Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 42 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 31 over thirty month cattle, 6,423 prime lambs and 3,377 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 4th December 2014.

At the annual Christmas show and sale there was a good entry of 23 cattle put forward to the judge Mr. J. Craig, Ballard Butchers, 152 King Street, Castle Douglas.  After close inspection of each animal Mr. Craig awarded the championship ticket to a Limousin heifer jointly owned and shown by Kilnstown Farms Ltd & E Telfer & Son Newton High House which later went on to make 375p/kilo (£2043.75) and was purchased by the judge.

The reserve championship and the cup for the best British breed went to the same animal, a Galloway bullock which was jointly shown by Kilnstown Farms Ltd & H Watson, High Stobhill Farm and later realised 360p per kilo (£1656) and purchased by Whitepeak Farm Butchers Ltd, The Old Slaughter House, Derbyshire.

We would like to thank the sponsors Jobson Animal Health for their generosity and the judge Mr. Craig.  A special thank you to all the vendors that support us not just this week but everyother week of the year aswell.

The championship ticket went to a Limousin heifer jointly owned and shown by Kilnstown Farms Ltd & E Telfer & Son Newton High House.
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    The championship ticket went to a Limousin heifer jointly owned and shown by Kilnstown Farms Ltd & E Telfer & Son Newton High House.
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    The championship was awarded to Beltex lambs from Messrs Lines, Killocraw, Bellochantuy, Campbelltown.
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Photos by Robert Smith Photography


Limousin bullock  1st DJ Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage

Any Other Continental Bullock:  1st D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh, 2nd P Armstrong, High Moat

Any British Bullock 1st H Watson, High Stobhill Farm, 2nd A Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill

Any British Heifer  1st & 2nd  A Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill

Limousin Heifer   1st  Kilnstown Farm Ltd, 2nd N Calvert & Son, Greensburn

Charolais Heifer  1st  J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn,  2nd  Messrs JW Vevers, High Stenries.



Limousin 230.5p Faulding Cleugh, 229.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage,224.5p Faulding Cleugh,  223.5p. 219.5p, 205.5p Houghton House, 199.5p Bleatarn & Eastfield of Wiston

Galloway  360p High Stobhill Farm, 212.5p, 211.5p Peela Hill, 187.5p Spout Bank, 185.5p Barron House


Limousin 375p Kilstown Farm, 229.5p Hallburn, 227.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 225.5p Hallburn, 221.5p Greensburn & Houghton House

Charolais 231.5p Hallburn, 218.5p High Stenries, 209.5p, 208.5p Sceughdyke

Galloway  203.5p Peela Hill, 199.5p Shankfieldhead



Limousin £1526, £1486 Faulding Cleugh

British Blue £1475 Faulding Cleugh

Galloway £1656 High Stobhill Farm, £1168, £1110 Peela Hill


Charolais  £1420 High Stenries, £1331 Hallburn, £1298, £1292 Sceughdyke-

Limousin £2043 Kilnstown, £1329 Houghton House,  £1285 Hallburn, £1262 Greensburn & Hallburn, £1216 Hallburn

Young bulls sold to 159.5p for Friesian from Becton Hall, which was £1084.

A much improved show of cast cows resulted in good beef cows easy to sell.  Top price 191.5p for a Limousin steer sold by Messrs. Ritson, Swaites. Simmental cows to 177.5p from B. Storey, New Hummerbecks.

PRINCIPAL PRICES (PER KILO)                                                                         

Simmental 177.5p New Hummerbecks

Limousin 191.5p Swaites, 159.5p Dinley, 154.4p Sceughdyke, 125.5p Dinley, 123.5p New Hummerbecks & Borthwick Brae

British Blue  129.5p Englishtown

Shorthorn  161.5p Stell Green, 157.5p, 111.5p Minsca, 110.5p Potholm

Angus  125.5p Glendearg, 124.5p Borthwick Brae, 122.5p Glendearg, 113.5p Borthwick Brae

Luing 115.5p Glendearg


Simmental £994 New Hummerbecks

Shorthorn £1047 Minsca

Angus £859, £857 Glendearg

Limousin £1244 Swaites, £1127 Sceughdyke, £893, £891 Dinley, £852 New Hummerbecks

Today saw Longtown Market have another excellent show of 6,423 prime lambs forward to a full ring of buyers all busy for sheep and many more could have been sold to advantage.  The sale averaged a tremendous 201.4p/kg (205.6p SQQ)

Included today was the annual Christmas show and sale kindly sponsored by Jobsons Animal Health.

