Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 22 prime cattle, 14 OTM cattle, 3,003 prime hoggs, 227 spring lambs and 2,400 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Cows – sale average 107.2p with Roanstree 1st and 2nd.

A good entry of cows were on offer to a full company of buyers with two men making a welcome return. Trade was excellent for all types with young cows 5p dearer on the week. Stephen Phillips had a trailer load of dairy bred continentals, which topped the sale at 124p for British Blue cross, Simmental x from the same home realised 123p.

Native breeds were a mixed entry and sold to 110p for a Shorthorn from the Connell family. Hill cows sold to 85p for a Galloway from George White, Hartsgarth and realised £382.50. Top price per head was £928.20 from Netherhill, with others to £880.20 from Becton Hall and £867.15 from Netherhill.

Dairy cows were an improved selection and sold to 115p from Eddie & Malcolm Dodd, with top price of £808 from Roanstree. As ever more are needed to supply the growing demand.

Another good show of quality prime cattle, but once again lacking 500-570kg smart heifers. More needed to fulfil the demand of the busy ringside. The sale peaked at 21.65p for a Limousin heifer sold by A & W J Taylor, Dashwell Green and bought by J A Jewitt Ltd, Wholesalers. The next top price heifer was 213.5p from Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling which sold to M J Wharton Butchers, Blackbrow. The bullocks section topped at 213.5p from Messrs Taylor, Dashwell Green, also bought by M J Wharton.



Limousin 213.5p, 211.5p Dashwell Green.

Charolais 191.5p Potholm.

British Blue 180.5p, 178.5p Plumpe.


Limousin 216.5p Dashwell Green, 213.5p Barrow Ling, 211.5p, 201.5p Dashwell Green, 197.5p, 194.5p Barrow Ling.

Charolais 205.5p Dashwell Green, 195.5p Sceugh Dyke.



Limousin £1281, £1273 Barrow Ling, £1247, £1239 Dashwell Green, £1204 Barrow Ling.

Charolais £1356 Dashwell Green, £1260 Sceugh Dyke.

227 lambs were forward to a full ring of buyers with all classes sharper on the week and short of buyer requirements as more firms make the changeover from hoggs. Many more lambs now required to fulfill demand. Lambs topped at 224p for Texels from Milton Mains and £109 for Texels from Land. Sale average 204p (SQQ 206p) +10p on last week.


Texel 224p Milton Mains, 221p Lanehead, 213p, 210p Hermitage, 208p Low Hallburn & Land, 207p Milton Mains.

Suffolk 215p Kimmiter Green, 213p Land, 210p Low Hallburn, 208p Land & Rottington Hall, 206p Land, 205p Westend.

Charolais 207p Rottington Hall, 205p Barend, 203p Wilseydown, 202p Rottington Hall.

Jacob 197p Barend.


Texel £109, £104 Land, £101 Hermitage, £99 Wilseydown, £96 Hermitage & Guardsmill, £94, £93 Lanehead.

Suffolk £105 Sceugh Dyke & Whinney Brow, £104 Land, £102 Kimmiter Green, £99 Land, £97 Sceugh Dyke, £96 Land, £94 Kimmiter Green, £92 Sceugh Dyke, £90 Beechgrove.

Charolais £97, £87, £83 Rottington Hall, £82 Barend, £81 Wilseydown, £80 Barend.

Another large show of 3,003 hoggs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers with a much better show of quality and flesh on offer, export hoggs regularly 180-200p with heavyweight hoggs very short of numbers selling consistently between £95-100. Lightweight hoggs were similar on the week if well fleshed, others met realisation. Sale topped at 221p for Beltex from Sykehead and £104 for Texels from Lairdlaugh. Sale average 178p +10p on the week.


Beltex 221p Sykehead, 205p, 200p Lairdlaugh, 194p Lurgan, 189p Hallbankgate, 185p Sowerby Wood.

Texel 208p Lairdlaugh, 200p Blackwater & Lairdlaugh, 198p East Raffles, The Ash & Blackwater, 197p Lanehead, The Ash & Broadlea Cottage.

Suffolk 202p Broomhills, 193p, 189p Sykehead, 189p Heathery Hall, 188p Birchwood Hall, 186p Blackwater.

North Country Cheviot 200p, 199p, 198p Southend, 195p West Scales, 192p Southend, 191p Station Yard & Southend.

Cheviot 200p Plumpe, 192p Sykehead, 188p Station Yard, 185p Sykehead, 183p Almagill.

Bleu du Maine 196p, 192p, 190p Tom of Cluny.

Blackface 188p Sykehead, 186p Broomhills, 182p Sykehead, 180p Heathery Hall, 177p Broomhills & Sykehead.

Charollais 187p Whinneyknowe, 168p Hyde Park, 167p Westernhopeburn.

Herdwick 187p Shatton Lodge, 155p Crosshow.

Continental 185p Sykehead, 181p Whinneyknowe, 179p Embley.

Greyface 180p Birchwood Hall, 178p Whinneyknowe, 177p Sykehead, 175p Embley, 174p Sykehead & Hyde Park.

Swaledale 159p, 142p Sykehead, 136p Peasemyres.


Texel £104 Lairdlaugh, £101 The Ash & Broomhills, £100 Sykehead, £98 Drumreach & Broomhills, £96 Bullshill, £95 West Kirkcarswell & Powheads.

