Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 18 prime cattle, 4 prime bulls, 14 OTM cattle, 674 prime hoggs, 799 spring lambs and 1,987 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 16th June 2016.

Sale averages an impressive 111.4p.

A good quality entry of cows were on offer to a full ring of buyers, trade was a flier for everything with numbers way below buyer’s needs. Topping the sale at 151p was a young Simmental from Andrew Vaughan, other Simmentals from Jimmy Thompson to 127p. Messrs Ackerley sold a Blue to 126p with dairy bred Blues to 118p from Stephen Phillips. Limousin’s from Tucker Armstrong sold to 125p, with others to 123p from Stuart. Black and whites all out of parlour types and topped at 97p from Messrs Cowan. Top price per head was £1008 from Henrys Hill followed at £996.95 from Horsegills. Sceugh Dyke sold Limousin’s to £959.40 with others to £936.20 from High Dovecote. Farmers Cows Are Needed, Contact Craig To Advise Marketing.

A good show of well fed cattle resulted in a sharp trade throughout, and many more could have been easily sold. The sale topped at 215.5p for a smart Limousin heifer shown by Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling and bought by Highgate Meats Ltd. Bullocks peaked at 209.5p for a Limousin sold by A & W J Taylor, Dashwell Green purchased by Mr S Ramsey, Falside Hill.



Limousin 209.5p, 203.5p (x2) Dashwell Green.


Limousin 215.5p Barrow Ling, 213.5p, 212.5p Dashwell Green, 209.5p Barrow Ling & Dashwell Green, 193.5p Barrow Ling.

Angus 207.5p Becton Hall.

Charolais 188.5p Sceugh Dyke & High Stenries.



Angus £1369 Becton Hall.

Limousin £1335 Barrow Ling, £1270 Dashwell Green, £1267 Barrow Ling, £1232 Dashwell Green.

Charolais £1193, £1156 Sceugh Dyke.

Some nice bulls forward, selling to a good trade. Top price of 203.5p for a Limousin shown by Mr A Moffat, 6 Stonehouse and bought by JA Jewitt (Meat) Ltd, Quality Meat Wholesalers. Others to 195.5p from Messrs J W Vevers, High Stenries and sold to M J Wharton Butchers, Wigton.



Limousin 203.5p Stonehouse, 195.5p High Stenries, 194.5p Stonehouse, 193.5p High Stenries.



Limousin £1283 Stonehouse, £1212, £1112 High Stenries, £1068 Stonehouse.

A smaller show of 799 spring lambs were forward due to a large drop in trade mid-week, resulting in a far firmer trade than see in most mid-week auctions. Lambs of all weights were in demand and more could be sold to advantage. Sale topped at 225p for Texels from Hot Rod, Kimmiter Green, followed by Lakeland View at 224p and £98 for Texels from Sowerby Wood. Sale averaged 187.6p (SQQ 188.9p).


Texel 225p Kimmiter Green, 219p Plantation View, 214p Burgh Head, 209p Middle Farm, 207p Boldron & St Marys Avenue, 206p Plantation View & Cubby Hill.

Beltex 224p Lakeland View, 200p Plantation View.

Charollais 204p Plantation View, 195p Broomhill, 193p Plantation View.

Suffolk 200p, 198p Shield Green, 197p Plantation View, 194p Cambeck Hill, 192p Barnglies & Spawell, 191p Sceughdyke & Cambeck Hill, 190p Sceughdyke.

Cross 197p Plantation View.

Cheviot 196p Boldron, 194p Plantation View.

Hampshire 190p, 179p Barnglies.


Texel £98, £96 Sowerby Wood, £94 Spawell, £90 Burgh Head & Kimmiter Green, £87.50 Cowans, £86 Barnglies & Whins.

Suffolk £92 Spawell, £90 Shield Green, £88 Sceugh Dyke & Sowerby Wood, £87 Burgh Head.

Charollais £86 Kimmiter Green, £85 Plantation View, £83 Sowerby Wood, £81 Guardsmill.

Hampshire £86, £83.50 Barnglies.

Beltex £85 Lakeland View.

Cross £75 Craig Farm, £67 Plantation View.

Another good show of 674 hoggs were still in demand, especially if well fleshed. More could have been sold also. Sale topped at 174p for Cheviots from Upper Hindhope and to £100 for Texels from Wyseby Hill Cottage.


Cheviot 174p Upper Hindhope, 168p Sorbie, 167p Sykehead, 166p Pennersaughs, 161p Upper Hindhope.

Texel 165p Skyehead, 158p Almagill, 157p Burray, 150p Almagill.

