Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 prime cattle, 6 OTM cattle, 4,346 prime hoggs, 144 spring lambs and 2,767 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th May 2016.

A small entry of OTM cattle, but trade was sharper and many more could easily be sold. Top of £765.45 from Messrs R Ritson, Swaites.


Bazadaise 121.5p, 119.5p Swaites.


Bazadaise £765, £687 Swaites.

Blue Grey £310 Cadgillhead.

Once again another marvelous show of quality prime cattle with more handy weights forward. Trade was buoyant for all classes and many more are required to satisfy the growing demand. The sale peaked at 221.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green, bought by J & B Fitton, Wholesale Butcher. Messrs Taylor has two more heifers at 214.5p and 211.5p, both purchased by M J Wharton, Blackbrow, Wigton. Next was also from Messrs Taylor at 210.5p and sold to W Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Limousin bullocks peaked at 211.5p from J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown bought by J & B Fitton Ltd.



Limousin 211.5p, 209.5p, 206.5p, 203.5p, 199.5p Englishtown, 195.5p Swaites, 190.5p Englishtown.


Limousin 221.5p, 214.5p, 211.5p, Dashwell Green, 209.5p Englishtown, 207.5p, 193.5p High Stenries.

British Blue 210.5p Dashwell Green.


Blonde 188.5p, 176.5p Oakwoodhill.



Limousin £1311, £1256, £1228 Englishtown.


Limousin £1290 Dashwell Green, £1276 High Stenries, £1240 Dashwell Green, £1236 Englishtown, £1233 Dashwell Green, £1161 High Stenries.

British Blue £1220 Dashwell Green.


Blonde £1159, £1129 Oakwoodhill.

The sale of 144 spring lambs follow this week’s national trend with only the best quality lambs making over 220ppk. Heavier lambs were harder to cash and vendors are advised to sell lambs at handy light weights which is the most desired type. Lambs sold to a top of £100 for Suffolks from Kimmiter Green and to 246p for Texels from South Slealands.


Texel 246p South Slealands, 238p Kimmiter Green, 226p, 223p Guards Mill

Charolais 235p Guards Mill, 218p Trevemper, 215p Kimmiter Green.

Dorset 218p, 211p Trevemper.

Suffolk 214p Trevemper, 210p Guards Mill, 208p Kimmiter Green.


Suffolk £100, £93 Kimmiter Green, £85.50 Trevemper.

Texel £95 Kimmiter Green, £89, £88, £87 Guards Mill, £88 Castletown, £86 South Slealands.

Charolais £90.50 Kimmiter Green, £87 Guards Mill, Trevemper & Barrock End.

Dorset £87, £86.50 Trevemper.

Another fine show of 4,346 hoggs were forward to the usual large ring of buyers, with trade being very similar on the week especially for well fleshed hoggs resulting in us seeing a two tier trade as plainer more store types proved harder to cash – average 182.7p (183.2p SQQ). Heavyweight hoggs far shaper on the week and short of requirements with export hoggs and lightweight hoggs meeting strong demand especially with good flesh. Top price of 251p for Texels from Bowsden Moor and top price per head of £148, £133, £132 for outstanding Texels from the same good home.


Texel 251p, 220p 218p Bowsden Moor, 213p Somerton House, 212p Broomhills, 211p South Slealands, 210p Somerton House, 208p East Raffles, 207p Pow Head & Sowerby Wood.

Beltex 236, 216p Albierigg, 213p Waterside, 203p Millrigg, 200p Albierigg & Waterside.

Suffolk 209p Broomhills, 192p Sykehead, 191p Hyde Park & Almagill.

Charollais 207p Plumpe, 197p Gate & West, 193p Sykehead, 186p New Hummerbecks.

Cheviot 203p Plumpe, 201p Sandbed, 200p Girnwood, Wickketthorn & Eastside.

North Country Cheviot 203p Station Yard, 200p Dykehead, 198p Station Yard, 194p Gate & West & Marygate, 192p Haithwaite.

Continental 194p Hyde Park, 191p Woodfoot.

Blackface 190p, 189p Glenshanna, 188p, 187p Bush of Ewes, 185p Sykehead, 184p Upper Cleugh & Plumpe.

