Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 prime cattle & prime bulls, 10 OTM cattle, 3,050 prime lambs and 3,524 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 14th July 2016.

More prime cattle on offer with a shortage of handy weights. Trade would be a shade sharper on the week. Top price to 211.5p three times, firstly for a British Blue heifer shown by A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green, then for a Charolais heifer from T Armstrong & Son, Sceugh Dyke and later for a Limousin heifer from R & P M Armstrong, Slealands.



Limousin 210.5p Nether Onsett, 209.5p Dashwell Green & Hallees, 208.5p Nether Onsett, 205.5p Dashwell Green, 204.5p Dashwell Green, 201.5p Hallees.

Charolais 185.5p High Moat.


Limousin £1,396 Nether Onsett, £1,370 Dashwell Green, £1,357 Nether Onsett.



British Blue 211.5p Dashwell Green.

Limousin 211.5p Slealands, 209.5p Dashwell Green, 199.5p Sceugh Dyke, 194.5p Slealands.

Charolais 211.5p Sceugh Dyke.


Charolais £1,353 Sceugh Dyke.

Limousin £1,277 Dashwell Green, £1,236 Sceugh Dyke.

Some great quality bulls on offer again, topping at 211.5p and 209.5p for Limousins from G J A Rome & Co., Niven Hill and bought by J A Jewitt, Meat Wholesalers.



Limousin 211.5p, 209.5p Niven Hill.


Limousin £1,299, £1,226 Niven Hill.

OTM cattle

A reduced entry of solely native breeds was forward with several lots absent due to farmers looking to tie up mown grass before the forecast rain arrives. The sale commenced with a load of working cows from Richard McKerrow, who sold Angus to 115p with dairy bred Angus to 110p. Barbara Cheesebrough sold some quality Galloways, with her favourite selling to 111p. The top price per head was £693 for a Galloway from Barbara. Blue cows from Rowanburnfoot sold to £625, with Angus to £690 from Darlawhills.

As ever more are needed to supply the growing demand from buyers at ringside.

An increased entry of 3,050 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers. Heavy weight lambs, best quality lambs and lambs over 40 kilos remained at recent high rates. However, larger shows of light lambs throughout the country, resulted in a lesser trade especially for those in the 34-37kg weight range, which are neither one thing or another, therefore resulting in a lower weekly average of 194p. Sale topped at £111 for Suffolks from Easter Dawyck and to 233p for Texels from Kirk House and Waltonwoodhead.


Texel 233p Kirk House & Waltonwoodhead, 231p Hallbankgate, 225p High Greenhill, 223p High Trifergus & High Greenhill, 222p Kilnford Croft, 221p Hallbankgate, 220p Kirk House & Kilnford Croft.

Beltex 220p, 214p, 213p, 205p Bridgestone.

Suffolk 209p Keppoch, 202p Upper Mains & Knowe Farm, 200p Kilnford Croft, Bleatarn & Braithwaite Hall, 199p Bleatarn & Fenton.

Continental 200p Boldron.

Charollais 195p Rosedene, 193p Wilseydown, 191p Broadlea Cottage & Porterstown, 190p Culquhasen.

Blackface 194p Keppoch, 191p Prospect House, 189p Bankend.

Greyface 191p Wilseydown, 187p Raby Grange, 182p Whiteside, 179p Culquhasen & High Acres.

Easycare 190p Castle Farm.

Oxford 184p The Pheasantry, 183p Guards.

Cheviot Mule 183p Earlside.


Suffolk £111 Easter Dawyck, £107 Fenton, £106 Townhead, £105 Kilnford Croft.

Texel £110 Springfield, £108 Cubbyhill, £107 Middle Farm, £105 Woodhouse, £104 Mossband Hall & Old Wall, £101 Inch, £100 Crailloch & Auchengool.

Beltex £100, £94, £90, £84 Bridgestone.

Half-bred £89 Earlside.

Charollais £87 Wilseydown, £86 Springfield, £82 Broadlea Cottage, £81 Springfield, £80 Culquhasen.

Greyface £85 Whiteside, £75 Culquhasen, £74 Whiteside, £73 Westend, £71 Raby Grange.

Cheviot Mule £77 Earlside.

Oxford £73 Guards.

A much larger show of 3,524 cast ewes and rams were forward to a busier ring of buyers, all keen for sheep resulting in trade £5-6 dearer on the week for heavy ewes, with light weight ewes remaining similar and short of supply. The sale topped at £168 for Texel rams from Crailloch and £163, £160 for Texel ewes from the same home.


Texel £163, £160, £158 Crailloch, £148 Smyllum, £147 Newbigging & Chaseside, £146 Stockwell, Toftcombs & Newbigging.

Rouge £128 Chaseside.

Charollais £118 Springfield & Chaseside, £112 Graceside & Glebelands.

Suffolk £116 Chaseside, £110 Fenton, £108 Chaseside, £107 Sorrowlessfield Mains & Pasture Farm.

North Country Cheviot £109, £100, £93 Pasture Farm, £91 Fairview Bungalow, £88 Earlside, £85 Pasture Farm, £82 Beckfoot.

Bleu du Maine £98 Middle Farm.

Cheviot Mule £94 Smyllum, £79 Low Hallburn, £76 Fearn, £76 Mindork, £74 Satchells & Boldron.

Leicester £89 The Bog, £88 Chaseside & Easter Dawyck, £83 Raggetsyke.

Greyface £88 Laigh Crewburn, £78 Nunscleugh, £75 Dreva, West Glengyre & Kilfillan, £74 Satchells & Kilfillan, £71 Fearn & Upper Tinwald.

Continental £86 Glebelands, £77 Scarrabine, £74 Chaseside, £72 Beckfoot.


Lleyn £77 Croftheads, £76 Glencartholm, £73 Scarrabine, £72 Glencartholm.

Cheviot £74 Earlside, £68 Philiphaugh Estate, £66 Stockwell, £65 Clerk Hill, £62 Inch.

Blackface £72 Greyside, £70 Langholm & Dreva, £67 Hayclose, Cramalt & Burnhouse, £64 High Trifergus & Low Dunashery.

Easycare £72 Godscoft, £69 Castle Farm, £68, £67, £66 Godscroft.

Swaledale £68, £53 The Bog, £49 High Crossgill, £46 Spoutbank, £45 Pasture House, £44 High Crossgill.

Herdwick £66 Stockwell.

Goats £62 Stockwell.

Shetland £39 Eddys Bridge, £38 Boldron.


Texel £168 Crailloch, £145 Philiphaugh Estate, £144 West Glengyre, £132 Beckfoot, £130 Flex.

Suffolk £135 Stockwell, £123 Flex, £120 Auchaguie, £110 Flex.

Charollais £120 Chaseside, £102 Kilnford Croft.

Leicester £116 High Crossgill, £108 Lawston.

Border Leicester £102 Philiphaugh Estate.

North Country Cheviot £99 Philiphaugh Estate, £88 Blackpark, £76 Satchells.

Easycare £81 Synton Mains.


Light to 169.5p (169.5p)
Medium to 210.5p (202.6p)
Heavy to 208.5p (202.1p)

Light to 171.5p (171.5p)
Medium to 211.5p (201.8p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Young bulls 211.5p (210.4p)

Light to 213.0p (190.6p)
Standard to 231.0p (192.8p)
Medium to 233.0p (195.3p)
Heavy to 214.0p (195.5p)
Overweight to 204.0p (188.9p)

Light to £77.00 (£46.61)
Heavy to £163.00 (£80.27)

Cast Rams £168.00 (£89.55)

corresponding week 2015 sale report