Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 12 prime cattle, 5 young bulls, 11 OTM cattle, 5,026 prime hoggs and 3,965 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th February 2015.

Prime cattle were slightly cheaper on the week but very much in line with the national trend.



Angus 211.5p (x2), 210.5p, 202.5p Plumpe.

Limousin 208.5p Nether Onsett.



Angus £1,199, £1,194, £1,174, £1,152 Plumpe.

Limousin £1,052 Nether Onsett.



Charolais 206.5p Sceughdyke, 205.5p Houghton House, 203.5p Plumpe.

British Blue 203.5p Sceughdyke.

Angus 195.5p Plumpe.



Charolais £1,233 Houghton House, £1,177 Sceughdyke, £1,078 Plumpe.

British Blue £1,180 Sceughdyke.

Angus £1,065 Plumpe.

Prime bulls were a fantastic trade peaking at 221.5p and 218.5p for Limousin from Messrs Taylor, Fellend, Bassenthwaite and 219.5p for Limousin from G. Mitchinson & Sons, Gallowberry.


Limousin 221.5p Fellend, 219.5p Gallowberry, 216.5p Fellend.

Friesian 139.5p, 133.5p The Croft.


Limousin £1,404 Gallowberry, £1,299 Fellend.

OTMS cattle were dearer than last week peaking at 162.5p for a Limousin cow from R. & H. Braid, Moffat.  Many more could have been sold.


Limousin 162.5p Leithen Hall, 89.5p Kirkhill.

Black & White 125.5p Harelawhole, 99.5p Peterscrook, 92.5p Harelawhole, 82.5p Jerriestown.

Angus 123.5p Sorbietrees.

British Blue 117.5p Peterscrook.

Shorthorn 106.5p Whintingstown.

Blue Grey 71.5p Softley.

Another grand show of 5,026 prime hoggs was forward to the usual ring of buyers present trade was steady all day.  Export weight hoggs and lightweight hoggs continue to sell at recent high rates, although a shortage of 38-43 kilo hoggs were forward.  50kilos plus hoggs remain easily sold, however another large show of 44-48kilo hoggs were forward with only the better types easy to sell.  Rougher hoggs steadier on the week.  The sale averaged 193p/kg (SQQ 196.2p).  Top price of 285p per kilo for Texels from Station Yard and to £140 per head for Texels from Kirkton.


Texel 285p Station Yard, 274p Waterside, 272.5p Powheads, 268p Crawthat, 257p West Meiklethwaite.

Beltex 276p West Glengyre, 275p Newhouse, 256p Culquhasen, 242p Windyhill, 235p Lurgan.

North Country Cheviot 216p Lurgan, 205p Dalmakethar, 204p Whins, 200p Dalmakethar, 197p Longoe.

Blackface 213p Sorbie, 206p Knockreoch and Milnmark, 205p Killeonan and Arnicle, 204p Clonrae, 203p Killipol.

Hill Cheviot 212p Upper Hindhope, 210p Falnash, 209p Whinneyknowe, 208p Sorbie and Ericstane, 206p Whinneyknowe.

Suffolk 211p, 203p North House, 203p Hexpath, 201.4p Low Dunashery, 201p Glenehervie, 200p Tomaig, Broadlead Cottage and Smalmstown.

Lleyn 204p Barrow Ling, 195p Dalmakethar, 182p Elveden.

Greyface 200p Swallows Barn and Mossband House, 191p Culquhasen and Ryehills, 190p Horseupcleugh, 189p Stubsgill and Lawesknowe, 188p West Glengyre and Horseupcleugh.

Charollais 198p Sceughdyke, 196p Elveden, 185.1p Howard House, 185p Pingle, 182p Demesne.

Dorset 191p Old Croft.

Cheviot Mule 188p High Stenries, 178p Falnash, 171.6p New Hummerbecks.

Leicester 185p Ringliggate, 168.5p Stubsgill, 157p Hesleywell.

Herdwick 184p Barrow Ling, 179p Swallows Barn.

Swaledale 184p Mossband House, 182p Broadmea, 180p Burn House, 179p Mossband House, 177p Burn House.

Shetland 182p Newington, 180p New Hummerbecks.

Easycare 179p Beckhall, 175p Pasture House.

Oxford 176p Tarra.


Texel £140, £132 Kirkton, £118 Lower Ashtree, £117 Station Yard, £114 Kirkton.

Beltex £110 Culquhasen and Newhouse, £80 West Glengyre, Windy Hill and Lurgan.

Suffolk £103 Hallburn Croft, £101.50 Hexpath, £101 Demense, Priesthaugh and Oswie, £97.50 Branteth, £96 Demense, Oswie and Mosshead.

Hill Cheviot £98 Potholm, £96 Dalmakethar, £94 Ericstane, £92 Damhead, £88.50 Bromfield.

Greyface £96 West Glengyre, £92 Oswie, £88 Burn House, £87 Brampton Fell, Laweknowe and The Ash, £85 Rosedene.

North Country Cheviot £92.50, £92 Whins, £89 Dalmakethar and Kingside, £85 Waterside, £84.50 Longoe.

