Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 20 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 14 over thirty month cattle, 3,346 prime lambs and 5,908 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 7th August 2014.

A similar number of 20 prime cattle forward saw handy weight cattle sharper with the heavy cattle on a par to last weeks trade. Top price of 216.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by A & W J Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen.


Limousin 201.5p Houghton House, 194.5p Houghton House, 190.5p Sandbed, 188.5p Nether Onsett


Limousin 216.5p,211.5p, 208.5p Dashwellgreen, 196.5p Swaites, 192.5p Sandbed

Charolais 195.5p, 194.5p, 191.5p, 189.5p Upper Mains,


Limousin £1429 , £1299 Houghton House


Limousin £1179 Dashwellgreen, £1162 Sandbed. £1120 Dashwellgreen

Charolais £1250, £1216, £1153, £1147 Upper Mains


Limousin 175.5p Waterhead of Dryfe

Simmental 160.5p Waterhead of Dryfe

Friesian 146.5p Becton Hall


Limousin £939 Waterhead of Dryfe

Simmental £987 Waterhead of Dryfe

Friesian £967 Becton Hall

A mixed show of 14 cast cows met a firm trade and topped at 128.5p for a British Blue from W S Waugh, The Flatt.


Friesian 114.5p Harelawhole

British Blue 128.5p The Flatt, 114.5p Lea Hill

Shorthorn 123.5p Stell Green

Galloway 113.5p Stell Green


Friesian £824 Harelawhole

British Blue £824 Lea Hill, £797 Flatt

Galloway £760 Stell Green

The annual show and sale of Young handlers lambs was kindly sponsored by Farmers Guardian Ltd and ably judged by Mr. Chris Brodie who awarded the following prizes.

Alexandra Bouch, Pump Cottage winner of Longtown Mart Young Handlers Prime Lamb Show – with Steph Ryder from Farmers Guardian who sponsored the event and Chris Brodie the judge

Alexandra Bouch, Pump Cottage winner of Longtown Mart Young Handlers Prime Lamb Show – with Steph Ryder from Farmers Guardian who sponsored the event and Chris Brodie the judge

The Champion was awarded to a Beltex Lamb from Miss Alexandra Bouch scaling 43kg and realising £170 (395p) to Messrs Lennox, Wick Farm Meats,Colchester, Essex

Reserve Champion Lewis Little £126 39kg (323p) to M Lomax

Class 1 age up to 7 years

1st Lewis Little 39kg £126 to M Lomax;
2nd Molly Latimer 46kg £112 to A Lennox;
3rd Franchesca Vevers 37kg £80 to S. Stoddart;
4th Kris Byers 44kg £106 to S Hill;
5th Charlie Vevers 41kg £86 to A Dawson;
6th Issac Bouch 42kg £90 to S Hill;
7th Alex Batey 47kg £92 to A Lennox;
8th Sam Mitchinson 41kg £98 to A Dawson;
9th Jonathan Telford 42kg £86 to A Dawson;
10th Robbie Smith 49kg £98 to M Lomax.

Class 2 Age 8 to 11 years

1st Alexandra Bouch 43kg £170 to A Lennox;
2nd Ewan Simpson 41kg £100 to S Hill;
3rd Alex Byers 48kg £116 to M Lomax;
4th John Mitchinson 41kg £94 to M Lomax;
5th Matthew Sisson 43kg £96 To M Lomax;
6th Joseph Hutton 42kg £86 to S Stoddart;
7th Liam Dirom 41kg £88 to Dunbia;
8th Katie Routledge 34kg £78 to M Lomax;
9th Lee Mitchinson 42kg £94 to A Lennox;
10th Thomas Batey 46kg £89 to A Lennox.

Class 3 Age 12 to 16 years

1st Harry Bouch 37kg £90 to S. Stoddart;
2nd Joseph Bouch 47kg £100 to S. Hill;
3rd Logan Ewart 37kg £98 to S Stoddart;
4th Kayleigh Jardine 34kg £74 S. Hill;
5th John Wigham;
6th Liam Mason 39kg £84 to A. Dawson;
7th Louise Brough 43kg £90 to Dunbia

Longtown Young Farmers Club prize show and sale of prime lambs kindly sponsored by Tarff Valley Feeds and again judged by Mr. Chris Brodie.

Robert Carruthers, Glenzierfoot, winner of Champion Prime Lamb at Longtown Young Farmers Club Lamb Show with judge Chris Brodie

Robert Carruthers, Glenzierfoot, winner of Champion Prime Lamb at Longtown Young Farmers Club Lamb Show with judge Chris Brodie

Single Lamb

Champion Robert Carruthers scaling 46kg realising £110 to Master Charlie Tucker

Reserve Champion Rory Beard 39kg £86 to A. Dawson

Third place Richard Fox 41kg £96 to Charlie Tucker

Pair of Lambs

1st Richard Fox 42kg £102 to Charlie Tucker

2nd Robert Carruthers 40kg £88 to A. Dawson

3rd Rory Beard 36kg £84 to S. Stoddart

Best Dressed Lamb

1st Richard Priestly 40kg £90 to Charlie Tucker

2nd Richard Fox 41kg £96 to Charlie Tucker

3rd Paul Gardner 40kg £78 to S. Stoddart


A smaller show of 3,346 prime lambs were forward to a busy ring of buyers with new faces present. All classes of lambs sold better on the week, resulting in an average of 175p per kilo


