Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 32 prime cattle, 22 OTM cattle, 2,090 prime lambs and 4,720 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 30th July 2015.

An increased number of prime cattle met a full ring of 14 active buyers with trade being very dear and more could have been sold.  The sale was topped at 232.5p, twice, for Limousin heifers sold by Messrs A.W. & J. Taylor & Sons, Dashwellgreen, first one purchased by M.J. Wharton Wholesale Butchers, Wigton and the second bought by S. Wilson Ltd, Butcher, Corby Hill.  Limousin bullocks sold to 225.5p and 224.5p both shown by Messrs Taylor.


Limousin 225.5p, 224.5p Dashwellgreen, 213.5p, 211.5p, 207.5p, 205.5p, 203.5p Englishtown.


Limousin £1,398, £1,391 Dashwellgreen, £1,281 Englishtown.


Limousin 232.5p (x2) Dashwellgreen, 221.5p Low Plains, 221.5p, 220.5p Dashwellgreen, 216.5p, 214.5p Low Plains, 207.5p Englishtown, 205.5p, 199.5p Newtown.

Charolais 212.5p Low Plains, 201.5p, 191.5p Sceughdyke.

British Blue 171.5p Sandbed.


Limousin £1,398, £1,391, £1,373 Dashwellgreen, £1,353 Low Plains, £1,351, £1,348, £1,325 Dashwellgreen, £1,287 Low Plains, £1,281 Englishtown, £1,278 Low Plains, £1,274, £1,177 Newtown, £1,141 Englishtown.

Charolais £1,338 Low Plains, £1,289, £1,187 Sceughdyke.

An excellent show of OTM cows was forward.  A packed ring of buyers, sellers and spectators were present and all classes of stock met a tremendous trade throughout the sale. 

Clive Houldey topped the sale at 147p with a Simmental cow, others sold to £1,081.80 from Kirtleton House.  Shorthorn cows sold to £910 from Minsca.  Hill cows sold to 118p for Aberdeen Angus cows from Messrs Cavers.  Dairy pride of place has to go to T.L. & V.M. Armstrong, Randalinton with an outstanding Friesian cow which sold to 130p and grossed £910.  Bush on Lynn sold Jerseys to 93p.  Non FABBL hill cows sold to 115p (£839.50) from Laverhay.

Another good show of 2,090 prime lambs was forward to the usual ring of buyers, all classes dearer on the week and in demand due to smaller shows throughout the country, resulting in the best average seen this week of 150p overall (SQQ 152.3p).  Top price of £90 per head for Texels from G. Cakebread, Commonside and to 173p per kilo for Beltex from T.R. & E.A. Milburn, Wallend. 


Beltex 173p, 171p Wallend, 161p, 158p Hollands.

Hill Cheviot 172p Cottage, 157p Tarnside House, 156p Wynholm, 144p, 142p Thompson Walls.

Texel 172p Maidencots, 171p Townfoot, 170p Wynholm and Wallend, 167p Earlside, 166p High Parkfoot.

Charollais 168p Wynholm, 164p Rottington Hall, 162p Moss Side, 159p, 156p Rottington Hall.

Suffolk 168p Commonside, 167p Maidencots, 162p Tone Hall, 161p Clonrae and Cottage, 160p Tone Hall.

Greyface 165.6p Clonrae, 148p Peela Hill, 147p Softley, 143p High Edges Green and Brownleazes, 142p Balgray Hill.

Blackface 163p, 161p Clonrae, 159p Maidencots, 158p, 153.1p Clonrae.

Lleyn 149p, 144.7p South Bowerhouses.

Swaledale 147p Softley.

Cheviot Mule 144p Crossdykes.

Oxford 141p, 138p Barnglies.


Texel £87 Hillhead, £74 High Greenhill and High House, £73 Pearsby Hall, £72 Roachburn, High Greenhill and Lynegar, £70 Kilnhill, Kirk House and High Greenhill.

Beltex £74 Hollands, £71 Wallend, £68, £66.50 Hollands.

Charollais £74 Thornyknowe, £71 Moss Side, £70.50, £70 Rottington Hall, £70 Hallburn, £69.50 Moss Side.

Suffolk £70 Sceughdyke, Thornyknowe, Beckhall and Upper Mains, £69 Barnglies, Tone Hall and Beckhall, £68, £67 Tone Hall, £67 Hallburn, Whins and Hollows Mill, £66 Porteath, Hallburn and Spoutbank.