Blackface 162p Sorbie, 153p, 148p Sykehead, 146p Newington, 144p Upper Hindhope.

Greyface 159p Eastside, 150p Craig dhu Croft, 146p Almagill, 145p Falla.

Suffolk 152p Keepershield, 149p Drinkstone, 145p, 143p Eastside, 140p Almagill.

Herdwick 150p, 144p Almagill.

Beltex 150p Glasson, 148p Newbiggin.

Charollais 145p, 144p Eastside.

North Country Cheviot 142p Burray.


Texel £100 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £84, £83 Powheads, £78 Keepershield, £75 Sowerby Wood & Sykehead.

Charollais £84 Eastside, £70 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £63, £58 Eastside.

Beltex £80, £70 Newbiggin.

Suffolk £79, £72 Keepershield, £70 Sykehead & Keepershield, £66, £65 Sloda Hill, £64 Drinkstone & Eastside.

Greyface £76 Boldron, £70 Cassington, £68 Falla, £66 Sykehead & Eastside.

North Country Cheviot £74 Burray, £72 Eastside.

Cheviot £66 Upper Hindhope, £65 Chipping, £63 Sykehead & Upper Hindhope, £60 Sykehead.

Blackface £66 Sorbie, £65 Eastside, £60 Sorbie, £59 Upper Hindhope, £58 Sykehead.

A much smaller show of 1,987 cast ewes and rams were forward due to less Muslim demand this week because of Ramadan. However, trade remained similar on the week apart from over fat mules and rams. Hill type ewes were short of requirements and many more could be sold to advantage. Sale topped at £156 closely followed at £152 for two pens of outstanding Texel ewes from Chaseside.


Texel £156, £152, £146 Chaseside, £138 Gatehousecote, £130 Beckfoot, £128, £119 Townfoot, £118 Beckfoot & Chaseside.

Charollais £138, £110 Chaseside, £96, £95, £94 Beckfoot, ££94 Newbiggin, £92, £90 Chaseside.

Beltex £123, £97 Tercrosset, £90 Wood Farm, £87 Tercrosset, £80 Burgh Head.

Suffolk £103 Beckfoot, £98 Chaseside & Eastside, £95 Chaseside, £94 Drinkstone & Newbiggin.

Leicester £89 Chaseside, £86 Burgh Head, £78 Eastside.

Roussin £86 Hazelbank.

Half-bred £85 Guardsmill.

Cheviot Mule £83 Plantation View.

Greyface £74 Broomhill, £70 Eastside & Newbiggin, £69 Marygate & Merrick, £68 Sloda Hill & Newbiggin.

North Country Cheviot £72 Casssington, £71 Tarrasfoot.

Continental £69 Beckfoot.

Romney £60 Bidlake.


Blackface £77 Haithwaite, £61 Beckfoot, £58 Haithwaite & Eastside, £56 Newbiggin, £54 Boldron & Linhope.

Lleyn £77, £74 Hazelbank, £50 Sloda Hill.

Cheviot £65 Mainside, £60 Plantation View, £59 Twislehope & Upper Hindhope, £57 Linhope, £55 Eastfield of Wiston.

Easycare £65 Dowlaw, £57 Hazelbank, £56 Burray, £55 Dowlaw.

Swaledale £56 Milescott, £52 Spoutbank, £41 Black House, £39 Riggfoot & Milescott, £37 Shield Farm.


Texel £128 St Marys Avenue, £116 Beckfoot, £115 Eastside, £110 Chaseside, £106 St Marys Avenue, £100 Newbiggin.

Suffolk £126 St Marys Avenue, £115 Merrick, £114 Chaseside, £104 Kilnford Croft.

Charollais £115 Chaseside, £110 Burray.

Blackface £78 Chaseside.

Leicester £76 Deadwater, £70 Shield Farm.

Cheviot £76 Mainside.

Lleyn £75 Craig Farm.

North Country Cheviot £74 Kilnford Croft.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 209.5p (206.4p)
Heavy to 203.5p (203.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 215.5p (212.4p)
Heavy to 213.5p (194.0p)

Young bulls 203.5p (198.2p)

Light to 219.0p (200.0p)
Standard to 224.0p (189.6p)
Medium to 225.0p (187.6p)
Heavy to 207.0p (182.3p)
Overwight to -------p (------p)

Light to 143.0p (110.0p)
Standard to 168.0p (147.5p)
Medium to 161.0p (140.8p)
Heavy to 152.0p (128.0p)

Shearlings to 174.0p (125.0p)

Light to £77.00 (£50.26)
Heavy to £156.00 (£74.82)

Cast Rams £128.00 (£82.48)

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