Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 7 prime cattle, 1 young bulls, 28 OTM cattle, 5,834 prime hoggs and 3,401 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th February 2015.

Prime cattle once again met a fantastic trade, many more required to meet buyers requirements. Top price per kilo and per head in the steer section was a Limousin at 231.5p, £1,203.80 from Messrs Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Leading prices per kilo heifers – 237.5p D.J. Garthwaite & Son (Lim); 231.5p, 229.5p A.E. Fawkes & Son (Lim); 229.5p, 223.5p Messrs W. & W. Faulder (Lim); 186.5p A.S. & C.E. Coulthard (Angus). Leading prices per head heifers - £1,458.45, £1,377 A.E. Fawkes & Son (Lim); £1,239.30, £1,229.25 W. & W. Faulder (Lim); £1,116.25 D.J. Garthwaite & Son (Lim).

28 OTM cattle met a fantastic trade, around 8p-10p dearer on the week, many more could have been sold to the vendors advantage. Leading prices – 148.5p, 135.5p, 132.5p, 117.5p H. & M. Connell (Shorthorn & Angus); 143.5p, 131.5p D.C. Houldey (Sim); 139.5p, 133.5p R. & H. Braid (Lim & Sim); 133.5p J. & J. & D. Taylor (Lim); 129.5p Kirkhill Farms (Angus); 123.5p T.D. & J.R. Byers (Angus); 112.5p, 110.5p T.C. Aynsley (Angus); Black & Whites to 112.5p, 106.5p and 101.5p Hewson Bros. Top price per head was a Simmental at £1,248.45 from D.C. Houldey, Kirtleton; £1,113, £1,002.30, £981.13, £921.40 H. & M. Connell (Shorthorn & Angus); £920.50 D.C. Houldey (Sim); £894.60, £855 Hewson Bros (Friesian); £887.78 J. & J. & D. Taylor (Lim); £836.25 C.T. & J. Wigham (Friesian); £815.10 T.D. & J.R. Byers (Angus).

Bulls to 214.5p (£1,308.45) G. Mitchinson & Sons (Lim).

A much larger show of 5,834 prime hoggs were forward to the usual ring of buyers present trade started steady and rose all day. A tremendous show of Blackface and Cheviot hoggs were forward along with an exceptional entry of heavyweight hoggets. All classes of hoggs were similar on the week and many more hoggs could have been sold to advantage. Lightweight hoggs remained dear and were very short of requirements. The sale averaged 194p/kg (SQQ 197.2p). Top price of 275p per kilo for an outstanding pen of Texels from MacTaggart Bros, Station Yard and to £113 per head for Texels from Wood Farm.


Texel 275p Station Yard, 250p Whitehill Cottage, West Meiklethwaite and Broomhills (Marrs), 249p Tercrosset, 239p Shieldhill, 236p, 235p West Meiklethwaite.

Beltex 254p Ericstane, 253p High Greenhill, 227p Whitehill Cottage, 222p Rockholme.

North Country Cheviot 216p Whitecroft Mains, 207p Ericstane, 206p Potholm, 205p Ericstane, 203p Potholm.

Blackface 214p Corsebank, 210p Fingland, Syart and Corsebank, 209p Winterhopeburn and Fingland, 208p Tangy, 207p The Yett, Mackilston and Winterhopeburn.

Hill Cheviot 211p Pennersaughs, 209p Roughet Hill and Allfornaught, 208p Pennersaughs, 207p Ifferdale and Littlegill, 206p Whitecroft Mains and Drumyeonmore.

Charollais 210p Hallrule Mill, 205p Rockholme, 200p Culquhasen, 193p Tinnishall, 183p Ina House.

Greyface 208p Maidencots, 206p East Skeroblin, 200p, 195p Tangy Farm, 194p Maidencots.

Suffolk 208p Langholm Farms and Outertown, 206p Ryehills, 205p Elveden and Outertown, 200p High Wood, 195p Newbiggin, Conon Brae and Station Yard.

Herdwick 200p Auchentaggart, 159p Longrow.

Cheviot Mule 193p Falnash, 177p Elveden, 169p Bloch.

Zwartbles 190p Tushielaw, 173p Elveden, 170p Achreamie.

Swaledale 188p Newbiggin, 185p Kirkhaugh and Westburnhope, 182p Breconside and Newbiggin, 181p Westburnhope.

Dorset 179p Newlands of Smerlie, 173p Elveden, 170p Achreamie.

Bleu d’Maine 179p Knock.

Kerry Hill 177.3p Barrow Ling.

Leicester 172p Low Tirfergus.

Hampshire 160p Barnglies.


Texel £113 Wood Farm, £111, £110 Station Yard, £108 Wood Farm and Cubby Hill, £106.50, £106 Kirkbarrow Hall, £105 Station Yard, Shieldhill and West Meiklethwaite.

Suffolk £103 Station Yard, £102 Mid Upper Priestside, £100 Brewery House Barn, £99.50 Station Yard, £99 Kilnford Croft.

Beltex £100 Whitehill Cottage, £96 High Greenhill, £94 Ericstane, £80 Rockholme.

Charollais £98, £96, £91 Oswie, £84 Hallrule Mill, £80 Cleongart, Culquhasen and Rockholme.

