Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 21 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 14 over thirty month cattle, 8,005 prime lambs and 4,529 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 11th December 2014.

A small mixed show of prime cattle with quality selling well. The sale was topped at 237.5p for a Limousin heifer sold by A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, others to 226.5p from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn.



Limousin 237.5p Dashwellgreen, 223.5p Houghton House, 220.5p Hallburn, 207.5p Dashwellgreen, 206.5p, 198.5p, 193.5p Hallees.

Charolais 209.5p, 207.5p Hallburn.


Limousin 226.5p Hallburn.

Charolais 204.5p Houghton House.

British Blue 194.5p Plumpe Farm.



Limousin £1,455, £1,325, £1,290 Hallees, £1,256 Hallburn, £1,246 Dashwellgreen, £1,218 Houghton House.

Charolais £1,204, £1,203 Hallburn.


Limousin £1,370 Hallburn.

Charolais £1,227 Houghton House.

Not so many OTM cattle but big fit cows forward with all classes selling to similar rates. Top price to 155.5p for a Montbeliarde shown by J.G. Vevers, Peterscrook.


Montbeliarde 155.5p Petercrook.

Limousin 117.5p, 115.5p Wanwood Hill.

British Blue 110.5p Wanwood Hill.


Montbeliarde £1,026 Petercrook.

Limousin £834, £802 Wanwood Hill.

British Blue £861, £812 Wanwood Hill.

A tremendous show of 8,005 prime lambs forward to a full ring of buyers all busy for sheep. Export weight and light weight lambs remain very easily sold with 50 kilo plus lambs also in demand. 44-48 kilos would be the weight range to ease most on the week. The sale averaged 185.3p/kg (SQQ 188.4p)


Texel 257p West Meiklethwaite, 250p Ericstane, 231p Kirk House, 229p Broomhills, 228p, 225p Ericstane, 224p West Meiklethwaite.

Beltex 240p Sorbie, 230p Low Fauld, 226p Crawthat, 225p Sorbie, 218p Low Fauld.

Hill Cheviot 200p Catslackburn, 198p Pirntaton, 197p High Crubasdale and Pirntaton, 195p Greenburn and Catslackburn, 194p Damhead.

Suffolk 199p North House, 198p Torgorm and Taldale, 195p Glencartholm, 194p Kirkland and Nether Stenries, 192p Kilnford Croft, Glenehervie and High Floweryhirst.

Blackface 197p Mossband House and Draniegower, 195p Sorbie, 194p Craig Douglas, 193p Catslackburn, 191p Gibblaston and Mill View.

Greyface 194p, 185p Whinneyknowe, 183p Hudspeth, Drimsynie and Whinneyknowe, 182.5p Sandilands, 182p Cowburnrigg, Midtodhills and Brydekirk Mains.

Charollais 193p Staffler, 191p Solwaybank, 188p Gilston and West Montgarswood, 187p Newtown, 186p Streethead and Chapel House.

Cheviot Mule 189p Solwaybank, 186p Springwells, 182p Prior Rigg, 179p Skelfhill, 176p Taldale.

Jacob 184p, 169p Hudspeth.

North Country Cheviot 189p Olrig Mains, 187p Bardnaclaven, 185p Carruthers, 183p Taldale, 182p Wester Dunnet.

Badger Face 188p Mossband House.

Swaledale 181p Milescott, 177p Pry Hill, 171p Newbiggin, 164p Batey Shield, 163p Ravenwood Cottage.

Berrichon 180p, 178p Sceughdyke.

Shetland 176p Nether Stenries, 167p West Hottbank.

Dorset 175p Ringliggate.

Easycare 170p Tinnis Hall.

Lleyn 165p Chipknowe.

Half Bred 164p High Moat.

Leicester 156p Gibblaston.


Texel £120 Kirkton and Old Wall, £118 Crumhaughhill, £116 Kirkton and Middle Farm, £114 Crumhaughhill and Kirkton, £111 Compstone End.

Suffolk £114 Kilnford Croft, £98 Tone Hall, £96 Kilnford Croft and Walton High Rigg, £95.50 Demesne, £95 Howden.

Beltex £100 Hollands, £96 Randalholme, £95 Crawthat, £90 Sorbie, Hollands and Low Fauld, £85 Low Fauld.

North Country Cheviot £96, £92 Carruthers, £88.50, £80 Whiteknowe, £80 Wester Dunnet and Marchbank, £77 Taldale.

Charollais £95, £90, £89 Tinnis Hall, £86 Newtown, £85 Chapel House.

Greyface £88.50 Stubsgill, £87 Gibblaston and Spoutbank, £84 Brampton Fell, £83 Minsca, £82.50 Stubsgill.

Cheviot Mule £87.50 Springwells, £84 Gilston, £75.50 Solwaybank, £75 Gilston, £74.50 Kirkbride.

