Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 25 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 21 OTM cattle, 4,760 prime hoggs and 3,432 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th February 2015.

A larger show of 48 cattle, comprising 25 clean cattle, 21 OTM and 2 feeding bulls were forward.

OTM cattle were a marvellous trade, very competitive with other local centres, many more could have been sold. The clean cattle were presented to a full ringside of buyers with heifers especially good to sell. Top price per kilo and per head if the heifer section was a Limousin from A.E. Fawkes & Son, Welton Farm at 233.5p, £1,494.40, followed by another heifer at 231.5p, £1,389 from the same home. Other leading heifer prices 231.5p, £1,284 W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House (Lim); 225.5p, £1,217.70 Messrs J.W. Vevers (Char); 224.5p, £1,234.75 D.J. Garthwaite (Lim); Messrs J.W. Vevers 215.5p £1303.78 (BB); 199.5p M. Tattersall (Char); 189.5p, £1,061.20 Messrs Rutherford (Angus).

Top price per kilo in the steer section was a Limousin at 229.5p from D.J. Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill, followed by 220.5p for a Limousin from W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House. Other leading prices per kilo steers:- 217.5p, 213.5p, 211.5p D. & E. Lockhart (Lim & BB); 211.5p D. & Y. Wilson (Char); 211.5p D. Rutherford (Lim); 208.5p, 206.5p W.H. & M. Sisson (Lim); 201.5p, 197.5p P. Armstrong (Sim). Leading prices per head steers:- £1,537.20, £1,500.15, £1,480.50 D. & E. Lockhart; £1,501.20, £1,445.50 W.H. & M. Sisson (Lim); £1,477.35 W. & W. Faulder (Lim); £1,289, £1,283.75 P. Armstrong; £1,279, £1,248 Messrs Rutherford; £1,270, £1,230, £1,226 D. & Y. Wilson (BB & Char).

Feeding bulls to 210.5p, £1,484 J.P. Lee & Son; 144.5p, £924.80 A. Murray (Gall).

OTM cattle leading prices:- 188.5p G. & A. Scott (Lim); 161.5p D. & Y. Wilson (Char); 141.5p (Sim), 133.5p (Lim), 115.5p (Angus) R. & H. Braid; 139.5p, 118.5p J.P. Lee & Son (Lim); 138.5p Kirkhill Farms (Lim); 129.5p Messrs Rutherford (Lim); 125.5p P.J. & L. Dixon (Lim); 118.5p J.G. Vevers (Lim). Black & Whites to 120.5p T.B. Imrie.

Another similar show of 4,760 prime hoggs were forward to the usual ring of buyers all keen for sheep again. All classes of hoggs were sharper on the week and many more hoggs could have been sold to advantage. Lightweight hoggs also sold well and short of requirements. The sale averaged 200.3p/kg (SQQ 202.1p). Top price of 275.8p per kilo for Texels from Station Yard and to £123 per head for Texels from Kirk House.


Texel 275.8p, 269.3p Station Yard, 267p Oakwood, 263.2p Ericstane, 262p Station Yard.

Beltex 267p Finnieness, 263p Broadlea, 258p Netherplace, 257p Finnieness, 240p West Meiklethwaite.

Suffolk 226.5p Gartymorr, 211p Oswie, 208p North House, 204.9p Slealands, 203p Stoneflatts.

Hill Cheviot 221p Haithwaite, 220p Ericstane, 214p Chapel Farm (Hutchison), 211p Crossdykes, 209p Clonrae.

Blackface 211p, 207p Barlaes, 206p Glenshenna and Larg Farm, 205p Clonrae, Kirkhill and D’Mainholm, 203p Barlaes and Silloans.

North Country Cheviot 210p Elveden, 208p, 205p Dalmakethar, 200p Halket Leaths and Brae Edge, 194p Station Yard and Halket Leaths.

Charollais 205p Tinnishall and Broadlea, 202p Jenkinstown, 201p, 195p Archerbeck, 193p Knowe Farm.

Cheviot Mule 203p Kirkbride, 200p North House, 194p Dunjop, 189.4p Potholm, 189p Elveden.

Greyface 203p Howburn, 202p Upper Duddlewick, 201p Allfornaught, 200p Drumelzier Haugh, The Flatt and Cadgillhead, 198p Allfornaught.

Lleyn 201p Dalmakethar, 183p Over Whitlaw.

Oxford 200p, 198p Cronklea, 185p Tarra.

Swaledale 197p Netherplace, 191.3p Hallburn, 190p Batey Shield, 187p Howburn, 184p Batey Shield.

Herdwick 196p Cumcrook.

Roussin 188p Debog.

Romney Marsh 185p, 184p Elveden, 176p Holme Farm.

Jacob 184p Potholm.

Zwartbles 174p, 158.8p Wester Dawyck.

Leicester 170p Ringliggate, 168p Orchard Mains, 164p Ringliggate.


Texel £123 Kirk House, £122 Oswie and Kirk House, £116 Station Yard, £113 Oswie, £112 Kirkbarrow Hall and Station Yard.

Suffolk £115 Barnglies, £112, £109.50 Oswie, £100 Broomhills, Oswie, Guards Mill and Demense, £99 Station Yard.

Beltex £115, £108 Finnieness, £100 Broadlea, £99, £85 West Meiklethwaite.

North Country Cheviot £99.50, £96 Station Yard, £95 Halket Leaths, £93.50 Potholm, £92 Station Yard.

Blackface £98 Larg Farm, £91 Silloans, £88 Larg Farm and Laidlawsteel, £87 Corsebank, £86.50 Glenshanna.

