Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 prime cattle, 12 OTM cattle, 3,673 prime lambs and 6,573 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd September 2015.

Cast cows averaged 123.1p per kilo and £882.32 per head.

A tremendous show of cows were on offer to a full company of 9 buyers who bid freely for all types, in particular young Continental cows which were extremely short of demand.

Stuart and Tucker Armstrong topped the sale with a fed Charolais at 147p. Limousin sold to 134p from Tom Cowan, others sold to 129p from Messrs Forster for a non FABBL cow. Blue cross cows sold to 126p from Messrs Dinnin with aged Blues to 125p Messrs Benson.

Dairy cows saw increased demand with Black & White to 118p from Brian Fox. Coloured cows sold to 120p Mr Hall.

Charolais cows to £1,293.60 Sceughdyke; Limousin £1,051.35 The Nook, £964.80 The Ash, £899 Woodhead; British Blue £880.40 Nether Albie, £868.75 Wickerthwaite, £819 Nether Albie; Black & White £820.10 Hilltop; Angus £804 Harelawhill, £736 Nether Albie; Simmental £772.20 Archerbeck, £678.20 Townfoot.

Prime cattle saw more grass cattle starting to come into the ring but trade remains brisk and buyers need more numbers on a weekly basis. Top price to 225.5p, twice, both for Limousin bullocks shown by Messrs A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, and both cattle bought by Border Meats Wholesale Butchers, Lockerbie. Limousin heifers sold to 221.5p again from Messrs Taylor and again bought by Border Meats, Lockerbie.


Limousin 225.5p (x2), 222.5p, 218.5p Dashwell Green, 210.5p, 206.5p, 203.5p Nether Onsett, 203.5p Newtown, 201.5p Slealands and Nether Onsett.


Limousin £1,431 (x2) Dashwell Green


Limousin 221.5p Dashwell Green, 209.5p (x2) Newtown, 195.5p Dumbretton, 186.5p Sceughdyke.

Charolais 219.5p, 213.5p Dashwell Green, 203.5p, 201.5p Upper Mains, 193.5p Sceughdyke.

Simmental 193.5p Dumbretton.


Charolais £1,360 Upper Mains, £1,295, £1,279 Upper Mains, £1,261, £1,248 Dashwell Green.

Limousin £1,236 Newtown, £1,218 Dashwell Green.

A larger show of 3,673 prime lambs were forward to a full ring of buyers all keen for sheep with numbers short of requirements. A much healthier average of 162p per kilo was achieved, being 10p above the corresponding week last year for the first time this season.

Top price of £210 per head (538p per kilo) for Texel tup lambs from A.M. & L. Sutherland, Carran.


Texel 538p Carran, 210p, 205p, 203p Kilnhill, 193p Gallowberry, 185p Old Wall.

Beltex 226p High Greenhill, 220p Gelston Castle, 211p Wallend, 202p High Greenhill, 184p Waterside.

Charollais 188p Braithwaite Hall, 172p Foulshiels, 168p Hallburn, 167p Braithwaite Hall, 163p Fenwick and Roanstree.

Suffolk 175p Sowerby Wood, 171p Whins, 168p Guardsmill, 167p Sceughdyke and Skelfhill, 166p Fenton and Hall Farm.

Hill Cheviot 168p Powheads, 164p Skelfhill, 163p Cowburn, 161p Cottage, 158.8p Cowburn.

Berrichon 167p, 161p Sceughdyke, 159p Westhills.

Blackface 163p Black Mountain, 162p Haithwaite, 160p Peela Hill, 159p Baitlaws, 158.1p Newington.

Greyface 160p, 159p Albierigg, 151p Peela Hill, 150.6p Whiteside, 149p Broadmea and Beyond the Moss.

Cheviot Mule 159p Solwaybank.

Herdwick 158p Newington.

Lleyn 157p, 152p South Bowerhouses.

Oxford 149p Guards.

Swaledale 149p Peasemyres, 144p Softley, 139p High Edges Green, 137p Laingshill.

Easycare 146p Lyneholm.


Texel £210, £100 Carran, £92 Townfoot and Guardsmill, £90 High Greenhill, £89 Cubbyhill, Dashwellgreen and Solwaybank.

Suffolk £90, £85 Cowburnrigg, £84 Guardsmill, £83.50 Hallburn, £83 Fenton.

Beltex £89, £88 High Greenhill, £88 Gelston Castle, £79 Waterside, £78 Wallend.

