Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 22 prime cattle, 16 OTM cattle, 3,550 prime hoggs, 1,013 spring lambs and 2,723 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 2nd June 2016.

David Baxter tops cows at 156p.

A good entry of cattle were on offer to the usual company of buyers with demand strong from the first to the last. David Baxter’s Shorthorn x cow topped at 156p with other native breeds from Paul Whitfield realising 94p for a Hill Galloway. Angus cows sold to 104p from Stuart and Tucker Armstong. Black and Whites were over 50% of the entry and sold to 110p from Malcolm and Eddie Dodd. Top price per head was £869 for a Friesian from Roanstree. Farmers as this is a busy time of year and you have stock to sell, do not hesitate to contact me on 07901787636 and I will endeavour to work with the marketing to allow you to maximise your returns.

Some good quality prime cattle on offer with trade maintaining last week’s good prices, with more required. The sale was topped at 218.5p for a Limousin heifer sold by Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling and bought by Highgate Meats Ltd. Others to 211.5p from A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green purchased by MJ Wharton, Blackbrow Butchers, Wigton. The bullock section peaked at 210.5p from JF & I Armstrong, Nether Onsett and was purchased by Highgate Meats Ltd. Limousin bulls to 213.5p shown by GJA Rome & Co., Niven Hill, and bought by MJ Wharton, Butchers.



Limousin 210.5p Nether Onsett, 208.5p, 205.5p Dashwell Green, 203.5p Nether Onsett & Dashwell Green.


Limousin 218.5p Barrow Ling, 211.5p, 209.5p Dashwell Green, 207.5p Barrow Ling & Dashwell Green, 202.5p Plumpe.

Charolais 202.5p Plumpe, 201.5p Barrow Ling, 193.5p Sceugh Dyke.


Limousin 213.5p Niven Hill.



Limousin £1379, £1376 Barrow Ling, £1332, £1215 Dashwell Green.

Charolais £1259 Barrow Ling, £1238, £1105 Sceugh Dyke.


Limousin £1238 Niven Hill.

An outstanding show of 1,013 lambs were forward to a full ring of buyers with more firms now switched over to lambs, all classes were sharper on the week, with heavyweight lambs adding up to money. More lambs are required to meet the ever increasing buyer’s requirements, with Lambs topped at 233p for Texels from Oaktree Drive and £110 for Texels from Hermitage. Sale average 205.5p (SQQ 205.9p).


Texel 233p Oaktree Drive, 223p, 221p Newbiggin, 220p Hermitage & Newtown, 218p Airds of Balcary, 217p Cowans & Rottington Hall.

Suffolk 216p Bleatarn, 216p, 215p, 214p Carsegowan, 213p Beckhall & Newbiggin, 212p, 211p Carsegowan, 210p Bleatarn & Hallburn.

Charolais 204p Kimmiter Green, 200p Barrock End, 195p Newbigging.

Cross 200p Airds of Balcary, 197p Wynholm.

Dorset 200p Zetalnd, 190p, 188p Glenrath.

Jacob 197p Zetland.

Continental 193p Mossband Hall.

Oxford 189p Zetland.

Hampshire 186p Zetland.


Texel £110 Hermitage, £109 Kimmiter Green, £105 Merrick, £104 Sowerby Wood, £102 Staffler, £100 Cowans, Glenrath & Airds of Balcary.

Suffolk £110 Carsegowan, £105 Spawell, £102 Sceughdyke, £101 Blackrigg, £100 Beckhall, £99 Faugh Beeches, £99, £98 Carsegowan, £97 Hallburn.

Zwartble £100 Evistones.

Charolais £94 Kimmiter Green, £86 Newbigging.

Dorset £80, £75 Glenrath, £70 Zetland.

Continental £79 Mossband Hall

Hampshire £78.50 Zetland.

Cross £77 Zetland.

Jacob £77 Zetland.

Another large show of 3,550 hoggs for the time of year, were forward to the usual full ring of buyers. A mixed show of hoggs met a mixed trade although the best fleshed hoggs remain easily sold. All other hoggs meeting realisation. Sale topped at 192p for Texels from Broomhills & East Raffles and £100 for Texels from Waterside & Airds of Balcary. Sale average 158p.


Texel 192p Broomhills & East Raffles, 190p Sykehead, 187p Byreburnside, 186p East Raffles, 185p Keepershield, 184p East Raffles.

Bleu du Maine 191p, 180p, 178p, 177p Tom of Cluny.

Beltex 187p, 172p Hillside, 171p Snade.

Cheviot 183p Broomhills, 175p, 174p Southend, 173p Broomhills, 172p Southend, North House & Sandbed, 170p Almagill.

Suffolk 179p Sykehead, 172p Whitfield, 171p North House, 168p Craig Dhu Croft, Blackleaze and Shielswood, 167p North Boig & Southholm.

Blackface 176p Meggethead, 173p Almagill, 171, 167p Southholm, 166p Broomhills & Southholm, 165p Sykehead.

Herdwick 176p Almagill, 173p Hillside, 161p, 159p Almagill.

Continental 172p, 161p Horncastle, 161p Hillcrest, 153p North Boig & Hillcrest.

Greyface 171p Almagill, 170p Craig Dhu Croft, 167p Pentire, 163p Sykehead, 162p Southholm.

