Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 24 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 30 OTM cattle, 4,772 prime lambs and 5,910 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th September 2015.

OTM cows

Another excellent entry with over 30 again penned were on offer to the usual 10 buyers at ringside.  Trade would be similar on the week with the last arrival in the ring a Blue Grey from Messrs Bell, The Bloch topping the sale at 160p, other Blue Greys sold to 140p from Langholm.  Limousin x cows from Messrs Robinson sold to 130p.  Angus cows from Peter Dayson old to 124p. Simmental cows from Kirkhill Farm topped at 123p, with Shorthorns to 118p from Philip Roskell who also sold Longhorn cast bulls to 114p.

Dairy cows were a very varied entry selling to a top of 130p for a proper Friesian from Messrs Beard, with other to 119p from Messrs Bendle.  Coloured dairy cows sold to 116p from Brampton.  Out of parlour non FABBL cows sold around the 70-90p mark.

Top price per head was £976 from The Bloch with others £899 Whamtown, dairy types to £868.25 Dormansteads.

A few more prime cattle on offer saw averages 3p dearer on the week for mainly grass cattle but many more could be sold to vendor’s advantage.  The sale was topped at 228.5p for a Limousin bullock sold by A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green, bought by Mr G. Moor, others to 227.5p, 224.5p and 223.5p all from Messrs Taylor and purchased by Border Meats, Butchers, Lockerbie.   Limousin heifers topped at 218.5p from D.J. Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage also purchased by Border Meats.


Limousin 228.5p, 227.5p, 224.5p, 223.5p Dashwell Green, 211.5p Low Plains, 187.5p Low Hallburn.

British Blue 188.5p East Field of Wiston.

Shorthorn  187.5p East Field of Wiston.

Charolais 183.5p Springfield


Limousin £1,436, £1,416 Dashwell Green, £1,374 Low Plains, £1,359 Low Hallburn.

Charolais £1,367 Springfield


Limousin 218.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 217.5p Plumpe, 213.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 205.5p Low Hallburn and Plumpe, 181.5p Low Hallburn.

Charolais 213.5p Sceugh Dyke, 185.5p, 183.5p Upper Mains.

Angus 199.5p Springfield.

Simmental 187.5p Sceugh Dyke


Charolais £1,398 Sceugh Dyke, £1,252, £1,219, £1,215 Upper Mains.

Simmental £1,237 Sceugh Dyke

Limousin £1,212 Low Hallburn, £1,202 Plumpe.

Young bulls in Longtown continue to be very dear and many more are needed


Blonde d’Aquitaine 212.5p, 208.5p Oakwoodhill.


Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,376, £1,349 Oakwoodhill.

Galloway £871 Bloch Farm.

A similar show of 4,772 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers.  A larger show of 45 kilo plus (135p-150p) and lightweight lambs (135p-140p) were forward and proved harder to sell.  Best quality lambs and export weight lambs were similar (150p-170p).  Thus resulting in an overall average of 145.4p (SQQ 147.6p).

Top price of £80 per head for Texels from Harene & Suffolks from Whitburgh and to 180p per kilo for Texel from Oakwood.


Texel 180p Oakwood, 179p Bridgestone and Upper Tinwald, 176p Crawthat, 173p Westerhall.

Suffolk 161p Yeldabrek, 159p Raeburnfoot, 157p Tone Hall, 156p Guards. 

Hill Cheviot 161p Newington, 153p Cottage, 150p Peasemyres, 149p Marygate.

Greyface 166p Auchaleek, 151p Borthwick Brae, 147p Newington, 145p Auchaleek, 144p Whiteside.

Charollais 154p Cottage and Foulshiels, 153p Mossthorn, 147p, 146p Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Lleyn 153p, 152p, 147p Haithwaite.

Jacob 149p Rockcliffe Cross.

Half Bred 148p Adderston Shiels, 140p Marwhirn.

Blackface 148p, 147p Chapelhope, 147p, 144p Riskenhope, 144p Allensgreen, 143p Black Mountain Farms and Bankend, 142p Mid Harrietsfield.

Berrichon 140p Sceughdyke.

Oxford 138p Guards.


Texel £80 Harene, £77 Kirk House, £75 Bridgestone, Whitburgh, Lennox Plunton and Upper Tinwald, £74 Crawthat and Upper Tinwald, £73.50 Fineview.