Suffolk: £100 Alby Rigg, £90 Riddings Hill, £89 Barnglies; Cheviot: £64 New Hummberbecks, £57 Gateside; Texel £107 Kirkton, £104 Lower Farm, £102 Lowgate , £97 Fingland; Bleu de Maine: £80 Middle Farm, £72 Dormansteads; Charollais £92 Maryholm, £84 Chapel House, £81 Wester Parkgate, £79.50 Maryholm; Halfbreds £70 High Moat; Greyface £72 Albierigg, £70.50 Highwood, £68 Barsalloch, £66 Whiteside; Blackface £55 Bankend, £54 Clonrae; Swaledale £40 Softley; Beltex £92 High Greenhill; Lleyns £67 Guards, £64 Bridgend; Zwartbles £67 Rockcliffe Cross, £65 Parks Farm; Oxford £65 Guards; Dorset £60 New Hummerbecks; Kerry £74, £64.50 Gateside: Berrichon £76, £75 Sceughdyke


Suffolk 188p Riddings Hill, 185p New Hummerbecks, 178p Shawhill & Glencartholm; Cheviots 197p Gateside, 188p New Hummerbecks, 186p Cowcorse; Texel 215p Walton Wood Head, 214p Kirkton, 212p Lanerton; Bleu de Maine 189p Dormansteads, 186p Middle Farm; Charollais 191p Barend & Quarryfield, 190p Temple House; Halfbred 163p High Moat; Greyface 170p Barsallloch, 167p Meikle Barncleugh & Albierigg, 165p Whiteside; Blackface 174p Clonrae, 162p Bankend, 154p Catslackburn; Swaledale 143p Softley, Beltex 224p High Greenhill; Lleyns 178p Bridge End, 163p Guards; Zwartbles 167.5p Rockcliffe Cross, 167p Parks Farm; Oxford 155p Guards; Dorset 167p New Hummerbecks; Kerry 195.5p, 176p Gateside; Berrichon 174p, 173p Sceughdyke.

A very large show of 5,908 cast ewes and rams were forward to a busy ring of buyers, all keen for sheep from the off, with heavy ewes in great demand showing an increase of £6 to £8 on the week. Light ewes also showing a £3 rise, rams met extreme rates and many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage.

Cast rams sold to a top for Texels of £182, £180 Stepend, £140 Morningside; Suffolks £126 Deepford, £120 Hassendeanburn, £118 Sceughdyke; Cheviot £78 Upper Hindhope; Charollais £134 Deepford, £126, £122 Highgate; Leicester £100 Drumlane; Blackface £92 Newton Cottage, £69 Drumlane & Upper Hindhope; North Country Cheviot £124 Dunnabie, £108 Newton, £100 Deepford; Herdwick £78 Cowcorse; Beltex £96 Sorbie; Lleyns £118 Stepend, £116 Deepford; Zwartbles £80 Newton Cottage; Dorset £88 Riggshield.

Heavy ewes Texels £136, £129 Stepend, £128 Becks, £124 Kirkton, Orton & Haithwaite; Bleu de Maines £100 Drumlane, £90 Low Lonning; Charollais £128, £114, £112 Stepend, £108 Wester Parkgate & Lower Farm, £102 High Grenofen, £100 Barend; Greyface £109 Loughs, £97 Low Carryhouse, £88 Rigg House; Cheviot Mules £89 Balgray Hill, £86 Gateside, £81 Haithwaite; Leicesters £120 Kilnstown, £102 Sanders Close & Highside, £100 Low Carryhouse & Stubsgill; North Country Cheviot £101 Bardnaclaven, £97, £91Adderston Shiels, £89 Riverhill; Beltex £98 Orton, £80 Nether Albie, £74 Newton Cottage; Zwartbles £88 Riverhill, £82 Old Rectory; Dorset £82 High Grenofen Flatt; Wensleydale £95 Gateside.

Hill ewes Cheviot £87 Tarrasfoot, £82 Cowburn, £78 Kirkton; Blackface £73 Points, £72 Low Carryhouse, £71 Sorbie & Haliburton, £70 Whiteside & Ringlingate Cottage; Swaledale £57 Sanders Close, £55 Stubsgill, £54 Kilnstown & East Unthank, £52 Highside & The Bog; Herdwicks £54 Ross Farm; Jacobs £52 Barend, £50 Old Rectory; Lleyns £85, £80 Westerhouses, £75 Drumlane.


Light to 174.5p (174.0p)
Medium to 201.5p (190.6p)
Heavy to 194.5p (190.0p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 216.5p (200.9p)
Heavy to 208.5p (192.7p)

Young bulls 175.5p (159.8p)

Light to 283.0p (173.6p)
Standard to 323.0p (178.6p)
Medium to 395.0p (174.8p)
Heavy to 243.0p (172.3p)
Overweight 191.0p (176.3p)

Light to £87.00 (£45.60)
Heavy to £136.00 (£82.32)

Cast Rams £182.00 (£96.75)

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