Easycare 162p Croys Lodge.

Swaledale 144p Sykehead, 140p Crossways, 136p Red House.


Texel £100 Waterside & Airds of Balcary, £98 Ellerslea, £96 Keepershield, Powheads, Newtown and Byreburnside, £95 Cobble Hall, Ellerslea & Keepershield.

Suffolk £94, £90 Eastside, £86 Whitfield & Newtown, £85 Stockdale, £84 Sloda Hill, £82, £81 Keepershield.

Bleu du Maine £94, £87, £82 Tom of Cluny.

Cheviot £90 Broomhills, £84, £79, £76.50 Southend, £75 Sandbed, £74 Southend.

Cheviot Mule £88 Whitton.

Charollais £84 Fowrass.

Greyface £80 Crosshow, £76 The Hills, £73 Whinneyknowe, £70 Pentire, Almagill & Sykehead, £68 Airds of Balcary, £67 Blackleaze & Shielswood.

Beltex £79, £73 Hillside, £65 Snade, £64 Burgh Head, £60 Snade.

Continental £79, £74 Horncastle.

Blackface £78 Wileysike, £77 Southholm & Wileysike, £74 Whinneyknowe, Westhills & Meggethead,

North Country Cheviot £70 Whitton.

Herdwick £68 Crosshow, £66 Hillside, £58 Almagill.

Swaledale £65 Hillside, £60 Longlea & Crossways, £59 Whitton, £56 Longlea, £52 Red House.

A larger show of 2,723 ewes were better for quality therefore sharper on the week. Best selling ewes remain easily cashed along with small ewes and best quality continental ewes. Over fat ewes continue to be hard to cash with rams continuing to be very dear. Sale topped at £163 for a Texel rams from Spawell and £158 for Texel ewes from Chaseside.


Texel £158 Chaseside, £152 Grassmainston, £146 Beckfoot, £145 Waterside, £146 Grassmainston, £140 Catslackburn and Grassmainston.

Charollais £120 Chaseside, £112 Beckfoot, £107 Chaseside, £99 Beckfoot, £96 Holme House.

Suffolk £108 Graceside, £107 Chaseside, £105 West Knowe, £103 Chaseside, £102 Burgh Head, £100 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £91 Whiteknowe, £85 Wynholm, £81 Temon, £80 Beckfoot, £79 Chaseside & Tetcott.

Greyface £90 Ashley Park, £79 Wynholm & Kimmiter Green, £78 Beckhall, Torkirra & Blackrigg, £77 Blackrigg, £76 Ashley Park, Whitton & Leithanhall.

Cheviot Mule £87 Whitton, £85 North House & Longburgh Fauld, £80 Tetcott.

Leicester £86 Burgh Head, £84 Whitton & Whintingstown, £81 Denton Mains, £77 Westend.

Beltex £85 Longburgh Fauld.

Zwartble £78 Pentire, £73 Blackleaze.

Romney £75, £69, £68 Tetcott.

Ryeland £75 Croftheads.

Continental £73 Branteth, £68 New Hall, £65 Beckfoot.


Blackface £77, £68 Mouldy Hills, £66 Hillcrest & Clonrae, £64 Newbigging, £63 Airds of Balcary, £62 Newbigging, £61 Romesbeoch and Newbigging.

Cheviot £73 Longlea, £68 Newbigging, £59 Damhead, £55 Stockholm, £49 Westernhopeburn.

Lleyn £68 Marygate, £60 Whitcastles.

Swaledale £67 Pentire, £66 Spoutbank, £65 Denton Mains & Whitton, £64 Woodhouse, Blakelaw & West Greenridge.

Easycare £56 Scales, £55 Tetcott, £53 Hillcrest.

Herdwick £56 Red House.

Beulah £55 Hillcrest.

Kendal Rough £46 Pennyhill,


Texel £163 Spawell, £154 Kirkton, £130 Marygate, £129 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £128 Graceside, £124 Kirkton.

Suffolk £124 Ashley Park, £116 Burray, £114 Whitfield, £100 Newbigging, £98 Rinnion Hills.

Dorset £124 Beckfoot.

Charollais £122 Graceside.

North Country Cheviot £120 Whitton.

Beltex £112 Hillside.

Leicester £110 Temon, £88 Whitton, £80 Glenrath.

Lleyn £108 Whitfield, £82 Whitcastles.

Blackface £90 Meggethead.

Swaledale £82 Whitton, £74 Palmer Hill.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 210.5p (206.5p)
Heavy to 205.5p (205.5p)

Light to -------p (--------)
Medium to 209.5p (202.5p)
Heavy to 218.5p (197.5p)

Young bulls 213.5p (213.5p)

Light to 218.0p (196.8p)
Standard to 233.0p (207.9p)
Medium to 220.0p (206.0p)
Heavy to 220.0p (207.2p)
Overwight to 206.0p (176.7p)

Light to 173.0p (154.4p)
Standard to 192.0p (156.6p)
Medium to 191.0p (161.8p)
Heavy to 185.0p (159.6p)

Shearlings to 179.0p (146.0p)

Light to £77.00 (£52.88)
Heavy to £158.00 (£83.27)

Cast Rams £163.00 (£103.15)

corresponding week 2015 sale report