Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 16 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 24 over thirty month cattle, 7,364 prime lambs and 4,501 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 20th November 2014.

A small entry of prime cattle saw best quality sharper on the week and more numbers required. Top price was 231.5p for a Limousin heifer sold by W & W Faulder, Houghton House.



Bluegrey 182.5p Stell Green


Limousin 231.5p Houghton House, 218.5p, 210.5p Hallburn, 208.5p, 206.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage

Charolais 216.5p Houghton House, 211.5p Hallburn



Bluegrey £1,056 Stell Green


Limousin £1,342.70 Houghton House, £1,189, £1158 Hallburn

Charolais £1,320 Houghton House, £1,311 Hallburn

Well fleshed cows selling to late rates and plainer sorts still harder to cash. Top price to 137.5p for a Galloway shown by J Robertson & Son, Becks Farm.


Limousin 125.5p Harelawhill & Greystoke Castle, 121.5p Englishtown, 119.5p Greystoke Castle, 116.5p Englishtown.

Black & White 119.5p The Stubb

Angus 134.5p, 112.5p Synton Park Head, 111.5p Harelaw Hill

Galloway 137.5p, 90.5p Becks Farm


Limousin £1,002 Englishtown, £908, £903 Greystoke Castle, £885 Englishtown, £865 Harelawhill

Black & White £866 The Stubb

Angus £1,035 Synton Park Head, £880 Harelawhill, £849 Synton Park Head

Galloway £825 Becks Farm

Another very large show of 7,364 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers, the sale averaged 178p with an SQQ of 181p. Export weight lambs dearer on the week and short of requirements. Heavyweight lambs similar, but 44 – 48kg lambs a few pence easier, especially if they weren’t well fleshed. Lightweight lambs continued to sell at recent high rates. Top price per kilo was 244p for Texels from West Meiklethwaite and to £110 also for Texels from Sykehead


Texel £110 Sykehead, £106 Sowerby Wood, £104 Little Burtholme & Knock, £99 Kirkton.

Beltex £109 Millview, £100 Westhills, £95 Wham Head, £84 Chapel & Fenton

Suffolk £103 Kilnfordcroft, £100 Chapel & Cumcrook, £99 Kilnfordcroft, £97 Slealands, £96 Kilnfordcroft.

North Country Cheviot £80 Whitstonehill, £77 Tarrasfoot, £76 Knock, £75 Swaites, Smiddyquoy & Tarrasfoot..

Cheviot Mule £81 Wham Head, £71 Balure

Charollais £93 Sowerby Wood, £92.50 Broadlea Cottage, £89.50 Tinnis Hall, £84.50 Elveden, £84 Broadlea Cottage & Whitstonehill

Greyface £84 Gallowberry, £79 Wiston Place, £77.50 Nunscleugh,. £77 Park House, Hollands, Barnglieshead & Newbiggin

Half Bred £79.50 High Moat, £76 High House

Leicester £70 Stell Green

Lleyn £80 Whitcastle, £77 Dalmakethar, £75 Whiteclose

Hill Cheviot £80 Byreburnside, £77 Newton Cottage, £73 Supplebank, £71 Gibbs Hill & Carlenrigg

Oxford £64 Guards

Blackface £78 Wanwood Hill, £74 Cramlat, £72 Brennanlea, £70 Wanwood Hill, Mill View, Gibbalston, Milnmark, Kilchamaig & Brennanlea

Shetland £50 Knock

Swaledale £72 Hollands, £70 Newbiggin, £68 Sykehad, £64 Gibbs Hill

Herdwick £60 Auchentaggart

Badgerface £60 Mossband House

Kendal Rough £55 Churchview

Zwartbles £80 Knock, £70 Westhills

Hampshire £79 Shankfieldhead

Easycare £75 Blackhaugh

Dorper £80 South Port O Spittal

Berrichon £78 Sceughdyke


Texel 244p West Meiklethwaite, 232p Mossband House, 230p Gallowberry, 222p High Greenhill

Beltex 237p Mill View, 227p Westhills, 218p Castlesod

Hill Cheviot 220p Newton Cottage, 190p High House, 186p Chapel, Byreburnside & Auchentaggart.184p High House

Suffolk 193p Nether Stenries, 190p Keith Farm, 189p Wiston Place & Cumcrook, 188p Keith Farm & Cumcrook

Blackface 181p Chapel, 180p Kilchamaig, 179p Kirkhill, Gibbalston & Milnmark, 177p Brennanlea

Charollais 200p Broadlea Cottage, 198p Butterdales, 191p Broadlea Cottage, 185p Newbiggin & Brackenthwaite.