Greyface £65 Peela Hill, £63 Brownleazes, £62.50 Balgray Hill, £60.50 Easter Dawyck, £58.50 High Edges Green.

Half Bred £62 High Moat, £58.50 Adderston Shiels, £58 Earlside.

Hill Cheviot £62 Fenwick, £56.50 Balgray Hill, £56, £54 Thompson Walls, £52 Sundhope.

Oxford £62 Barnglies.

Blackface £58.50 Ryehills, £58 Penpeugh, £57 Cornthwaite, £55 Lanehead, £54 Maidencots.

Lleyn £58, £55 South Bowerhouses.

Cheviot Mule £56 Crossdykes.

Swaledale £44 Softley.

A similar show of 4,720 cast ewes and rams was forward to a full ring of buyers old and new, with all classes a dearer on the week, especially heavy ewes.  Numbers short of buyers requirements.


Texel £150 Beckfoot, £146 Hoddamtown, £142 Townhead (Minto), £138 Chaseside, £133 Oaktree Drive.

Charollais £114 Graceside, £108 Beckfoot, £97 Bidlake, £96 Chaseside, £86 Heatherglen.

Beltex £110 Inamay, £99 Hobbiesburn, £88 Uppercleuch, £86 Haregills.

Suffolk £100 Demesne, £99 Wallend, £98 Maidencots, Chaseside, Beckfoot and Nettling Flatt, £97 Heatherglen, £96 Smerral and Chaseside.

Leicester £94 Maidencots, £90 Archerbeck, £88 The Harrow, £86 Townhead (Minto), £85 Midtodhills.

North Country Cheviot £85 Guardsmill, £83 Nettling Flatt, £82 Guardsmill, £79 Hoddamtown, £78 Haltree, Haithwaite and Earlside.

Cheviot Mule £79 Nettling Flatt, £77 Stobo Home Farm, £76 Swinside Townfoot, £73 Glendearg, £70 Balgray Hill.

Greyface £76 Greenburn, Jacksonrigg and Hallburn, £74 Guardsmill and Low Hallburn, £73 Holme Farm and Newington, £72 Spoutbank, £71 Chapel House and Townhead (Minto).


Lleyn £70 Pilmuir, £68 Bridge End, £66 Pilmuir, £62 Carterton.

Hill Cheviot £68, £60, £58 Thompson Walls, £58 Wynholm, £57 Twislehope, £56 Glendearg.

Blackface £65 Townhead (Minto) and Penpeugh, £64 Peela Hill, £56 Meggethead, £55 Outer Huntly, £53 Winterhopeburn.

Easycare £62 Thorns, £57 Bankside, £52 Cottage.

Swaledale £55, £51 Scarrowmanwick, £51 Roachburn, £50 Softley, £48 Nunscleugh and Fordlands, £46 Snowden Close.

Jacob £42 Tarnside House.

Herdwick £40 Bridge End.

Shetland £40 Tarnside House.

Goats £69 Heip Hill House, £68 Bidlake.


Suffolk £170, £152, £134 Chaseside, £110 High Floweryhirst, £102 Chaseside.

Texel £162 Chaseside, £158 Bidlake, £155 Beckfoot, £146 Greensburn, £140 Chaseside.

Leicester £138 High Frost Hall, £87 Snowden Close, £78 The Harrow.

Romney £122 Bidlake.

Blackface £117 Syart, £96 Beckfoot.

Easycare £116 Chaseside.

Lleyn £112 Bridge End.

Dorset £106 Beckfoot, £96 Chaseside.

Hill Cheviot £103 Glendearg, £100 Commonside, £92 Glendearg, £90 Carterton.

Beltex £98, £93, £84 Hobbiesburn.

Swaledale £85 Deadwater.

North Country Cheviot £83 Whiteknowe.

Jacob £58 Burnlea House.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 211.5p (211.5p)
Heavy to 225.5p (205.9p)

Light to 147.5p (147.5p)
Medium to 232.5p (203.9p)
Heavy to 221.5p (210.5p)

Light to 172.0p (159.3p)
Standard to 171.0p (157.3p)
Medium to 173.0p (149.8p)
Heavy to 161.0p (141.5p)
O/weight 150.0p (123.5p)

Light to £70.00 (£45.56)
Heavy to £150.00 (£71.84)
Cast Rams £170.00 (£80.08)

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