A large turnout of 50 pens of 10 lambs in 10 different categories were presented to judge Billy MacTaggart of MacTaggart Bros, Kirkcudbrightshire.  A great show of quality lambs eventually saw the championship awarded to Messrs Lines, Killocraw, Bellochantuy, Campbelltown which scaled 37kg and realised £135 to Bowood Lamb, Thirsk.  The reserve championship was awarded to the Texel champions from Messrs. Oliver, Waltonwoodhead which scaled at 43kg and realised £126 also to Bowood Lamb.

Prize winners as follows:-

Texel lambs 1st Walton Woodhead 43kg £126 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd High Stenries 42kg £104 to RF Staveley

Beltex lambs 1st Killowcraw 37kg £135 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd Walton Woodhead 41kg £130 to S Stoddart

Other Cont. Lambs 1st Kedzlie Farms 41kg, £90 to S. Stoddart, 2nd Miller Hill 44kg  £90 to Bowood Lamb

Suffolk x Lambs 1st Sceughdyke 44kg £92 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd Connonbrae Farms 47kg £98 to Bowood Lamb

North of England lambs 1st Spoutbank 47kg £85 RF Staveley, 2nd Spoutbank 45kg £86 M Lomax

Scotch Mule Lambs 1st Boreland 47kg £97 Bowood lambs, 2nd Lawston 48kg £97 to M Lomax

North Country Cheviot Lambs 1st Carruthers 48kg £105 to Bowood Lamb, 2nd Kirkland Green 43kg £85 to Bowood Lamb.

South Cheviot Lambs 1st Sorbie 43kg £86 to M Lomax, 2nd Catslackburn 43kg £86 to G Fleming

Blackface lambs 1st Syart 42kg £87 to A Dawson, 2nd Sorbie 45kg £88 M Lomax

Swaledale lambs 1st Coldshield 39kg £74 to M Lomax

Outwith the prize winners, other pens of ten show lambs sold to £144 for Beltex from West Meiklethwaite, £138 Upper Duddlewick, £134 Sorbie, £130 Waltonwoodhead.


Beltex 369.2p West Meiklethwaite, 365p Killocraw, 354p Upper Duddlewick, 321p Upper Duddlewick, 319p Sorbie, 317p Waterside & Waltonwoodhead, 277p Sorbie, 249p Nether Albie, 244p High Stenries

Texel 293p Waltonwoodhead, 248p High Stenries, 244p Killowcraw

Outwith the 500 show lambs the other 5,923 lambs sold to a top of £109 for Texels from High Parkfoot and for Charollais from Streethead.  Top price per kilo outwith the show was 300p for Beltex from Upper Duddlewick.


Beltex 300p Upper Duddlewick, 272p Kilnhill, 270p Low Fauld, 256p Low Fauld, 254p Sorbie, 250p, 243p Low Fauld, 237p Walton High Rigg.

Lleyn 200p The Height, 195p Whiteclose

Oxford 200p Guards

Swaledale 190p Coldshield

Suffolk 214.6p Kedzlie, 213p Catslackburn, 212p High Wreay, 211p Kildalloig, 209p Clythe Mains, Ashley Park & Sceughdyke, 208.5p Conon Brae, 208p Parkhill & Branxholm Brae

Cheviot 209p Solway Bank, 207p Allfornaught, 206p Amod & Upper Dounreay, 205p Baraskomel, 202p Glendearg, 200p Catslackburn & Sorbie

Texel 240p Oakwood, 233p Kedzlie, 231p Station Yard, 230p Windyhill, 227p Miller Hill & High Parkfoot, 226p Station Yard & Uppercleugh.

Charollais  216p Jenkinstown, 212p Uppercleugh, 210p Fenton & Brackenthwaite, 207p Archerbeck, 206p Fenton, 205p Fenton, Broomhouse & Cleongart

Halfbred  198p Adderston Shiels

Greyface 206p Boreland, 205p Kirkhouse, 204p Howahill, 202p Lawston & Knockreoch, 201.9p Streethead, 200p Lawston, Nether Gribton & Lawston

Cheviot Mule 203p Solwaybank & Riggheads, 201p Parkhill

Blackface 217p Westloch, 211p Coulinlongart, 207p Syart, 206p Milnmark

North Country Cheviot 219p Carruthers, 210p Dod, 209.8p Westloch, 200p Auchentaggart & Adderson Shiels, 198p Kirkland Green


Suffolk £104 Sceughdyke, £103 Howden, £102 Cowburnrigg & Kersknowe, £101 Cowburnrigg

Cheviot  £93 Allfornaught, £91 Roughet Hill, £90 Solway Bank, £86 Sorbie & Catslackburn

Texel £126 Waltonwoodhead, £109 High Parkfoot, £106 Miller Hill & Arnicle, £104 Auchengray