North Country Cheviot 1182p Whitstonehill, 180p Balure, 179p High House, 178 Smiddyquoy

Greyface 188p Wiston Place, 185p Howburn, 182p Arnicle, 181p Gibbs Hill & Auchaleek

Lleyn 174p Whiteclose, 167p Dalmakethar

Shetland 152p Newington

Cheviot Mule 178p Balure, 169p Wham Head

Oxford 168p Guards.

Leicester 156p Stell Green

Badgerface 176p Mossband House

Zwartbles 160p Knock, 158p Keith, 156p Westhills

Hampshire 165p Shankfieldhead

Easycare 163p Blackhaugh

Dorper 160p South Port O Spittal

Berrichon 173p Sceughdyke

Halfbred 169p High House

Swaledale 173p Bateyshield, 171p Hollands, 162p Sykehead

Herdwick 162p Mill View

The cast ewes and rams met a very dear trade being £4 to £5 dearer on the week, especially for larger heavy ewes which were very short of buyers requirements. Top was £142 for a Leicester ram from Pitland Hills, with ewes to £140 for Texels from West Watten.

Heavy ewes

Texel £140 West Watten, £136 Akeld Steads, £135 Luce Mains, £133 Byreburnside

Beltex £78 Newton Cottage

Suffolk £112 Shielsknowe, £104 Akeld Steads, Gilston & Tritlington Hall, £102 High House, £100 Townhead

North Country Cheviot £103 Old Hall, £102 Knock, £98 Levack, £97 Dalmakethar, Sornfallow, Supple Bank & Sibster Burn

Leicester £94 Kilkeddan, £88 Newbiggin, £80 Shielsknowe & Greenbank, £78 Shielsknowe & Nunscleugh, £74 Borthwick Brae

Greyface £89 Akeld Steads, £88 High House, £86 East Skeroblin & Sornfallow, £85 Wedderlie

Cheviot Mule £88 Gilston & Granton, £84 Tarrasfoot & Gilston, £77 Granton, £74 Akeld Steads

Half Bred £90, £86 High House

Zwartbles £82 Old Walls

Oxford £89 Guards

Charollais £87, £85 South Port O Spittal

Hill ewes

Blackface £75 Wyliehole, £74 Boreland & East Skeroblin, £72 Pitland Hills, £68 Toftingall, £66 Pitland Hills & Hazelside.

Cheviot £78 Byreburnside, £68 Granton, £66 Burnside, £63 Knock, £60 Granton, £59 Wham Head

Swaledale £66 Hollinclose, £58 Temple House, £57 Hollinclose, £56 Bayldon, £54 Woodhouse & Gallowberry

Lleyn £74 Guards, £67 Gateside, £65 Sharplaw, £64 Gateside

Easycare £58 Mossfennan

Shetland £44 South Port o Spittal, £35 Knock

Herdwick £40 Butterdales, £36 Mossband House

Hebrideen £41 Woodside

Dorper £73 South Port O Spittal


Texel £132 Gallowberry, £122 Mill View, £114 Sharplaw, £112 Sharplaw, £110 Whitcastles

Leicester £142 Pitland Hills, £116 Newton Cottage

Beltex £100 Greenbank

Zwartbles £70 Westhills

Suffolk £116 Blackhaugh, £112 Boreland, £110 Boreland, £84 Tarrasfoot

Lleyn £88 Castle Creavie

Blackface £84 Chapel, £58 Hardridge

Swaledale £36 Tarnside House

Easycare £80 Blackhaugh

North Country Cheviot £110 Blackhaugh, £106 Castle of Mey

Jacob £64 Ringlinggate

Herdwick £78 Ashley Park

Hampshire £140 Boreland

Kerry £60 Gateside

Hebrideen £47 Woodside

Goat £85 Westhills, £68, £60 Tarnside House.


Light to 182.5p (176.7p)
Medium to 182.5p (180.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 208.5p (208.5p)
Medium to 231.5p (217.0p)
Heavy to 216.5p (214.0p)

Young bulls -------p (-------p)

Light to 219.0p (174.0p)
Standard to 244.0p (180.7p)
Medium to 230.0p (181.9p)
Heavy to 237.0p (171.5p)
Overweight 200.0p (168.0p)

Light to £78.00 (£45.09)
Heavy to £140.00 (£74.99)

Cast Rams £142.00 (£85.60)

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