Charollais £91 Demesne, £88 Elveden, £87 Sceughdyke and Howard House, £85, £80 Knowe Farm.

Blackface £90 Arnicle, £89 Kirksteads and Milnmark, £87 Dryhope, £86.50 Smalmstown, £85 Killipol and Kirksteads.

Lleyn £85.50 Barrow Ling, £82, £80 Elveden, £80 Dalmakethar.

Leicester £85 Hesleywell, £84 Arnicle, £74 Newington.

Zwartbles £82 Hexpath.

Herdwick £81 Barrow Ling.

Swaledale £81 Burn House, £70 Broadmea, £69 Burn House, £68 Broadmea.

Cheviot Mule £75.50 New Hummerbecks, £75 Wyliehole, £73 Falnash, £71.50 High Stenries.

Easycare £70 Beckhall and Pasture House.

Dorset £65 Old Croft.

Oxford £65 Tarra.

Shetland £54 New Hummerbecks.

A similar show of 3,965 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade a lot sharper on the week, especially for the heavy ewes.  Heavy ewes to £152 for Texels from West Glengyre and Stepend.  Hill ewes to £98 for Blackfaces from West Glengyre and Beckhall.  Rams to £156 for Charollais from Newbiggin.


Texel £152 West Glengyre and Stepend, £150 Stepend, £148 Felltop, £146 Edendales and Haithwaite, £145 Haithwaite.

North Country Cheviot £148 Dunnabie, £126, £125 High Moat, £124 Riverhill, £116 Ericstane.

Charollais £146, £144 Stepend, £144 Riverhill, £138 Stepend and Riverhill, £133 Wilseydown, £132 Stepend.

Suffolk £146 Felltop, £138 Stepend, £136 Riverhill and Felltop, £135 Stepend, £133 Felltop, Riverhill and Haithwaite.

Leicester £124 Gillesbie, £120 Stubsgill and Leithanhall, £119 Sanders Close, £114 Marygate, £112 Low Carry House.

South Down £120 Dunnabie.

Half Bred £112 Whins.

Greyface £110 Ringliggate, £109 Haithwaite and Felltop, £107 Beckhall, £106 Barnglieshead, £105 Porteath.

Romney Marsh £104, £97 Trevarrock, £95 Swaites and Rammerscales.

Border Leicester £100 Latheron Wheel Mains.

Zwartbles £90 Riverhill.

Beltex £70 Waterside.


Blackface £98 West Glengyre and Beckhall, £93 Corsebank, £92 Clonrae and Kirksteads, £91 Clonrae, £90 Low Carry House.

Hill Cheviot £90 Bloch, £88 Dunnabie, £81 Allfornaught, £80 Satchells, £76 Solwaybank.

Kendal Rough £88 Churchview.

Swaledale £87 Stubsgill, £78 Sanders Close, £74 Whitfield Farm, Maidencots and High Crossgill, £70 Gapshield, £68 Marygate.

Lleyn £84 Hall Farm, £80 Leithan Hall, £76 Gatehousecote, £70 Marygate, £69 Gatehousecote.

Jacob £84 Hudspeth.

Herdwick £74, £68 Gall Farm.

Easycare £58 Blackhaugh.

Goats £84, £72 Marygate, £68 Davygill.


Charollais £156 Newbiggin, £146 Dunnabie, £124 Felltop, £92 Mosshead.

Texel £152 Stepend, £146 Felltop, £144 Riverhill, £142 Newbiggin, £138 Porteath.

Suffolk £141 Stepend, £131 Felltop, £128 Blackhaugh, £117 Riverhill, £108 West Bold.

North Country Cheviot £130 Longoe and Stepend, £106 Gillesbie.

Hampshire £122 Blackhaugh.

Hill Cheviot £120 Falnash, £106 Dryhope, £102 Priesthaugh, £98 Yetholm Mains, £92 Skelfhill.

Border Leicester £116 High Moat.

Leicester £114 Sanders Close, £110 Upper Gelshfield and Blakelaw.

Beltex £114 Felltop.

Blackface £113 Stair Est, £92 Clonrae, £89 Knockreoch and Milnmark, £86 Corsebank, £84 Bowanhill.

Dorset £112 Wilseydown.

Lleyn £100 Felltop, £88 Drumgrange, £86, £84 New Hummerbecks.

Swaledale £84 Whitfield Farm, £80, £70 Hesleywell.

Easycare £78, £68 Blackhaugh.

Roussin £76 Hensol.


Light to 211.5p (210.0p)
Medium to 211.5p (204.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 206.5p (205.6p)
Heavy to 205.5p (205.5p)

Young Bulls to 221.5p (188.4p)

Light to 276.0p (193.3p)
Standard to 247.0p (194.9p)
Medium to 285.0p (197.5p)
Heavy to 215.0p (184.0p)
Shearlings -------p (-------p)

Light to £98.00 (£64.09)
Heavy to £152.00 (£108.74)

Cast Rams to £156.00 (£96.05)

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