Charollais £98 New Hall & Broomhouse, £97 Tinnishall, £92 Station Yard

Halfbred £93 Glendearg, £85 Adderston Shiels, £84.50 Glendearg

Greyface £109 Streethead, £99 Nunscleugh, £98 Moy Holding, £97 Lawston & Boreland

Cheviot Mule £95.50, £89.50 Riggheads, £81 Solway Bank

Leicester £86 Greensburn, £85 Kildalloig

Blackface £93 Boreland, £91 Westloch, £88 Sorbie, £87 Syart, £86 Uppercleugh

North Country Cheviot £105, £100 Carruthers, £94 Smiddyquoy, £90 Adderston Shiels

Swaledale £76 East Unthank, £74 Coldshield

Jacob  £71 Rhoin

Beltex £144 West Meiklethwaite, £138 Upper Duddlewick, £135 Killocraw, £134 Sorbie

Lleyn £82 Whiteclose, £79 The Height

Zwartbles £86.50 Barfil

Oxford £74 Newlands

Easycare £80.50, £76 Cleongart,


Suffolk £74.50 New Hummerbecks, £74 Kildalloig

Cheviot £72 Upper Dounreay, £69 Catslackburn, £65.50 Baraskomel

Texel £78 Ashley park, £74 Burn Bank & Upper Duddlewick, £72 Eastfield Of Wiston

Greyface £73.50 Howahill, £69 Kirkhouse

Cheviot Mule £72.50 Parkhill

Blackface £70.50 Syart, £70 Knockreoch, £69.50 Coulinlongart, £65 Redburn View

North Country Cheviot £64 Auchentaggart

Swaledale £60 Hesleywell.


A smaller show of 3,377 cast ewes and rams was forward to a full ring of buyers all ken for sheep.  Ewes were short of requirements across the board and don’t look like being in any surplus numbers for a while.  The sale average would be £4-£5 up on the week.  The sale was topped at £138 for Texel ewes from Bascodykefoot.


Texel  £138 Bascodykefoot,  £136 Bascodykefoot & Roundmeadows, £134 Bascodykefoot, £132 Bardnaclaven

Suffolk  £124 Ringliggate, £120 Lochside, £116 Bardnaclaven, £114 Riverhill, £113 Shoestanes, £112 Newton & Shoestanes, £110 Riverhill & Stepend

Charollais £132 Riverhill, £128 Stepend, £108 Woodhouse

Greyface  £100 Jerriestown, £93 Waterside, £91 Low House, £91 Monk Farm, £89 Jerriestown & Trailtrow

Cheviot Mule £96 Priesthaugh, £93 Relief, £90 Hilliclay Mains

Leicester £90 Gapshield, £86 Falside Hill

North Country Cheviot £101 Falside Hill, £98 Brae Edge, £90 Riverhill, & Graystale

Beltex £98 Millrigg, £92 Plean

Lleyn £82 The Height, £76 Riverhill, £74 The Height

Zwartbles £82 Maryside, £82 Tresdale

Easycare £76 Dowlaw, £73 Godscroft

Roussin £73 Debog


Blackface £80 Debog, £78 Kersknowe, £77 Baraskomel, £76 Graystale

Swaledale £63 Round Meadows, £62 Hesleywell, £59 Broomhouse, £58 Bayldon

Herdwick £58 Farlam Hill

Shetland £50 Tresdale


Suffolk £112 Stepend, £95 Morley Hill & Riverhill

Cheviot £90 Branxholm Braes, £88 Buchtrig

Texel £128 Waltonhighrigg, £126 Camieston, £118 Riverhill, £116 Stonehall

Charollais £100 Hunderlee, £96 New Hummerbecks, £93 Stepend,

Leicester £128 Gapshield, £122 Morley Hill

Blackface £60 Riverhill

North Country Cheviot £112 Swanson, £98 Smiddyquoy, £86 Kintradwell

Swaledale £60 Ottercops

Beltex £105 Low Fauld, £98 Stepends

Lleyn £84 Kedzlie, £80 Stepends

Zwartbles  £80 Stepends

Shetland  £50 Dowlaw


Light to 360.0p (220.8p)
Medium to 230.5p (205.7p)
Heavy to 224.5p (203.6p)

Light to 227.5p (225.1p)
Medium to 375.0p (239.1p)
Heavy to 221.5p (214.5p)

Young bulls to 159.5p (152.3p)

Light to 300.0p (196.5p)
Standard to 369.2p (208.5p)
Medium to 321.0p (205.4p)
Heavy to 226.0p (195.3p)
Overweight 201.9p (180.6p)

Light to £80.00 (£53.39)
Heavy to £138.00 (£83.71)

Cast Rams to £128.00 (£82.42)

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