Suffolk £80 Whitburgh, £75 Tone Hall, £74 Screel, £73 Clackmae, £72 Sceugh Dyke and Slealands.

Berrichon £70 Sceughdyke.

Cheviot Mule £70 Kirkbarrow Hall.

Charollais £68, £67 Moss Side, £66 Knowe, £64.50 Foulshiels, £63.50 Archerbeck.

Hill Cheviot £64.50 Raeburnfoot, £60 Peasemyres, £58 Marygate, £56.50 Churchview, £55 High Dovecote and Cowburn.

Greyface £63.50 Whiteside, £63 Liscleugh and Albierigg, £62.50 Woodhouse, £62 Gibbs Hill and Westend, £59 The Nook and Whitegates.

Blackface £62 Borthwick Brae, £59 Allensgreen, £57.50 Redburn View, £56 Gibbs Hill, £54 Penpeugh.

Oxford £62, £58 Guards.

Half Bred £62 Adderston Shiels, £60 Marwhirn.

Jacob £56.50 Rockcliffe Cross.

Lleyn £53.50, £53 Haithwaite.

Another large show of 5,910 cast ewes and rams were forward to a smaller ringside of buyers due to many being tied up in festival preparation, however, ewes still remain easily sold with heavy ewes £3-£4 easier on the week and light ewes similar. 


Texel £127, £119, £117, £110 Bascodyke Foot, £110, £108 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £98 Cummertrees Mill, £87 Beckfoot and Clackmae, £86 Beckfoot and Firth Farm, £85 Cummertrees Mill and Heavyside.

Beltex £96 Graceside, £80 Screel, £76 Powheads, £73 Hornby Hall.

North Country Cheviot £91 Skaill, £79, £72 Earlside, £71 No 2 Forss.

Charollais £88, £84 Beckfoot, £82 Cottage, £80 Beckfoot.

Leicester £82 Marygate, £80 Beckfoot, £76 Stubsgill, £72 Marygate.

Greyface £80 Kirkend, £67 Marygate and Firth Farm, £66 Bogside, £65 Round Meadows, Dyke and Boreland.

Cheviot Mule £76 Hawthornside, £75 Newlands, £74 Clackmae, £72 Relief and Bogside.

Zwartbles £67 Beckfoot.

Romney Marsh £61 Marygate.

Oxford £61 Guards.


Hill Cheviot £69 Clerk Hill, £64 Easterhouse, £60 Clerk Hill, £59 Hawthornside.

Lleyn £67 Dunnabie, £65 Fineview, £64, £59 Gatehousecote.

Blackface £58 Tarn House, £57 High Staward, £54 Cottage, £53 Easterhouse.  

Easycare £55 Low House and Mitchelston, £54, £52 Bairnkine, £50 Mitchelston.

Swaledale £51 Stubsgill, £49, £45 Whitton, £43 Blakelaw.

Herdwick £31 Tardoes.


Texel £139 Hill Field, £130 Fineview, £128 Thomasdene, £125 Crumhaughhill.

Suffolk £130, £122 Thomasdene, £113 The Land, £99 Marygate. 

Leicester £118 Coldshield, £85 Westend.

Zwartbles £108 Smyllum.

Blackface £89 Tarn House, £81 Bowanhill, £77 Laidlawsteel, £71 Nunnerie.

Dorset £86 Beckfoot.

Lleyn £80 The Firs, £76 Drumreach, £64 Marygate, £61 South Port o Spittal.

Swaledale £56 Blakelaw, £52 Morley Hill, £50 Coldshield.


Light to 175.5p (175.5p)
Medium to   228.5p (213.1p)
Heavy to  187.5p (185.4p)

Light to 199.5p (199.5p)
Medium to   218.5p (206.6p)
Heavy to    213.5p (183.9p)

Young bulls  to 212.5p (187.3p)

Light to 166.0p (140.6p)
Standard to  173.0p (148.0p)
Medium to 180.0p (149.0p)
Heavy to  163.0p  (141.5p)
O/weight  143.0p (131.1p)

Light to £69.00 (£40.11)
Heavy to  £127.00 (£62.40
Cast Rams £139.00 (£63.88)

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