Charollais £97 Demesne, £95 Knowe Farm, £90 Tinnishall, £86 Archerbeck, £85 Knowe Farm.

Leicester £97 Penpeugh, £88 Ringliggate.

Greyface £96 Oswie, £92 Burn House, £91 Plumpe, £90 Barnglieshead, £88.50 Broomhills (Baty).

Hill Cheviot £94 Blackburn, £90 Chapel Farm and Ericstane, £88 Dunjop, Cossar Hill and Ericstane, £85.50 Chapel Farm, £85 Crossdykes and Ericstane.

Cheviot Mule £93 Dunjop, £89 Potholm, £85.50 Dunjop, £85 Elveden, £84 North House.

Oxford £87 Cronklea, £76 Tarra.

Jacob £86.50 Potholm.

Romney Marsh £81.50, £79 Elveden, £74 Holme Farm.

Lleyn £78.50 Dalmakethar, £73 Over Whitlaw.

Swaledale £78.50 Burn House, £76.50 Hallburn, £68.50 Batey Shield, £67 Howburn.

Zwartbles £77 Broomhills, £74 Easter Dawyck.

Roussin £60 Debog.

A much larger show of 3,432 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Heavy ewes remained similar but a larger show of Blackface and Cheviot ewes saw the trade for this category rise £11, although the quality was far superior with Blackface ewes selling to £90 per head, twice for ringfulls from Messrs Rorison, Clonrae and Messrs Wallace, Fingland. Hill Cheviot ewes sold to £95 from Braidlie.

The sale was topped at £150 for Texel ewes from Graceside.


Texel £150 Graceside, £148 Riverhill and Middle Farm, £144 Graceside, £138 Stepend, £137 Pasture House and Hassendeanburn.

Suffolk £139 Beechgrove (Barbour), £130 Riverhill, £129 Golden Lane, £127 Braidlie, £127, £125 Stepend.

Charollais £130, £128 Riverhill, £120 Pow Croft, £116 Stepend, £104 Pasture House.

North Country Cheviot £125 Carruthers, £117 Haithwaite, £116 Earlside, £114 Hillhead, £109 Carruthers.

Beltex £122 Finnieness, £120 Stepend, £116 Pasture House and High Airyolland, £98 Haithwaite, £96 Waterside.

Leicester £118 Kirkland Green, £112 Springwells and High Airyolland, £106 Kirkland Green and Orchard Mains, £103 Wooplaw, £102 The Side.

Border Leicester £115 Haithwaite.

Cheviot Mule £110 Braidlie, £103 Remiggy, £94 Haithwaite, £88 Outertown, £86 Kirkbride.

Greyface £108 Annanhill and Graceside, £105 Third Farm and Shieldhill, £103 Laidlawsteel, £100 Moorhills, £99 Kirkland and Pumplaburn.

Romney Marsh £107 Bidlake, £89 Marygate, £88 Holme Farm, £85 Marygate, £84 Holme Farm.

Zwartbles £87 Wilseydown, £84 Easter Dawyck.


Hill Cheviot £95 Braidlie, £93 Falnash, £92 Catslackburn, £87 Blackburn and No 2 Forss, £86 Springwells.

Blackface £90 Clonrae and Fingland, £88 Clonrae and The Side, £87 Millriggs and Culterallers, £86 Orchard Mains, £84 Braidlie and Walton Park.

Lleyn £89 Chapel Farm, £88 Pasture House, £79 Dalmakethar, £70 Chapel FArm.

Swaledale £80 Kirkland Green, £74 Sourhope, £72 High Parkfoot, £67 Pasture House, £65 The Ash and High Crossgill.

Easycare £70 Pasture House.

Roussin £62 Debog.


Texel £144 Graceside, £140 Easter Dawyck and Stepend, £137 Cowans, £136 Hassendeanburn, Penpeugh and Pumplaburn, £130 Marchbank.

Leicester £140 High Crossgill, £128 Laidlawsteel, £120 Orchard Mains, £118 The Side, £114 Penpeugh.

Suffolk £140 Graystale, £138 Stepend, £132 Batey Shield, £122 Graceside, £100 Hassendeanburn.

Charollais £138 Pumplaburn and Stepend, £112 Riverhill, £108 Haithwaite, £96 Pumplaburn.

North Country Cheviot £134 Tundergarth Mains, £128 Ericstane, £92 Commonside, £90 Earlside.

Dorset £126 Riverhill, £108 Graceside.

Hill Cheviot £109 Falnash, £90 Potholm, £89, £84 Toftholm, £83 Falnash.

Romney Marsh £106 Riverhill, £99, £89 Marygate.

Beltex £100 Compstone End, £80 High Airyolland.

Bleu d’Maine £92 Rigg House.

Blackface £90 Larg Farm, £88 Laidlawsteel, £80 Culterallers and Milnmark, £79 Troloss, £78 Easter Dawyck.

Zwartbles £88 Holmlea.

Wensleydale £86 Pow Croft.


Light to 229.5p (229.5p)
Medium to 211.5p (203.6p)
Heavy to 220.5p (205.6p)

Light to 199.5p (199.5p)
Medium to 231.5p (209.0p)
Heavy to 233.5p (226.9p)

Young bulls 210.5p (179.1p)

Light to 258.0p (201.7p)
Standard to 267.0p (202.6p)
Medium to 275.8p (201.4p)
Heavy to 231.0p (190.4p)

Light to £83.00 (£71.09)
Heavy to £158.00 (£96.90)

Cast Rams £149.00 (£88.09)

corresponding week 2014 sale report