Hill Cheviot £96 Halket Leaths, £94 Drycleuchlea, £89.50 Station Yard, £89, £86.50 Halket Leaths,£86.50 Kilnford Croft.

Leicester £92 Stubsgill, £74 Low Tirfergus.

Greyface £92 Minsca and Kirkhouse, £90.50 Mackilston, £88 Hollinclose, £86 Oswie, £85.50 Pouton Farm.

North Country Cheviot £88 Ericstane, £86.50 Elveden, £85 Potholm and Wester Dunnet, £84.50 Potholm, £84 Ericstane.

Blackface £86.50, £85.50, £84, £83 Fingland, £83, £82 Smalmstown, £81 Mackilston and Tangy.

Hampshire £83 Barnglies.

Swaledale £79 Hollinclose, £73, £71.50 Newbiggin, £71 East Unthank, £65.50 Newbiggin.

Cheviot Mule £79 Falnash, £78 Elveden, £76 Bloch.

Kerry Hill £78 Barrow Ling.

Herdwick £78 Longrow, £62 Auchentaggart.

Bleu d’Maine £77 Knock.

Dorset £76 Elveden, £73 Achreamie.

Zwartbles £70 Old Rectory.

A very similar show of 3,401 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade for all classes similar on the week. Heavy ewes to £146 for Texels from Edendales. Hill ewes to £98 for Lleyns from Whitcastles. Rams to £146 for Texels from Wood Farm and Suffolks from Knock.


Texel £146 Edendales, £145 Wood Farm, £144 Becks and Stepend, £142, £140 Riverhill, £140 Allfornaught and Stepend.

Suffolk £134 Stepend, £132 Knock and The Land, £128, £127 Felltop, £124 Riverhill.

Charollais £128 Riverhill, £126 Stepend, £122 Felltop, £121, £120 Riverhill.

North Country Cheviot £126 Allfornaught, £120 Tormore, £118 Allfornaught, £108 Felltop, £104 The Flatt.

Beltex £126 Snowsgreen, £111 Castlehill, £96 Riverhill, £94 Wood Farm.

Leicester £126 East Unthank, £116 Nunscleugh, £114 The Steel, £100 Bowershield, £98 Morebattle Tofts.

Greyface £116 Park Nook, £101 Cadgillhead, £98 Marygate, £96 Synton Park Head, Milnholm, Beech Hill and Tritlington Hall, £95 Shield Hill, Broomhills (Sloan) and Dunn.

Cheviot Mule £108 Barnglies, £103 Tarrasfoot, £99 Relief, £98 Mindork, £95 Falnash.

Dorset £100 Blakehopeburnhaugh.

Half Bred £107 Riverhill, £98 Gilmanscleugh.


Lleyn £98 Whitcastles, £95 Pilmuir and Hazelbank, £90 Hollinclose, £86 Fowrass.

Hill Cheviot £97 Morebattle Tofts, £91 Allfornaught, £90 Tarrasfoot, £89 Drycleuchlea, £87 Milton of Dryfe, £84 Skelfhill.

Blackface £91 The Steel, £90 Low Carry House and Gall Farm, £88 Minsca, £87 Prospect House, £86 Hill Brae.

Jacob £78 Bowershield.

Swaledale £76 Roachburn, Wydoncleughside, Stonehall and East Unthank, £73 Knarr Farm, £71 Nunscleugh, £69 Broomhills (Baty), £68 Riggfoot and Middle Shipley.

Easycare £76, £67 Synton Mains, £64 Bidlake.

Herdwick £76 Chapel Farm.


Texel £146 Wood Farm, £144 Shieldhill and Riverhill, £142 Wood Farm, £140, £138 Felltop.

Suffolk £146 Knock, £142 Riverhill, £114 Milnholm, £110 Felltop, £100 Nethertofts and Ringliggate.

Charollais £138 Felltop, £132 Fowrass, £122 Felltop.

North Country Cheviot £130 Whitton, £113 Milton of Dryfe, £110 Wilseydown, £92 Whitton.

Leicester £130 Tarrasfoot, £126 Whitton, £112 Farnbury, £98 Whitton, £92 Peasemyres.

Dorset £128 Mossband House.

Dorset £126 Riverhill, £108 Graceside.

Beltex £108 Broomhills (Sloan).

Hill Cheviot £95 Eldinhope, £94 Milnholm, £90 Felltop, £80 Boreland, £74 Twislehope.

Blackface £94 Felltop, £86 Ringliggate, £85 Meggethead, £74 Arnicle.

Beulah £90 Whitcastles.

Lleyn £89 Whitcastles.

Swaledale £80, £72 Knarr Farm.


Light to 231.5p (231.5p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 237.5p (212.2p)
Medium to 229.5p (226.4p)
Heavy to 231.5p (230.5p)

Young Bulls 214.5p (214.5p)

Light to 250.0p (197.0p)
Standard to 254.0p (201.3p)
Medium to 275.0p (194.4p)
Heavy to 222.0p (183.7p)

Light to £98.00 (£66.11)
Heavy to £146.00 (£98.93)
Cast Rams £146.00 (£98.95)

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