Greyface 188p Gate & West, 179p Hudspeth, 178p Branteth.

Swaledale 166p New Hummerbecks.


Texel £148, £133, £132 Bowsden Moor, £110 Becks, £108, £103 Broomhills, £102 Priory Nook.

Beltex £130, £102 Albierigg, £98 Waterside, £95 Albierigg, £85 Waterside.

Charollais £100, £90 Moss Side.

Bleu du Maine £99 Sowerby Wood.

Suffolk £98 Keepershield & Pow Heads, £97 Broomhills, £96 Woodfoot & Broomhills.

Greyface £95 Husdpeth, £93 Sykehead & Brewery House, £91 South Slealands.

Cheviot £94 Wicketthorn, £92.50 Sandbed, £90 Becks, £89 Burnfoot of Ewes, £86 Girnwood & Chapel.

North Country Cheviot £91 Station Yard, £98 Priestrie, £84 Dykehead.

Blackface £87 Glenshanna, £84 Huspeth, £77 Chapel, £76 Glenshanna, £73 Bush of Ewes & Broomhills.

Continental £86 Woodfoot, £79.50 Sykehead.

Herdwick £74 Woodfoot.

Swaledale £70 Saunders Close.

A similar show of 2,767 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Heavyweight ewes were slightly easier on the week apart from the good lean selling ewes, heavier thicker ewes were harder to cash. Lightweight ewes and rams met recent high rates selling to a top £150 for Texel ram from Glen Due.


Texel £146, £145 Bowsden Moor, £144 West Knowe, £143 Townfoot, £142 Graceside.

Charollais £120 Beckfoot, £118, £117 Thackwood, £116 Aghalan, £114 Chaseside & Greendyke.

Suffolk £117 Beckfoot, £114 Shaw Cottage, Aghalan & South Cottage, £113 Bowsden Moor.

Beltex £104 Graceside, £102 Mirkbooths, £95 Greendyke, £92 Glenmaid.

Bleu du Maine £100 Greendyke.

North Country Cheviot £96 Greendyke, £90 Brock House, £86 Chirdon, £85 Dodgsonstown.

Cheviot Mule £93 Chaseside, £88 Borrowstone Mains, £85 Smyllum & Borrowston Mains.

Leicester £92 Chirdon, £91 Bayldon.

Greyface £90 Greendyke, Gate & West, £88 Greendyke, £84 Glen Due, £82 Haithwaite.


Cheviot £80 Sorbie, £77 Drycleughlea, £76 Girnwood.

Blackface £78 Wanwood, £76 Harsondale & How Ford, £75 Harsondale & Chapel, £72 Ysguber.

Lleyn £74 Greendyke, £69 The Mark.

Swaledale £70 Westhills, £69 Saunders Close, £66 Mid Todhills.

Goat £59 Beechwood, £50 The Firs, £49 Beechwood.

Herdwick £53 Almagill, £50 Drycleughlea.


Texel £150 Glen Due, £139 Jerriestown.

Charollais £136 Beckfoot, £128 Aghalan.

Suffolk £136 Braithwaite Hall, £124 Thornington.

Millenium Bleu £128 Bush of Ewes.

Leicester £127 Nunscleugh, £112 Randalholme.

Lleyn £120 Chaseide.

Dorset £119 Beckfoot.

Berrichon £109 Wardrew.

Cross £87 Trevemper.

Cheviot £81 Catslackburn.

Blackface £75 Chapel.

Ryeland £75 Downham Cottage.


Light to 209.5p (209.5p)
Medium to 211.5p (188.2p)
Heavy to 195.5p (195.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 221.5p (200.0p)
Heavy to 211.5p (185.4p)

Young bulls 188.5p (182.4p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Standard to 246.0p (224.8p)
Medium to 238.0p (207.0p)
Heavy to 208.0p (202.6p)

Light to 200.0p (162.8p)
Standard to 208.0p (181.9p)
Medium to 216.0p (186.0p)
Heavy to 236.0p (180.9p)

Light to £80.00 (£56.30)
Heavy to £146.00 (£84.66)

Cast Rams £150.00 (£104.50)

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