camping Holm, £95 Dockray Hall

Principle Prices (per kilo)

Suffolk 223p Oswie, 219p Upper Senwick

Texel 271p, 264p, 262p Dockray Hall, 243p Camping Holm

Charollais 228p Wester Parkgate

A good show of 4,693 prime hoggs sold to the usual ringside of buyers. Good quality export hoggs and lightweight hoggs were easily sold and maintained recent high rates, with only the best end of the heavy hoggs easily sold. Other heavy hoggs and second rate hoggs far easier on the week. The overall sale average was 208.3p (SQQ 217.5p). Top price was £116 for Texels from I. Davidson & Son, Muirhouses and to 300p per kilo for Beltex from Greenlane.

Principal Prices (per head)

Texel £116 Muirhouse, £113 Tarool, £110 Copperthorns & Willimoteswick

North Country Cheviot £107.50, £105.50 The Land, £104 Todhillrigg, £100 Middlebie Hill

Beltex £100 Whitehill Cottage, £90 Greenlane

Suffolk £111 Dinwoodie Green, £104 The Land, £98 Broomhills, £97.50 Somerton House

Hill Cheviot £105.50 Todhillrigg & West Scales, £105 Wicketthorn, £104 Bloan

Charollais £95 Pilmuir & Kelmore Hills, £94 Mosside, £92 Elveden, £91 Oswie

Greyface £92 Elveden, £90 Stoneraise Place & Kirkland Green

Lleyn £93, £86, £80 Whitcastles

Blackface £93 Faulding Cleugh, £92.50 Barlaes, 91 Stoneraide Place, £90 Oswie

Leicester £88 Stonehall

Jacob £71 Almagill

Herdwick £76, £75 Almagill, £75 Cumcrook

Swaledale £60 Kirkland Green

Kendal Rough £70 Newington

Oxford £70 Guards

Principle Prices (per kilo)

Beltex 300p Greenlane, 233p Whitehill Cottage

Texel 257p Tarool, 250p Kirkland Green, 249p, 245p Allerby Hall, 244p Harene

Hill Cheviot 248p West Scales, 247p Cardew Hall, 246p Shawhead, 245p West Scales & Todhillrigg, 244p West Scales, 242p Creca & Ericstane

North Country Cheviot 245p, 239p Land, 239p Broomhills, 233p Ericstane, 226p Todhillrigg

Greyface 216p, 214p Stoneraise Place, 212p Westerhopeburn, 205p High House & Oswie

Suffolk 231p The Land, 222p Somerton House, 218p Hillview, 216p Stoneraise Place, 213p Dunjop

Blackface 226p Mid Harrietsfield, 223p, 222p Stoneraise Place, 220p Mid Harrietsfield, 219p Higher Grenofen

Lleyn 192p Guards, 182p Westerhouses

Charollais 226p Inkstack, 212p Oswie, 207p Baillie, 202p Pilmuir

Herdwick 200p Almagill

Swaledale 170p Bateyshield

Jacob 197p Almagill, 196p Gateside

A larger of show of 3,802 ewes and rams sold to the usual ringside of buyers following a month of extreme prices and with a lesser quality show of ewes forward all classes were slightly cheaper on the week, with rams still very dear and short of buyers requirements. Top price was £170 for Texel ram from Drumhumphrey.

Cast Rams:- Texel £170 Drumhumphrey, £144 Severs, £135 Reaygarth; Suffolk £124 Wick, £120 Merrick £118 Roadside, £116 Plumgate; Charollais £138 Gateside, £121 Braehead; Leicester £144 Drumhumphrey, £128 Newry, £100 Woodhouse; Blackface £98 Drumhumprey, £89 Barlaes, £88 Severs; North Country Cheviot £110 Newry; Jacob £80 Gateside; Lleyn £128 Whitcastles; Zwartbles £80 Stanley House; Dorset £100 Upperlands & Newry; Oxford £74 Wick; Kerry Hill £98 Whitcastles; Easycare £82 South Port o Spittal

Heavy ewes:- Texel £134 Newry, £128, £126 Side, £124 Townfoot, £122 Glenzierfoot; Suffolk £118 Newry,. £117 Severs, £116 Rinlinggate & Side, £115 Carnbaie; Bleu de Maine £124 Wick; Charollais £126 Upperland, £112 Townfoot, £111 Side; Halfbred £108 Barrogill Mains; Greyface £95 Newtown, £90 Round Meadows, £87 Muirhouse, £86 Broomhouse, £85 Copperthorns; Cheviot Mule £90 Outertown, £82 Higher Grenofen; Leicester £87 Castle Nook, £86 Gapshield & Raggetsyke, £84 Westerhopeburn; North Country Cheviot £99 Philiphaugh, £96 Ericstane, £94 Philiphaugh, £93 Upperland, £92 Ericstane; Beltex £92 Tercrosset; Zwartbles £79 West Clyth, £70 Westside; Dorset £80 Pennant & Wilsey.

Light Ewes:- Lleyn £90 Whitcastles; Herdwick £46 Woodleigh; Swaledale £70 Round Meadows, £68 Spoutbank, Reaygarth & Over Whitlaw; Kerry Hill £72 Newry; Cheviot £88 Temon, £75 Wardrew, £71 Temon, £69 Hallburn; Blackface £79 West Hottbank, Drumhumphrey, £75 Lawston, £74 Somerton.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 180.5p (180.5p)

Light to 225.5p (214.0p)
Medium to 235.5p (210.8p)
Heavy to 200.5p (200.5p)

Young bulls 188.0p (129.7p)

Light to 300.0p (204.8p)
Standard to 247.0p (213.2p)
Medium to 257.0p (221.5p)
Heavy to 226.0p (186.1p)

Shearlings 220.0p (168.2p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Standard to 271.0p (251.4p)
Medium to 232.0p (220.5p)
Heavy to 204.0p (200.7p)

Shearlings 169.0p (168.7p)

Light to £90.00 (£52.40)
Heavy to £134.00 (£85.88)

Cast Rams £170.00 (£97.62)