Hill Cheviot £87 Skelfhill, £84 Carruthers, £80 Skelfhill, £79.50 Catslackburn and Sorbie, £76 Byers Farm.

Half Bred £85.50 High Moat.

Berrichon £84.50, £82 Sceughdyke.

Blackface £84 Cowburnrigg, £80 Sorbie and Cowburnrigg, £79 Prospect House, £77.50 Streethead, £77 Sorbie.

Easycare £80 Tinnis Hall.

Lleyn £79 Chipknowe.

Zwartbles £79 Mossband House.

Leicester £75 Randalholme, £70 Gibblaston.

Dorset £70 Ringliggate.

Swaledale £65 Ravenwood Cottage and Newbiggin, £63 Peasemyres, £59 Batey Shield, £58.50 Pry Hill, £56 Milescott.

Badger Face £60 Mossband House.

Jacob £59 Hudspeth.

Shetland £55 West Hottbank.

A larger show of 4,529 cast ewes and rams were forward to a full ring of buyers all keen for sheep. Ewes remain short of requirements across the board and don’t look like being in any surplus numbers for a while. The sale average would be £7-£8 up on the week. The sale was topped at £178 for Texel ewes from J. & C. Hastings, Kilncroft.


Texel £178, £148 Kilncroft (Hastings), £144 Stepend, £142, £140 Hastings, £138 Riddle Cottage.

Suffolk £128 Lynegar, £120 Taldale, Thorns and Stepend, £118 Stepend, £115 Upper Mains, Haithwaite and Riverhill, £113 Haithwaite.

Beltex £124 Winterhope, £100 The Firs, £80 Swinside Townfoot.

Charollais £122, £118 Stepend, £108 Lower Farm, £98 Stepend.

North Country Cheviot £114 Ericstane, £110 Haithwaite and Scrabster, £108 Haithwaite, £106 Ericstane, £99 Tain Olrig and Sowerby Wood.

Cheviot Mule £113 Haltree, £100 Tordale, £98 Haithwaite, £96 West Nubbock and Barnglies.

Leicester £103 The Side, £100 West Nubbock, £80 Swinside Townfoot.

Greyface £101 Fountainhall, £100 West Nubbock, £99, £97 Haithwaite, £96 Rottington Hall, £94 West Nubbock, Nether Stenries and Haithwaite.

Half Bred £87 Haltree, £79 Graystale, £69 Ringliggate.

Masham £84 Sowerby Wood.

Berrichon £80 Pennant.

Zwartbles £80 Howtel, £70 Broomhills.


Blackface £84 West Nubbock, £80 Largie, £79 The Side, £76 Woodhall, £75 Graystale.

Cheviot £83 Golden Lane, £80 Largie, £76 Allfornaught, Catslackburn and Gillesbie, £74 Cara View and Nether Stenries, £73 Keith.

Lleyn £75 Gatehousecote.

Swaledale £75 West Nubbock, £69 Todhillwood, £68 Denton Mains, £67 Farnbury and Reaygarth, £65 Knarr Farm.

Easycare £71 Blackhaugh, £60 Hillcrest, £57 Blackhaugh.

Jacob £60 Romanway, £55 Howard House.

Herdwick £57 Farlam Hill.


Texel £155 Holmbrig, £152 Winterhope, £151 Riverhill, £150 Fountainhall, £146 Stepend, £144 Crumhaughhill.

Lleyn £144 Haithwaite.

Charollais £142, £132 Keith, £104 Stepend, £100, £98 Lower Farm.

Leicester £138 Knarr Farm, £134 Gapshield, £126 Woodhall, £116 Stobswood and Swinside Townfoot, £112 Greenburn.

Suffolk £136 Tone Hall, £130 Stepend, £124 Riverhill, £115 Haltree, £110 Stobswood.

North Country Cheviot £126 Haltree and Swinside Townfoot, £118 Damside, £108 Ericstane.

Border Leicester £121 Haltree.

Blackface £104 West Nubbock, £82 Woodhall.

Cheviot £83 Hyndhope, £82 Linhope, £73 Skelfhill.

Swaledale £82 Randalholme, £76 Gapshield, £62 Minsca.

Wensleydale £72 Romanway.

Shetland £50 Dowlaw


Light to 174.5p (174.5p)
Medium to 198.5p (198.5p)
Heavy to 206.5p (200.1p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 237.5p (204.0p)
Heavy to 226.5p (173.2p)

Light to 198.0p (181.3p)
Standard to 240.0p (189.0p)
Medium to 257.0p (189.1p)
Heavy to 219.0p (180.7p)
Overweight 204.0p (173.8p)

Light to £84.00 (£59.00)
Heavy to £178.00 (£92.77)
Cast Rams £155.00 (£104.45)

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