Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 36 prime cattle, 5 young bulls, 18 over thirty month cattle, 3,080 prime lambs and 5,058 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th July 2014.

An increased entry of prime cattle saw trade sharper with plenty of keen bidders in attendance. More required to fill demand. Top price to 224.5p for a Limousin bullock shown by A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, purchased by local butcher W. Kirkup & Sons, Longtown. Heifers topped at 222.5p and 221.5p for Limousins also from Messrs Taylor and bought by W. Kirkup & Sons and Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie respectively.



Limousin 224.5p, 217.5p, 214.5p, 211.5p Dashwellgreen, 191.5p Plumpe.

Charolais 188.5p, 186.5p Plumpe.

Angus 186.5p Plumpe.

British Blue 180.5p Plumpe.

Friesian 165.5p Highmoorhead.


Limousin 222.5p, 221.5p, 220.5p, 217.5p, 215.5p Dashwellgreen, 203.5p The Ash.

Charolais 196.5p, 191.5p (x2), 187.5p Upper Mains.



British Blue £1,344 Plumpe.


Limousin £1,305, £1,278, £1,271 Dashwellgreen, £1,251 The Ash, £1,229 Dashwellgreen, £1,187 The Ash.

Charolais £1,225, £1,198, £1,181 Upper Mains.

Dexter bulls sold to 84.5p per kilo from Achingills.


Dexter 84.5p, 77.5p Achingills.

Cows sold well and more could be sold to advantage. Topping the sale at 162.5p was a Limousin shown by S. Dalton, Greenside Farm.


Limousin 162.5p Greenside, 126.5p, 124.5p Bleatarn.

British Blue 117.5p Wickerthwaite, 104.5p Laverhay.

Longhorn 109.5p (x2) Laverhay.

Friesian 106.5p Newby Farm, 103.5p Haggistone Holm.


Limousin £948, £859 Bleatarn, £828 Greenside.

British Blue £763 Wickerthwaite.

Friesian £729 Newby Farm.

A fantastic show of 3,080 prime lambs sold to an average of 193p per kilo, a rise of 11p on the week being 10p to 15p sharper than most other centres this week. All classes of lambs sold exceedingly well with best quality export lambs and lightweight lambs being the easiest to cash. Top of 234.1p per kilo and £103 per head for Texels from Carran.


Texel £103 Carran, £99.50 Old Wall, £97 Pennersaughs and Copperthorns, £96.50 High House, £95 Cardew Hall, Reagill Grange, Lanerton, Braehead and Rowan Cottage.

Suffolk £101 Hollows Mill, £93, £89 Cambeckhill, £89 Latterford, £88 Carsegowan and Eastside, £87 Upper Mains.

Hill Cheviot £98, £82 Sundhope, £80.50 Parcelstown, £80 Sundhope.

Bleu d’Maine £93 High Wreay, £70.50 Tarnside.

Zwartbles £88, £72 Holmlea.

Leicester £88 Albierigg.

Berrichon £86 Sceughdyke.

Beltex £85 Walton Highrigg.

Greyface £81 High Wreay, £80 Latterford, £72 Clonrae, £70 Waterloo, £68.50 Softley.

Charollais £80 Braithwaite Hall, £79.50 Knowe Farm, £73.50 Hallburn, £72 Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Oxford £71 Guards.

Half Bred £70 High Moat.

North Country Cheviot £68 Allanshaws.

Blackface £66 Bowershield, £58 Clonrae.

Swaledale £51 Softley.


Texel 234.1p Carran, 225p Glencartholm and Copperthorns, 221.1p Old Wall, 221p Cowcorse, 220p Copperthorns.

Beltex 223.3p Newington.

Hill Cheviot 210p Golden Lane, 209p Sundhope, 183p Parcelstown.

Suffolk 207p Cambeckhill and Cowcorse, 205p Carsegowan, 203p Falla and Clonrae, 198p Falla, 197p High Acres, High Wreay, Sundhope, Redgate Head and Newington.

Bleu d’Maine 207p High Wreay, 201p, 200p Tarnside.

Charollais 207p Porterstown, 205p Quarryfield, 204p Tarnside House, 199p Hallburn, 192p Porterstown.

Berrichon 200p Sceughdyke.

Greyface 200p, 196p, 188p Clonrae, 187p Pennyhill Park, 183p Whitbysteads.

Blackface 187p Clonrae, 183p Bowershield.

Herdwick 183p Cottage and Pennyhill Park.

Swaledale 176p Softley.

Oxford 173p Guards.

A much larger show of 5,058 cast ewes and rams were forward with all ewes seeing very little change on the week, with the exception for small lean hill ewes which were harder to cash.

Top of £155 for a Charollais ram from Deepford, £112 Golden Lane, £106 Stepend; Texel £148 Four o Boot, £140 Medomsley, £138 Catslackburn, £130 Lower Farm, £128 Deepford; Lleyn £118 Wick, £110 Deepford, £90 Hazelbank; Suffolk £100 Deepford; Rouge £110 Netherplace; Beltex £92 Waterloo; Easycare £80, £72 Kersheugh; Blackface £80 Happrew; Swaledale £72 Todhillwood; Leicester £65 Ringliggate, £62 Gall; Hill Cheviot £60 Bush of Ewes.

Heavy ewes to £135 for Texels from Riverhill, £130, £126 Four o Boot, £124 Waterside, £122 Peela Hill; Suffolk £119 Stepend, £108 Kilnford Croft, £107 Stepend, £106 Elveden, £102 Whins and High Wreay; North Country Cheviot £102 Bardnaclaven, £100, £93 High Moat, £92, £88 Philiphaugh; Charollais £102 Lower Farm, £99 Riverhill, £98 Lower Farm, £93 Stepend; Half Bred £96 Whins; Leicester £95 Clonrae and Riverhill, £90 High Crossgill, £88 Peela Hill, £84 Philiphaugh and Spoutbank; Greyface £89 Clea Hall, £88 Carrholme, £87 High Crossgill and Milnholm, £86 Challoch Mun and Kilnford Croft, £85 Sykehead and Elveden; Zwartbles £80 Four o Boot; Cheviot Mule £69 Copperthorns.

Hill ewes to £84 for Lleyn from Hazelbank; Kerry Hill £76 Hazelbank; Cheviot £74 Chapel, £72 Cowburn, £68 Wallend, £67 Glendearg, £65 Supplebank; Blackface £74 Peela Hill, £73 Chapel, £71 Syart, £70 Marygate, £67 Nirvana and Mossband House; Easycare £70 Medomsley, £67 Kersheugh; Swaledale £62 Todhillwood, £59 High Crossgill, £55 Cottage, £52 Whitbysteads, £46 Knarr Farm; Lonk £54 Bush of Ewes; Herdwick £37 Cottage, £35 Pennyhill Park


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 224.5p (187.5p)
Heavy to 180.5p (157.2p)

Light to 222.5p (222.5p)
Medium to 221.5p (199.8p)
Heavy to 217.5p (197.8p)

Young bulls 84.5p ( 77.5p)

Light to 223.3p (204.3p)
Standard to 225.0p (194.5p)
Medium to 234.0p (191.0p)
Heavy to 209.0p (188.1p)
Overweight 184.0p (165.6p)

Light to £84.00 (£43.17)
Heavy to £135.00 (£80.92)

Cast Rams £155.00 (£88.49)

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