Suffolk £100 Guardsmill, £98, £97 Broomhills, £95 Blackwater, £92 Whinneyknowe & Drumreach, £91 Almagill & Guardsmill, £90 Birchwood Hall & The Keep.

Beltex £100 Dotland Park, £88 Heathery Hall, £84 Lairdlaugh.

North Country Cheviot £98, £95 Southend, £90 Broadlea Cottage, £89 Southend, £88 Boreland, £87 Heathery Hall, £86 Southend & Whinneyknowe.

Bleu du Maine £98, £91, £75 Tom of Cluny.

Greyface £89 Whinneyknowe, £81 Birchwood Hall, £80 Brewery House & Boreland, £78 Wilseydown, £77 Whinneyknowe & The Ash.

Cheviot £88 Blackburn & Cowburn, £78 Plumpe, £75 Drumreach, £75, £74 Station Yard, £72 Eastside.

Continental £87 Whinneyknowe, £79 Sykehead, £78 Whinneyknowe, £75 Hyde Park.

Charollais £86 Whinneyknowe, £85 Windsmoor, £78 Brewery House, £76 Kimmiter Green, £70 Windsmoor.

Herdwick £85 Crosshow, £71 Shatton Lodge.

Blackface £83.50 Broomhills, £83 Whinneyknowe, £82 Blackburn, £80 Boreland & Tone Hall.

Jacob £70 The Keep, £63 Plumpe.

Swaledale £61 Sykehead, £60 Peasemyres, £59 Sykehead.

A smaller show of 2,400 ewes were better for quality therefore sharper on the week. Best selling ewes remain easily cashed along with small ewes. Fat ewes harder to cash with rams realising recent high rates and short of requirements. Sale topped at £154 for Charolais rams from Chaseside and £147 for Texel ewes from Lands.


Texel £147 Land, £144 Chaseside, £141 Wood Farm, £140 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £139 Chapelcroft, £138 Crookholm & Southend.

Charollais £144 Kilnford Croft, £140 Barend, £134 Beckfoot, £128 Chaseside.

Bleu du Maine £116 Kilncroft.

Suffolk £112 Land, £109 Beckfoot, £99 Newbiggin, £98 Beckfoot, £97 Beechgrove & Chaseside, £96 Land.

Beltex £107 Wood Farm, £94 Colter Coats, £91 Graceside.

Cheviot Mule £97 Kilnford Croft, £79 Hallbankgate, £74 Eastside, £70 High Stenries.

North Country Cheviot £87 Lower Gills, £82 Eastside, £81 Beckfoot, £78 Relief, £77 Eastside.

Continental £82 Beckfoot, £66 Mossband Hall, £64 Newbiggin.

Leicester £80 Beckfoot, £78 Westernhopeburn, £77 Birchcraig, £76 Chapelcroft, £75 Drumreach.

Zwartble £80 Beckfoot, £56 Romanway.

Greyface £77 Tidcomb, £76 Tone Hall, £74 Becton Hall Bar, £72 Rigg House, Eastside, Clydeside & Hepplehill, £71 Crossways, Kilncroft & Tone Hall.


Blackface £78 Tone Hall, £69 Guardsmill, Cowburn and The Tilery, £67 Plumpe, £65 Newbiggin and Blackburn.

Cheviot £77 Cowburn, £74 Drumreach, £72 Plocan, £69 Drumreach, £66 Mayfield, £65 Eastside & Priesthaugh.

Swaledale £67 Eastside, £65 Settereth Park, Tidcomb and Bullshill, £63 Softley, £62 Newbiggin.

Lleyn £65 Sloda Hill.

Herdwick £54 Almagill & Romanway, £51 Barend.

Kendal Rough £50 Lynnshield.

Easycare £50 Peddar Hill & Wotter.


Texel £154 Chaseside, £153 Low Hallburn, £146 Eastside, £134 Linton, £132 Shatton Lodge, £131 Eastside.

Charollais £141 Barend, £125 Beckfoot, £120 Moss Side, £114 Eastside.

Leicester £140 Sanders Close, £90 Softley.

Beltex £130 Wood Farm, £110 Beckfoot, £85 Hallbankgate & Kilncroft.

Suffolk £129 Low Hallburn, £108 Graceside & Beckfoot.

Dorset £126 Beckfoot.

Berrichon £108 Eastside.

Hampshire £100 Chaseside.

Blackface £82 Tone Hall, £81 Plumpe, £76 Wotter.

North Country Cheviot £80 Eastside.

Jacob £68 Drumreach, £67 Barend.

Swaledale £65 Peasemyres.

Next weekend will see the build up to Ramadan, therefore all classes of sheep shall been keenly sought after before two weeks of fasting.


Light to 191.5p (177.5p)
Medium to 213.5p (194.2p)
Heavy to 178.5p (174.3p)

Light to -------p (--------)
Medium to 216.5p (213.9p)
Heavy to 213.5p (197.8p)

Light to ------p (-------p)
Standard to 224.0p (207.1p)
Medium to 221.0p (205.7p)
Heavy to 208.0p (200.8p)
Overwight to 188.0p (176.0p)

Light to 200.0p (165.5p)
Standard to 200.0p (173.0p)
Medium to 215.0p (183.5p)
Heavy to 208.0p (181.1p)

Shearlings to 221.0p (162.4p)

Light to £78.00 (£53.69)
Heavy to £147.00 (£82.74)

Cast Rams £154.00 (£106.41)

corresponding week 2015 sale report