Charollais £85.50 Hallburn, £81 Braithwaite Hall, £80 Sowerby Wood, £74 Foulshiels, £73.50 Braithwaite Hall.

Berrichon £82, £75.50 Sceughdyke, £73 Westhills.

Greyface £75 Carnavel, £74.50 Albierigg, £66 The Nook, £65 Peela Hill and Gallowberry, £61 D’Mainholm.

Hill Cheviot £72 Skelfhill, £68 Chapel, £64 Powheads, £61 Chapel, £60 Powheads.

Lleyn £72 South Bowerhouses.

Easycare £70 Lyneholm.

Blackface £66 Greensburn, £64 Peela Hill, £58.50 Newington, £58 Cowburn and Silloans, £57 Minsca.

Cheviot Mule £65 Solwaybank.

Oxford £64 Guards.

Zwartbles £60 Lyneholm.

Leicester £60 Whiteside.

Herdwick £58.50 Newington.

Swaledale £52 Peasemyres and Laingshill.

A much larger show of 6,572 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual large ringside of buyers. Trade was £3-£4 dearer for all classes apart from the very leanest ewes.


Texel £134 Pirntaton, £131 Crailloch and Bascodyke Foot, £130 Snowsgreen, £128 Bascodyke Foot and Chaseside, £124 Bascodyke Foot.

Charollais £126 Heatherglen, £104 Chaseside, £103 Drumreach, £96 Beckfoot and Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £110 Ringliggate, £82 Swinside Townfoot, £82, £80 Gilston, £77 Philiphaugh, £76 Clackmae.

Suffolk £102 Heatherglen, £94 Castletown, £93 Heatherglen, £92 North House and Colmslie Hill, £91 Heatherglen and Chaseside.

Leicester £78 Sunnyside, £76 Marygate, £71 Sunnyside.

Greyface £76 Ringliggate, £75 Cottage and Harelawhill, £72 Brisco Meadows and Round Meadows, £69 Ringliggate, £68 Haithwaite.

Cheviot Mule £75 Outertown, £72 Mains of Machermore, £70 Falnash, £69 Colmslie Hill and Clackmae, £66 Gelston Castle.

Oxford £75 Guards.

Border Leicester £62 Justinlees.

Zwartbles £66 Broomlea.


Blackface £72 Harelawhill, £56 Kirksteads, Laingshill and Greenburn, £55 Haithwaite, £54 Minsca, Walton Park Farm and Cottage, £52 Bush of Ewes.

Lonk £67 Bush of Ewes.

Easycare £66 South Dene, £62 Mitchelston, £59 Barmagachan, £51 Mitchelston and Southdene, £50 Bedshiel and Glenapp.

Lleyn £65 Yeldabrek, £55 Ellemford, £51 Mallsgate Hall, £48 Ellemford.

Hill Cheviot £63 Mouldy Hills, £62 Catslackburn, £61 Mouldy Hills, £59 Powisholm, £58 Winterhope.

Kendal Rough £60 Churchview.

Swaledale £50 Shieldhurst, £43 Woodhouse, £41 Stonehall, £40 Ottercops.


Texel £158 Claycrop, £138 Winterhope, £136 Haithwaite, £133 Wydon, £128 Ormiston.

Suffolk £138 Claycrop, £128 Chapel, £120 Yeldabrek and Beckfoot, £96 Slealands.

Berrichon £110 Beckfoo.

Charollais £110 Beckfoot, £102 Chaseside.

Border Leicester £96 Justinlees.

Hill Cheviot £94 Haithwaite, £90 Bedshiel, £80 Priesthaugh.

Blackface £94 Boreland, £89 Silloans, £74 Haithwaite.

Lleyn £92 Ellemford.

Easycare £90 Haithwaite, £54 Mitchelston.

North Country Cheviot £81 Chaseside.

Leicester £76 High Edges Green.

Swaledale £60 Ottercops.

Herdwick £67 Crailloch.


Light to 210.5p (210.5p)
Medium to 225.5p (213.9p)
Heavy to 218.5p (208.5p)

Light to 186.5p (186.5p)
Medium to 221.5p (209.1p)
Heavy to 203.5p (192.5p)

Light to 177.0p (155.9p)
Standard to 538.0p (160.8p)
Medium to 220.0p (162.4p)
Heavy to 185.0p (163.2p)
O/weight 168.0p (157.2p)

Light to £72.00 (£42.69)
Heavy to £134.00 (£68.03)

Cast Rams £158.00 (£73.73)

corresponding week 2014 sale report